Little Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” Video Leaks

- By Bossip Staff

The debut video for Willow Smith‘s single has hit the net.

As previously reported, the daughter of Will and Jada Smith is signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label and burning up the charts with her track “Whip My Hair.” The video is scheduled to make it’s formal debut today on BET’s 106 & Park.

Head over to for the full “Whip My Hair” video.

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  • sarahjessicamaybe

    Mad props to lil Willow… I think she is going to be big.

  • REALER TALK than that Fake Nickel "REAL TALK"

    Somebody NEED to “Whip Her Azz” for that ghetto fabulous heart weave she was rockin in the intro.

    Just sayin.



      it was cute and original…not hate

    • Lovely

      Smh everytime someone has an opinion about something that everyone else may not agree with, its “HATING”

      “Not hate?” Yeah, I HATE that grammar.

  • nana

    @eman lmaoo @ lady gay gay! I like this song and I whip ma loooonnnggg hair when it comes on.. Oh yeah and its ma own hair HATERZZZzzzz

    • I'll Never Tell

      Yea, I’m not willing to whip my hair though, cause if I pop my neck they sho aint gon pay the bill

  • What_am_iDoing

    Dope , Cute lol
    Jaden killd his lil cameo

  • LaTanya

    I can see it right some fools are going to end up in the hospital with whiplash trying to imitate that head swinging move!

    • LaTanya

      “right now”

  • understandingoverignorance

    She is such a cute little child let her do her thing. Whip that hair because in a few years some white man or woman is going to put a perm in it because its to kinky…Ha Ha

  • Kim

    This is too cute, and very age appropriate. I think she’s got something there. That talent is in the blood baby.

  • Twinky

    Too cute. Not sure why people think she acts too “grown” when they know damn well they kids be dancing like this at parties.

  • Lea

    Why would anyone listen to the music of a 9 year old?

    • SoulSista

      Why does it matter that she is 9? Good music is good music. Talent is talent. Michael Jackson started at 5 years old and became a legend.

      Willow is blessed to have supportive parents that allow her to chase her dream.

    • RMEs =Rollin My Eyez

      OMG! She is NOOOOO Mike Jack. Yes, I’m hating! This family gets on my nerrrves!!!

  • ...


  • Hello


  • O-O

    Nothing against the cute little girl, but it reminds me of something Rihanna would sing. The just whip it part even sounds like Rihanna. Can’t knock the little one though. I can already see females about to brake they neck

  • smh

    lady gay gay lmao

  • tb (What is really good with the amount of pop-ups on this site now?!?!)

    All she’s going to end up with is a sprained neck and if anyone has their kids doing this wackness, they are going to end up the same way too.

  • RMEs =Rollin My Eyez

    LMAO at good talented singer too.

  • lisa

    I have never even heard of the song…

  • Hannibal


    • eman

      Umm no will smith is not the only one with talent in the family his wife a good actor his oldest son is a good football player his daghter can sing and the youngest son he is a ok actor

    • ivpts

      says the tr*ll with the fail mj icon. the king of pop never failed in his life so your argument is null.


    check out her zipper at min :13 read ‘riri’.
    if that don’t say “b*tch ur time is up” i don’t know what does. lol R 🙂

  • Panther

    Love the song,Now lets see if she can get the same support the miley cyrus got/get?

  • rain


    • Notluvnit

      I cram to understand what is so great about this song. What are people gushing about? What am I missing? Yes. She’s a kid and all kids are cute. I give her credit for effort. I didn’t expect anything deep, but honestly, this is weak esp. when you have showbiz parents. Maybe the remix, and surely there will be one, will be better. If her parents weren’t Will and Jada, the song might get a few hits on Youtube and then fade away.

  • REALER TALK than that Fake Nickel "REAL TALK"

    She needs Nicki Minaj on the real remix.

    Let her whip that wig back ‘n’ forth.


    • eman

      No she dose not need her that would mess up the whole song if she would add nicki

  • MIMI

    Go to school. Little girls blabbing about “haters” and all of that nonsense. God forbid this is what children aspire to at this age. GET AN EDUCATION!!!

  • MissLouieV

    I love that song…I like her…ppl talked about how she was rocking her hair and the girl made a song about her hair cute!

  • http://bossip linsey

    I can’t stand those damn Smith’s. They just like the Knowles. Now they have made the Sesame Street version, the one you all posted the other day, black girl hair and it’s too cute and it look official. Hate to say I love it sneaky muda…s!

  • Lovely

    Why roc nation though?

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