Sade Rejects Offers From Jay-Z & Other Rappers For Collaborations

- By Bossip Staff

Jay-Z may be one of the most successful rappers of all time, but one project he will never accomplish, is working with singer Sade.

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Sade reveals that Jay–Z and other MCs have approached her about rapping over her beats or having her sing the hook on their records, but she has politely declined.

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  • nana

    I can’t stop starring at Jay Z’s lips! Wtf??? Those r some bazookers

    • lLinas

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      WTF are you talking about…. his NOSE is the bazooka.. his lips are the slingshot

    • daisy jay


    • ikeepit100

      They call those lips “Gumbo Coolers” in Louisiana…

    • joe

      white women will die for those lips. you must be some nappy haired black that’s hating yourself. or some white nigER that love everything black, that’s why you’re on this site. anyway, as i said white, asian, hispanic and real black women will die for those lips.

    • Mariah Fairey

      honestly I dont care for his nose or his lips. Just too much going on.

    • DollBaby1o1

      Hell yeah Sade. SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE WANTS to represent. Her meaning is Very strong and powerful and it IS because she knows how to respect and protect herself = )

      I gotta know more about this sista, this Lady!!!

    • understandingoverignorance

      Hater Alert!!!!!!

    • Gaii Gurl Shaii

      Jay Z just got some strong African/Black features..

      Real strong..

      LMAO!! @ all this self hate..

      Yall nikkahs crack meh up..

      Oh and on the topic.. I would turned his a$$ down too.. Sade got to many grammys to ruin her name..

      You dont go from Caviar to Spam..

      Diamonds to Crystal

  • Cali

    Because Sade is the real deal, she doesn’t give a f*ck about your bank account or popularity she has to respect your work and this should tell Jay, Drake, and all the other “pop” rappers something lol

  • sashaforjay

    She thnks telln th press is “politely declining” she needs t thnk agn.

    • M

      She don’t need to collab with any rapper. She don’t need them.

  • Jess

    I don’t blame her….also @ sashaforjay…whack azz name…everybody and their mama does not have to like Jay Z

  • ya damn skippy!!

    I dont blame Sade. She is an original, a true singer, and there is no other like her. These singers cant even sing her songs and sound right. Thats how bad she is. I really hope she sticks to her guns. I love Sade

    • Mariah Fairey

      But at the same time..she can’t sing their songs and sound right either. Certain voices only go with certain songs. she is a gret artist..the best singer?? that’s questionable. People love the hell out of Sade because she remains so mysterious and people just want more and more of her but she keeps feeding you tiny spoonfuls to keep you running



    • huh?

      nobody understands a damn thing you said. WTH???

    • BiteME

      kool guy this is ur brain (…..) this is ur brain on drugs (@#$%^%)

  • common sense!!!!!!!!

    Sade is real talent and we all know the end of this sentence………..

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  • Nella


  • Miss c

    Sade I respect u for turning him down he think his money can buy any thing Jigga you lose this round ha ha ha

    • bubblegumprincess

      Treatise Emily Shaniqua Jones girl get a clue.sade is black!! wtf.shes african so what do you mean??

    • bubblegumprincess

      whoever said sade cant sing you must not have heard her live! sade is the most beautiful light skin artist and one of the most cant hate on her

  • Treatise Emily Shaniqua Jones

    Sade likes to copy Black Americans, but she does not really like them. She likes White men. She never pays homage, and anybody who says she’s original is just silly. I cant stand blackstians from other countries who copy us and hate us at the same time.

    • yeah baybee

      @treatise, shanigua, emily or whatever your name is…

      You are either born in the 90’s, lost your mind, or just dont have a brain. Do you even know who Sade is? Sade is a very unique singer who touches souls black or white. Stop playin the race card. It doesnt fly here.

    • Lodi, NJ

      What black Americans does she like to copy? Because none of them sound anything like her. She has her own sound and musical style. She doesn’t need to pay homage to anyone. As for what kind of men she likes, “who cares?” what does that have to do with her music?? You sound like a brainless clown, posting nonsense.

    • XO

      You are soooooo dump and hatefully jealous!

    • ikeepit100

      @ Treatise Emily Shaniqua Jones
      I 100% co-sign!!!

    • charles

      she the frack up jz!

    • charles

      you really are an ignorant frack aren’t you jz?

    • b'more

      you’re an idiot.

    • Blue Kid

      Treatise Emily Shaniqua Jones, You are a stupid bytch, Sade’s man is a black Jamaican, so STFU and STFD!

      Sade is in to black men bytch!

    • Mariah Fairey

      She is half Nigerian Black and half British white

    • M

      You an idiot.

