Really? NY Woman Goes to Court for Dead Husband’s Sperm

- By Bossip Staff

A woman devastated behind her husband’s recent suicide asked the Manhattan Supreme Court for permission to extract sperm from the corpse and freeze it in order to have the children he always wanted.

According to New York Daily News, George Kamau, 37, hanged himself in Norwalk, Connecticut on Monday. “It was the intent of George Kamau to conceive a child prior to his untimely death,” Victoria Chege, his widow, wrote in the court documents.

She stressed her late husband’s desire to raise a family. “[He] expressed his desire to have children so that his legacy may continue.”

Justice Shirley Kornreich approved the procedure on Thursday, however, Chege and experts believe it may be too late.

The Sperm and Embryo Bank of New Jersey told Chege she had to acquire a court order to have her husband’s sperm extracted and put on ice.

“Time is of the essence,” his widow wrote in the official papers. “The sperm… must be harvested and frozen as soon as possible from the time of his death or it will be useless.” Experts say that the sperm has to be withdrawn within 36 hours of one’s passing.

If the procedure is successful, Chege plans to have the sperm implanted in her best friend, who has agreed to be the surrogate. The details behind why Chege has requested a surrogate have not been disclosed.

“It’s a very sensitive time for her,” Troy Griffith, her lawyer, expressed.

Surely, this is a very difficult time for this woman. If she’s unable to have children it’s understood, but why go through such drastic measures if she’s not going to carry her late husband’s child?

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  • nana

    Ma bbm surprise face! Only in America u would find very wierd stories like this! Lol

    • trt

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  • divalious

    Some ppl. Cant have children, but whatever the reason y she cant i feel bad for her. She wont to keep the bond between her n her late husband by havin children. Sounds crazy by the way she doin it but hey thats her bussiness.

  • um hMm

    She want them 18 years of SSI benefits!!!

  • Tiffany

    Ok. If it was her dead husbands desire to have children, why did he hang himself???

    • Shananigans

      thank you!

  • if anything be noble

    For real, Tiffany. If it was his intention to conceive a child before he died, wouldn’t he have conceived a child before he died? *head tilt* Whitefolks be trying to run life even in death. Smh

    • Einstein


  • whoa

    Maybe she is looking for money from his estate

  • VA666

    Why would anyone want to risk passing on a suicide gene to their offspring? I don’t get it…

    • Blacqberry

      Suicide is a gene now? When the h*ll did that happen?

  • http://bossip Pimp 4 A Day

    The guy may have wanted to have and raise kids but he obviously changed his mind. Heck, he merked himself knowing he doesn’t have the kids yet. He basically said f*ck it with all this kids talk. I’m out of this bitc*

  • Delight23

    what ya mean really? It’s her husband. Til they put his azz in the ground everything of his belongs to her.

  • Bianca

    Wow, why would the courts allow this?? The man KILLED himself, knowing he had no kids, clearly he was ok with leaving no ‘legacy’. And what legacy does ha have to continue anyway, he is not Nelson Mandela. I feel for the poor kids that will arise from this madness. I wonder how she will feel about them when she finds a new man and wants to have kids with him. Somethings it is best to let nature and fate be.

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