BREAKING NEWS: Tip’s Headed Back To The Clink For Almost A Year!!!

- By Bossip Staff

T.I. went to court ready to fight today! Six lawyers, two days off a random act of heroic kindness, interviews about how he’s been touched by God, a teary apology. He was READY!

He’s still going back to jail for being stupid though. U.S. District Judge Charles Pannell Jr. wasn’t about to let T.I. make a fool of him twice in one lifetime.

Declaring that T.I. “has had about the limit of second chances,” an angry federal judge on Friday sentenced the rapper and movie actor to 11 more months in prison for violating his probation.

T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr., asked the court for leniency.

“I screwed up,” said the rapper, wearing a three-piece gray suit. “I screwed up bigtime, and I’m sorry. I’m truly and sincerely sorry. I don’t want and I don’t need to use drugs anymore. I want them out of my life.”

*cough* Bullsh*t *cough*

But U.S. District Court Judge Charles Pannell Jr. was unmoved. Pannell noted that he had tried an extraordinary sentence with Harris, who was initially convicted of weaspons charges, by permitting him to stay out of prison while performing 1,000 hours of community service. The service consisted largely of visits with schoolchildren to speak out against violence, gangs and drugs.

“I think Mr. Harris has had about the limit of second chances,” Pannell said. “The worst thing is this case was an experiment.”

Pannell said he had hoped the idea would work and could be adapted for use in other cases. But then he looked at Harris and said:

“You certainly dumped a lot of smut on the whole experiment.”

You big dummy! You just had to go and fawk up for everybody, huh?

T.I. was still on probation on federal weapons charges when he was arrested Sept. 1 in Los Angeles. He and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, were taken into custody during a traffic stop in West Hollywood in which deputies said they smelled a strong odor of marijuana from inside the car. They were soon released on bond.

After the arrest, a U.S. probation officer alleged that T.I. committed three violations of his supervised release from prison: possessing ecstasy, testing positive for opiates and associating with a convicted felon. Pannell then ordered T.I. to appear back before him in court on Friday.

U.S. Attorney Sally Yates had recommended that Harris be sent back to prison for two years. Steve Sadow, his lawyer, had asked that Harris be given at least six months of home confinement during which he would attend an inpatient drug rehabilitation program.

No word yet as to when or where T.I. will serve his next bid. Bet you he’ll think twice before riding dirty on probation again.

Way to be a stand up guy, buddy! What do you think is going through Piggy Tiny‘s mind right now?


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  • ignoranceisbliss

    Ha Ha Ha He was begging the judge not to lock him up what a punk b*tch change man yeah right dumb fool

    • texas

      BWAHAHAHA dumb a$$! I wonder if he still would have been saving lives if he knew wut the judge was going to say

    • Kevin O

      I’d need henney, exstacy, and blow, too, if my boo looked like Tiny Tim. Stay up T.I, no need to worry about Tiny. Ain’t nobody chasin’ dat.

    • Nsancy

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    • Double Standards

      STFU! T.I.P. should be receiving the same damn treatment that filthy drug addict LINDSEY LOHAN and Paris “coke fiend” Hilton receives. They are repeated offenders caught with drugs but of course they receive a slap on the wrist! This is bullsh*t! FU*K the judicial system its all fixed!

  • nana

    A moment of Silence for Tiny’s Pucci! Lmaoooo! For real tho I wish Tip the best n he wil b okay, B.O.B will make him some money whiles he’s away! Still rootin 4 him


    oh well tip!

    • goatback

      celebrities get away with TOO MUCH $hit. I like TI but clearly he doesnt appreciate freedom.

      he never puts his children first. they need a father, not a daddy in jail

  • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

    DUMB n*gga!!!!!!!

    Gets NO sympathy from me, SMMFH…

    • daisy jay

      he gets none from me either. i swear i used to LOVE him. when i found out he was gonna be gone for a year because of the gun charges, i was kinda devastated. i didn’t stop liking hiim at all, in fact i was VERY happy when he came back. he said he wouldn’t do this sh!t anymore. now look what happened. the fact that he’s not thinking about his actions and how it’s gonna affect his CHILDREN…he lost some of my respect. sorry clifford, but you f*cked up big time

    • stupid is as stupid....


      Bravo, I couldnt have said it better myself. co-sign 100%

    • daisy jay

      geez reading what you said made me smile a little. everything you ever say is right. it’s funny how tiny was all sad about him going to prison, but right when he came back…she practically…sigh you took the words right out of my mouth. i just feel really bad for the kids. I’m starting to believe that T.I. is a hypocrite. i just wanna know why SHE isn’t in trouble and HE is! i feel she should get SOME kind of punishment if she hasn’t already

    • ntk

      @Slide, co-sign Tip’s out of second chances

  • nana

    He is not dumb! Leave him alone, he will be back! All without sin, SHOOT URSELVES!

    • 4reakz

      He is not dumb? Lol. You’re right. That was a intelligent decision he made, to get arrested after a few months after he got out of prison, even though he has, lord knows how may kids. He needs a prestigious award for his decision making skills because “he is not dumb”.