  • Blacqberry

    I wonder if she’d do a song with Common or maybe Talib Kweli. Maybe she just needs a rapper who is more spiritually conscious.

    That pic of Jay-Z is just awful. LMAO.

  • tosh

    Sade is cool in my book. Artist colaborate to much now I like anybody else like to see artist work together but over the last 3 years artist are all jumpin on every single track. U got wayne jay rick ross ti gucci kanye drake kerri hilson and da list goes on always colaborating what happen to colabs being something special or dat would get u people talking. Now all we expect is to hear drake and wayne and nicki. Artist don’t carry there own anymore

    • danimoni

      I am totally with you I think R&B artist need to stop collaborating with rappers because it takes the true essence out of the song.

    • Lodi, NJ

      Very few of these collaborations that have come out over the last decade are even that good. They’re only done more to maximize record sales than to create any chemistry between the artists involved. I mean how many tracks are Lil Wayne, Drake and Nikki M. gonna mess up?? The hip hop collaborations are old, cliche and tired now. Let the rappers collaborate on each others’ tracks and leave the r&b alone so we can have real music back.

    • smh

      I agree. You have artists like Rihanna and Mariah Carey hopping on tracks with Nicki to stay relevant because she’s the new “IT” girl. It’s like everybody needs her to stay relevant. However, I feel R&B is starting to sound like watered down rap anyway. So it doesn’t matter if rappers hop on it. Usher’s “Little Freak” sounds like it should’ve been been a rap track and so does some of Trey Songz’s songs.

  • Starr B*tch

    I have SO MUCH respect for her, and always have. Her music and style is timeless. Sade can not be compared to. Period.

  • Starr B*tch

    This ish just made my day! =)

  • Treatise Emily Shaniqua Jones

    yes. billie holiday. sarah vaughn. dinah washington. my aunt sirlinya. one thing with though, they all could sing. you may have missed it because she reached back in time so that folks who dont know no better thinks she original. she was hooked up with a caucasian fellows. both were on drugs. i dont know about her black man…i’d have to see it with my own eyes.

    • charles

      again jz: shut the frack up you’re just mad and you’re just jealous!

  • Diva

    Good for her! She doesn’t need to!

  • Jael

    she knows what’s up…she did mention that she liked Raekwon…when Drake called she was like….who is that??? LOVE IT!!!!

  • Lodi, NJ

    I don’t see the problem. She doesn’t have to dumb down her music with rap to sell it. And rap doesn’t exactly work with her style anyway. She’s not some up-and-coming singer or struggling diva who needs to water her product down to get people to buy it. Her music is smooth lounge r&b that sells itself and she has an ever-growing fan-base. I say “Good for her” for not jumping on the bandwagon.

  • Lodi, NJ

    Sing it true, Mr. 727!!!

  • lala

    I wish she would do a collabo with Maxwell. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!! lol. Just one song that’s all I ask.

    • Arageinharlem1983

      Lol!! I agree – that would sound divine!

    • bubblegumprincess

      i agree 100%!sade is another light skin version of lauryn hill.shes selling her music and she doesnt have to use some gimmick to get her point across.shes a living legend

  • J.P.

    Good for her. Sade is a singer who is prolific. She sings about heartache, love loss, loving a man. Jay Z is a misogynistic troll who thinks that he is god downgraded to a human being. What a cocky arrogant fool.

    A woman of Sade’s caliber does not want to consort with such a man who calls women Bytches. He has no regard for women. Bubble head Beyonce enjoys this kind of mate who degrades women.

    Sade does not need any collaborations. She is an excellent writer and singer who songs are meaningful. She probably does not enjoy these kind of rappers who degrade women with offensive lyrics. I can’t believe that they would have the audacity to ask her for a collaboration.

    She is a respectable artist who does not use enticing messages. She never had to shake her behind and dress scantily clad for attention or adoration. She does not have to be on the scene in every club and red carpet event trying to be the focus of attention. She never had to discuss all of her personal affairs to the media.

    Her talent speaks volumes and has brought her world wide recognition and sucess. These rappers and R&B singers could take lessons from Sade.

  • Lord Have Mercy

    Sade does not need to do any collaborations. A rapper on a Sade track would be like pouring vinegar on ice cream. She’s Sade she doesn’t need any guess spots, she doesn’t any samples,she doesn’t need autotune,and she doesn’t need some rapper shouting out his baby mama, cousin in the pen, record label, or his block.

    • Arageinharlem1983

      Well said!

  • XO

    Sade cannot sing, period!

    • charles

      go take care of your child solange and stay off the weed.

  • ThaTruth

    good!!!!stay far away SADE!!!

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