What The Hell??? Off Duty Police Officer Killed Over A Parking Spot

- By Bossip Staff

SMH. Detective Brian Stevenson survived 18 years on the Baltimore Police force, investigating shootings, assaults and robberies to die over a parking spot two days before his birthday.

Now 25-year-old Sian James will probably spend the rest of his life trying not to drop the soap.

A man was accused Sunday of fatally striking an off-duty Baltimore police detective in the head during a dispute over a parking space in a crowded nightlife district.

Sian James, 25, was charged with first-degree murder in the Saturday night death of Det. Brian Stevenson. James fled the scene and was caught hours later at a nightclub, police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said.

You killed a cop, then went to the club? Yeah, they’re gonna throw him under the jail.

Stevenson, who would have turned 38 on Sunday, was out with a friend Saturday night celebrating his birthday and pulled into parking spot. James approached the officer after he got out of his vehicle and threw a stone or piece of concrete, hitting the detective in the head, Guglielmi said.

James, who has a history of domestic violence, left the scene with a woman he was with, but was arrested hours later at Mosaic, a downtown nightclub, after police quickly gathered and interviewed witnesses, Guglielmi said.

Over a parking spot.


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  • bx2dadeath

    Go to the Baltimore Sun to read more about this jamoca.
    He is a creep ship him back to Jamaica.

    • DollBaby1o1

      Well which one is f-ckin who ya’ll aint specifying a damn thang.

      *rolls eyes*


      But too bad he was involved in this bullsh-t. The aggression could have been put to good use in the bedroom


      It’s called constructive channeling people!!!! hahaha (attempt at educating a few)

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)


  • bx2dadeath


  • Miss. Devin

    A parking spot!! Really! Yeah his a** should be thrown under the worst prison! That is just ignorance! Pure Ignorance! And then to go to another night club!! SAD!!!

  • nana

    He went to the club cuz he wanted an alibi! Oh well I guess it bye bye to his b*#t hole for the next errrrrmmmm 25 yrs! Ma condolences to the family!

  • divalious

    This is the second time i heard a story like this, smh so sad u cant do anythin w/out makin someone mad enough to kill u. R.i.p to the fallen officer. That basard need to stay in jail with no bond.

  • 7lady

    I hate to bring this up because race or gender has nothing to do with this. Plain and simple a man lost his life to an ignorant person. But please let me say…black women carry around the stereotype that we have an attitude problem. I hate the fact that black men don’t get the label too. This type of story and plenty others prove it. Killing people over a space, because they stepped on your new kicks, because their rims are bigger than yours, slappin a broad cuz she won’t talk to you. Is that not a bad attitude?

    • rosa marie

      Girl, I see your point.
      Attitude problem… Anger Management issues.. chip on the shoulder… depression. Both sexes have them its our racial burden, all that we have been through. Now we have to find away to address it or we’ll just keep on disrespecting and killing each other.


    That is so much more than an attitude problem. He has a much larger problem if he gets that upset over a parking space. Call it Anger management issues or whatever you want. I hope they trow his @ss under the jail. SMH…a parking space.

  • MissPerfect

    Smh this world is crazy people dont value others life anymore. . he is a handsome man at that doesnt look like a bumb R.I.P to the victim

  • Jay

    WOW, he escalated the situation so quickly. No arguing or anything just go and hit him upside his head.

  • Bdot

    I blame the Boondocks and Stinkmeaner

    • TheOne

      LOL. N*gga moments existed before the Boondocks. But thanks for reminding me of that episode, lmao.

  • shane

    something is missing in this story and being that he was a cop explains it all. the police will cover up the part that lead up to him being struck with the brick. we all know how police officers have power issues and officer probably was talking shyt like nobody can touch him. i’ve seen off duty officers act this way soooooo many times. dude was wrong for hitting him with a brick but pieces of this story are missing….

    • tg

      I agree with you Shane – seems like HALF the story is missing

    • joyrptr

      Agree. Something is missing. Not saying anyone should die like this, but this is why it’s best to never ever believe you are safe from serious trouble. Your final smart-a** remark may be the last straw for some lunatic with “one last nerve left” and a brick in his hand…

  • Greeneyedbandit

    What about the young lady who was run down&killed in walmart prkng lot last year over a parking spot, In Houston,Texas?! So sad,and a female ran over her.

  • http://www.damnairfresh.com damnairfresh

    Dude is crazy! A parking spot, really dude. People are going crazy these days, morals are down the drain.

  • understandingoverignorance

    On the real I don’t get upset when police officer die in a BS manner. Its because some of them are just getting there come around and it often times is weird sh*t like that.

    But hopefully he will rest in peace

  • binaryhex

    Those of us who can read know he hit the guy over the head with a brick.

    But go ahead and send him a letter in jail you triflin bird.


    He needs to get OUT of our country.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Where was the officer’s pistol?They suppose to carry they badge&pistol at all times.And with the muscles(killer) that brother got on him,i believe he ran up on the cop&bashed his head in.

  • unique86

    Just sad.
    R.I.P. Kevin Ghee
    U were my best friend. I will miss u. It hurts u won’t see my daughter born. I love u, and as long as iam alive yo lol girl won’t need 4 nothing.

    • shut the fu*ck up

      did I miss something
      who is kevin

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    Yeah, Sian bout to get TOS,SED UP in jail. That smooth chocolate skin, buff body, yeah, he bout to have more “d” than Pinky

    And it goes to show that u Reap Wht U Sow. Sian lived a violent life, hitting women & fighting. Now, he will have to FIGHT for the rest of his life,

  • Africanking

    Like Boondock said ” This is what we call a nig*a moment”. It’s so true. They will kill you for nothing n then brag about it. He probably done this before as he went straight to a party. It’s funny how cops caught the guy once a cop was killed so easily. I like the witnesses that spoke as they hardly ever speak since 90% of Them worship the don’t snitch code :(. Nevertheless, R.I.P to him.

  • Lani

    @ TriniLee I was really trying to focus on the story itself,but he is cute,lol. Too bad he’s going to jail though. What a waste

  • Ro

    I agree- he is such a cutey.
    But that just goes to show- murder has no look- anybody is capable of it.
    So very sad- I feel so bad for the fallen cop.
    All I can do is SMH- over a damn parking space

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