Lawd Have Mercy, Jesus, Take the Wheel: ‘Very Crispy Gangster’ Confesses to Shooting 10-Year-Old Boy Watching Cartoons

- By Bossip Staff

Damn! Kids can’t even watch cartoons without getting shot these days. SMH.

10-year-old Khalil Robinson was watching cartoons in his family’s East New York home when shots were fired at a nearby park and a stray bullet came through the window and struck the child.

The bullet ripped through Robinson’s neck and exited his right shoulder. The gunshot was nearly fatal, just missing the boy’s heart by less than an inch.

Authorities finally caught the “Very Crispy Gangster” that shot this little boy. Huh? Yes, the gang refers to themselves as “Very. Crispy. Gangsters.” The worst part is, the “V.C.G.”s tote guns on the regular. Ridiculous. Shameful. SCARY. WTF is a “Very Crispy Gangster?”

Police have charged an 18-year-old member of the Brooklyn gang, Very Crispy Gangsters, Quayshawn Smith with assault and gun possession. Smith, an ex-con, is believed to have taken part in the shooting targeting another local gang when Robinson was shot.

According to NY Daily News, investigators say Smith opened fire on two other teens at the Martin Luther King Jr. playground in Brooklyn. As onlookers scrambled to safety, an unsuspecting Robinson fell victim to a stray bullet and was rushed to Brookdale University Hospital where he underwent several hours of surgery.

Smith, who has been arrested for robbery and menacing and convicted of possession of stolen property last year, later confessed to the shooting.

Welp, congrats on your attempted murder charge and becoming a statistic at 18 years of age, Mr. Smith. Now you’ll have plenty time on your hands to pick up a book and read . . . which is what you should’ve been doing in the first place. SMH. Oh, and uh, say hello to the Booty Warrior for us.

Thank God young Khalil survived but the trauma he has to live with is heartbreaking. Again, we bow our heads and beg: Jesus, please take the wheel . . . and the guns from these lil’ wanksters!

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