    • SHE SAID IT!!


      You must be sitin at the computer with a doobie in your mouth. This has nothing to do with “all without sin” you idiot! This is about nucca, yo azz just got out of jail, if anybody knows the deal he does. WTH??? That man has been not only blessed but given numerous opportunities. Nana sit yo azz down somewhere

    • lindaft

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  • I don't know!

    I’m actually speechless…sorry for ya buddy but best of luck!

  • texas-rose

    DAMN! SMH. I dont what to think.. I’m sure Tiny is feeling messed up cuz had a role in the whole thing also..

  • ignoranceisbliss

    He is going back to real butt pounding Fed pen

    I hope he don’t get protective custody for being so stupid….

  • bouyant

    I feel sorry for him.

    • whatever

      Why Lol

    • shawntina

      TI is whats up i truely hate this happened.Better luck next time.

  • Chitowninthehouse

    No surprise….He and his lawyers knew he was not going to get away without doing some time since he was still on probation…Maybe he will appreciate being out for the holidays next year because Thanksgiving and Christmas this year is a wrap!…smh

    • fa realz

      …and so was last year! LMAO!

  • stacemayce

    Will he get to serve only one day like Paris and Lindsay?

    • ignoranceisbliss

      Fed pen no parole

  • Curious1 aka I'm Just Sayin'

    I’m gonna say this…He may need the chance to get a Lindsay Lohan sentencing…Mandatory REHAB for being a DRUG ADDICT…

    He’s saying he ius a drug addict..get him some DRUG REHAB…

    ADDICTS have really messed up the music game…They need some serious rehab…make so much money bto feen their Drug Addiction…I refuse to support addicts so I don’t buy CD’s anymore…

  • http://bossip mandy

    Tiny- No that “pish” didn’t lock my man back up !

  • Ms. chick

    dumb a*s idiot!!

  • Kris

    He gets to turn his self in whenever fools! So I’m sure if he wants to go after the holidays he can. He made a huge mistake and now the system is making an example of him. Funny how those two WHITE girls (Paris Hilton and Linsey Lohan) are still doing what they want. SMDH!

    • Please

      So? It dosent matter when he gets to turn himself in. The point is he f-ed up and is about to do 11 more months in the slammer like a fool.

      TI is my boy and all but his dumb @ss got to ride for this bull on his own.

    • Chitowninthehouse

      We need to stop with the name calling AND he must turn himself in by November 1, 2010. Have your information CORRECT before you start throwing stones….smdh

    • cali*s finest

      and Lindsey & Paris are CONVICTED FELONS with FEDERAL CHARGES!!! At this point TI should know how to act especially because he’s in the spotlight representing young black men! No more excuses

    • cali*s finest

      I meant AREN’T

  • rosshell



  • I_saw_this_one_coming

    Webster’s dictionary:

    “f.uck up”
    american slang;
    transitive verb, meaning to make silly, costly error.

    coumpound noun, meaning the kind of fool who makes silly, costly errors.

    see also

    “nigguhs” a synonym for “f.uck up”.

  • Kris

    I meant “Lindsey”

  • bday girl

    I bet tiny wishes she would have sign on for another season of tiny and toya now. she’s a silly chick and he’s to dumb for words. smh

  • ignoranceisbliss

    TI got in trouble with the Federal government Lindsey got in trouble on a local manner so you can’t use the double standard method there boo boo. He ____ major sorry no racism in sentencing Feds don’t play no parole.

    He was put on a strict probation of 36 month ___ up and you going right back Ha Ha the idiot didn’t even make a year out.

  • atlanta's own

    wow. guess he’s had his “last second chance”… till next time…

  • T.T.

    I feel sorry for Tip and Tiny. Jail never cured an addiction. He should of received a drug rehabilitation program along with home confinement. Addiction cravings sometimes over rule common sense. Battling addiction is a disease. Doctors, lawyers, judges, The wealthy, the poor and people of every race and origin battle addictions. He needs help to break the cycle or it will continue, even after his stint in prison. This sentence is too harsh. Now Tiny has to explain to her young babies that Daddy will be gone again. So sad.

  • shaw

    In no way do I feel sorry for this fool.

  • Chocolate_Box

    This is very sad another successful black man down

  • T.T.

    There is no need to be abusive towards the man and his wife. Everyone makes foolish errors in their life. This one was costly. I don’t understand why some are gleeful by their distress? Did Tiny harm you personally. Did Tip threaten or harm you. No. so why so much venom? Your troubled hour may be near. I am sure you would like to hear positive, uplifting words, no matter how foolish you were instead of an angry mob hurling epithets, while belittling yourselves.

    • 8ESBABY

      I hear what you’re saying, but in this instance, TI screwed up once and was put on PROBATION only to turn around and screw up AGAIN! How can one give words of encouragement to a repeat offender???? I have a motto for people like him…”If they like it, I love it.”

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