Pay Yo Bills: Knicks’ Eddy Curry Defaults On Second Loan In Less Than Six Months

- By Bossip Staff

Mr. Curry? We know you’re still recouping from a rough year, what with your baby mama drama/tragedy and alleged man-love. But this is getting ridiculous.

For the second time this year, Curry is being sued for defaulting on a high-interest, six-figure loan, TMZ reports.

Curry is being sued by a company called Mojo Development — who claims they loaned the 7-footer $200,000 back in 2008 … but Curry never paid it back.

According to the lawsuit, filed days ago in L.A. County Superior Court, Curry is also on the hook for a $25k “consulting fee” and $136,000 in interest from the loan.

Curry has a storied history of financial problems — just a few months ago, a NY judge authorized a lender to seize 3 of Eddy’s cars because he was behind in loan payments.

What’s puzzling, is this dude signed a 6-year, $60 million dollar deal with the Knicks in ’05. That’s $10 mil a year.

What drug dealer/secret gay lover is getting your money?

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  • lani3000

    Who spelled loan like that?

  • ignoranceisbliss

    Who cares…Some nicca be acting like English teachers

    That dumb nicca defaulted on another loan.

    You can take the boy out the hood but you can’t take the hood out the homeboy

    Pay yo bills…60 million dollar nicca

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  • bx2dadeath

    Knicks need to waive his sorry behind.
    Just offer a cash buyout and be done with him.

  • cool beans

    lycans rant. disrespectful duo must repent for sins today. shiny kings have wronged god.

  • white male

    My family always taught me to never take out loans. No way someone like Eddy should have loans out.


    If he’s in this much debt while he’s still in the NBA, how bad will it get when he’s benched for good? SMDH

  • tintin

    it’s his accountant, the damn fool ain’t keeping track. I’m telling you, i got in the wrong field.

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