Disgruntled Mother Files Lawsuit Against Tyra Banks After Show Peddles Her 15-Year-Old Sex Addict Daughter Without Permission

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SMH… Tyra Banks has fu*ked up in a major way by booking a teenage guest to appear on her show without gaining the parental permission first!

Supermodel-turned-TV personality Tyra Banks has been named in a $3 million lawsuit filed against the producers of her talk show after a teenage “sex addict” appeared on the program without her mother’s consent.

Georgia resident Beverly McClendon filed suit in an Atlanta federal court earlier this month, claiming Banks, alongside Warner Bros. executives and producers of The Tyra Banks Show failed to secure legal permission to air the story of her 15-year-old daughter Jewel Ciera Washington during an episode about sex addiction.

The teenager responded to an open call on the show’s website for self-proclaimed sex addicts in October 2009. She was invited to appear as a guest and was flown alone to New York in November 2009. She also claims to have been paid to tell her story.

But McClendon insists TV producers should have alerted her to their plans to feature the girl on the program and violated Georgia state labour laws by failing to do so.

In the legal papers, she also objects to the show being promoted as featuring a “15-year-old sex addict”, insisting the tag line would have attracted unwanted attention from “sexual deviants, perverts and paedophiles alike”.

McClendon is suing on the grounds of negligence and is asking for an injunction against airing any future repeats of the episode, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Superfreak kid or not, we can see where the mother is coming from…

It sounds like TyTy is gonna have to come off some of that Bankable Productions bank!


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  • daisy jay

    i saw that episode. the girl is screwed up. what doesn’t make sense to me is how she even GOT on the show without permission from her mother. so what, the mother was sitting at home flipping through channels and just so happened to see her child on the tyra show? i would think that the mother would find out RIGHT when her daughter was invited to even BE on the show as a guest. maybe what i’m thinking is weird, but this is a little bizarre to me.

  • understandingoverignorance

    Ms.McClendon can I have like 10k after the settlement I got a few bills to pay…

    I can understand the mothers point of view because Tyra’s people should have contacted the legal guardian the girl was only 15 years old.

    But Ms.McClendon I still need 10k after the settlement all ones I like the smell of money

  • tmf

    Tyra Banks is dumb and kids are sneaky.

  • southundymepiece77'

    First off, how the hell did the mother not know her 15yo minor went to an open cast call for that show? Doesn’t her child live in the house with her? Wonder if she ever realized she wasn’t in the house for a day or so? Smh. Oh well….

    • Marquis de Sade

      Thank You! When did the mother realize her daughter was missing for a few days it took to fly out of state, shoot the show, and then come back as if she was gone for a few hours…Sounds like a feeble stab at a come up in the guise of a morally outraged concerned parent. 😆

  • Moni

    Whatever! She just wants $$$$

  • KitKat

    How the hell does a 15 year old get on a plane and go from Georgia to New York probably had to stay a day and her so called “mother” not know anything about it?

  • Booger Bear

    Tyra Banks is a sociopath.

    • LadyL


  • honeychild23

    @loc… i agree. i used to use all kinds of excuses to go to different places. who knows the real story but still, tyras ppl should of contacted the mom, had her sign a release form or something n person.

  • ? 0:) ?


  • Shananigans

    how do you not know your daughter is flying to new york woman!

    something is just not right with this whole thing, probably on both sides

    • truth

      I bet she probably knew and let it all go down so that she could file a lawsuit.

  • o___O


  • http://esaw@rock.com REAL REAL TALK



    • Shananigans

      i was thinking the same thing….

  • babygyrl1982

    i can say that i have been on a television show… they make you sign papers and if you are a minor you do have to have your parents sign papers before you go on tv… the girl mostly like forged her mother name on the documents…

  • heya

    It’s really whatever…does she need her mother consentement to have sex????

  • who is telling the TRUTH?

    This story needs a private eye on the case!?!! Tyra needs several detectives & lawyers to be investigating this story b4 any greenbacks is paid out to any da*n body. This story stinks to high seas!!! Its a BIG TIME setup!! This is what happens to entertainers, they become targets !!! Real talk!

  • Idontknow

    This story sounds fishy. Her mother wasn’t wondering where her 15 year old daughter was at when she went to the airport and flew to New York?

  • if anything be noble

    Tyra doesn’t put you up for no “days.” I drive past the folks standing in line to be in the Maury, Steve Wilkos and Springer audiences in Stamford. Those shows are a revolving door.

  • handbagok

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  • Jay Rock


    • Jay Rock

      Deion…my bad

  • Seriously

    Besides the fact that I wouldn’t have lied like that, my mother didn’t let me stay anywhere for more than a night. She’d call and check in and wouldn’t talk to my friend, but my friend’s parent (if I said I was staying there). Point being, my mother was pro-active instead of reactive. Now while I can say I don’t know this mother’s situation, they obviously need to go to some counseling because she’s being shut out if she has no idea of what’s going on with her child.



  • Read Between The Lines

    Sure hope Mom puts all that settlement Money to good use for the sake of her child. We all know she won’t, but we can always hope. The Mom is pretty much victimizing her daughter just like the dudes that have enjoyed her daughters company(I’m being very Politically Correct, trust me).

  • Sosh

    I love tyra but having that shows about thelse tees wash not okay alsop her mom is retarded

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