Like Water For Profit

- By Bossip Staff

CEO of Mist H20 Derick Halliman believes there are two professions where you’ll always find unshakable drive and blind faith, with a dash of dumb luck: entrepreneurs and athletes. “Entrepreneurs and athletes don’t usually have an alternative skill set to fall back on,” he says. “They want to do this one thing and that’s that. They understand the road they want to go on and don’t accept failure.” Halliman may have the passion of an athlete, but entrepreneurism is the path this Atlanta native chose to success. Now a 35-year-old pioneer in the imported bottled water industry, he was only 22 when he launched a water filtration business, Lucid Enterprises. Back then, Halliman was supplying offices with five gallon bottles of water and today he’s the man behind Mist H20, a premium bottled award-winning water that tastes as clean as it looks.

Read the rest about how this entrepreneur launched his company on The Atlanta Post

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  • Sugar

    Great story.

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  • ignoranceisbliss

    Good job brother man…But what has the world come to when you can get rich selling water

    Sh*t I can turn on my tap and its the same H2O not hating just saying buy a water filter get the same great taste.

  • Simplybeautiful

    Very nice to hear stories like this, black men using their heads to come up with a way to make money…the right way!

  • rickyd2011

    BIG KUDOS BRUTHA..always good to hear positive news. KUDOS

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  • Sugar

    i was waiting to get to the part about Nick Cannon, guy looks like him at first glance.

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