‘Whip My Hair’ Family Affair… The Smiths Are In NYC Making It Rain

- By Bossip Staff

Check out the Smith clan looking clean in NYC. We’re digging the green nail polish and hair color little Willow is rocking — probably in honor of all that paper she is bringing in.

Look who’s running ish now. Okay we see you Willow.

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  • ThickLikeCornbread

    Cute lil’ girl!

    She did good oon 106&Park today. U can tell she is a hyper, silly (in a good way) child

    She has mannerisms like her mama, but looks like her daddy

    • hyjy

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    • cellie

      This child needs to be in school learning how to read.

  • Hannibal



  • nana

    @ThickLikeCornBread u took the words outta ma mouth! Great minds think alike


    Beautiful family!

    Love Willow, the outfit her mama is wearing, they look good.

    • Blacqberry

      I’m diggin’ Jada outfit too. 🙂

      I love to see the Smith family doing so well!

  • http://lecoil.tumblr.com/ Educated Goon

    Willow is very cute.. I can’t believe she is only 9! She is shaped like a boy tho.. Hopefully she grow some some hips by age 13.

    • realdwn2erth

      Come on! Has Jada, ever had any hips? She’s built like her mom! Lmao! 🙂

    • hmmmm

      And why is it important that a 9 year old has hips? I tell u, this country is so bombarded with sexual imagery that it seems some people have a hard time differentiating between a child and an adult. smdh!

    • Whatev

      They have her out there, dressed up like an adult, hair like an adult, nails “did”… This is some of the reaction she’ll get, just like Miley and Britney got!

    • mosiane

      Hips? By 13? Sounds like something from ‘to catch a predator’

    • http://lecoil.tumblr.com/ Educated Goon

      Lol @ People calling me a perv… I didn’t mean it in a sexual manner. Wow, since when were hips a sexual body part? I could understand if I said “Willow has small breast, hopefully she grows some”… I mean come on.. Get some education.

  • http://lecoil.tumblr.com/ Educated Goon

    It’s crazy how grown kids seem to be these days.. She is only 9, but carries herself like a 19 year old chick…what’s going on in this world?

  • Creole Queen

    ugly little girl

    • http://lecoil.tumblr.com/ Educated Goon

      She looks like Rhianna mixed with Will Smith. How is she ugly? So you hating cause a 9 year old dress flyer than you and getting more money?

    • Sharie

      And your 10x’s uglier for makin that comment you witch…

    • khloe

      Clearly you are so BLIND. What about this little girl is ugly. She looks just like Jada.

  • crissy

    She is a little doll! Much success to this lil angel!!

  • choco latte .,'"Princess Prada",.

    This little big eared, funny looking chimp girl gets on my last damn nerves Lawd knows she look like Sydney Starr when she was still a boy! Lawd knows Im tellin the troof!

    • Read Between The Lines

      See, now ain’t right for that Sydney Starr comment. Ya just ain’t! LoL

    • smh

      I don’t care if you are trying to be funny. “please spell check”. I think you are mad that she can spell and speak better than you.

  • maria_bridges@yahoo.com

    cute girl i have to say.I cant understand why she is talking about haters at the age of nine in the song??

    • maria_bridges@yahoo.com

      I like the song too its cute !

  • Whatev

    They hooked her hair up with a one-eye, so she doesn’t have to use her hand as much. Poor kid’s soul is gone and she never had a chance.

    • Mystyri

      THANK YOU!

  • Fact Checking

    I can’t believe some people are talking so reckless about a child. GTFOH!

  • http://lecoil.tumblr.com/ Educated Goon

    Wait.. who is beautiful young sista wearing the green behind Willow though?? Did Will have a daughter with another woman besides Jada or somethin? She fine as hell

    • http://www.showmestate.com 5'10" AKILLAH RICHARDS (A SPADE IS A SPADE)

      She has BEAUTIFUL BROWN skin, and you just contradicted yourself. YOU PEOPLE USUALLY EAT YOUR WORDS, WHICH IS WHY YOU SHOULDNT SPEAK SO QUICKLY. just saying

    • Dimediva

      He did have another child with another woman, but it was a boy and he’s the oldest child…the girl in the green I think is part of willow’s entourage. she came out on stage with her on 106 and park…smh…willow’s nine and has an entourage…I gotta give it up!…willow is a boss!…lol

    • http://lecoil.tumblr.com/ Educated Goon

      @Akillah… She is a redbone. What are you talking about?

  • Lol @ the lost

    She was born in the year 2000? (drops mic, turns around and walks away)

  • Lol @ the lost

    She was born in the year 2000? (drops mic, turns around and walks away) … (comes back and picks up mic) Yeah and who is that girl in the Turquoise shirt she is kinda cute (drops mic again and walks away)

  • Mrs

    The reason why she is singing about haters is because she is only nine and has many…i think she is cute…but even if i didnt I wouldnt be hiding behind a computer saying so. Shes only nine…not 29! Im glad willow is making music maybe my daughter can have someone to admire thats looks more like her.hannah montana is aiight but its cool to have someone to look up to that looks like u. Im sure her dad will only condone positive music and as a parent thats good to know.

  • southyndymepiece

    She did an excellent job on 106th and park yesterday, she may only be a 9yo but clearly mature beyond her years, I love the song, its very catchy. Good job Willow! P.s. for some reason I thought Nicki >inaj was featured on the song.

  • MzFitt

    She’s singing about “haters” because that’s what relevant RIGHT NOW. hmmmmm…why should a 9 year old have hips? And, who is looking for hips on a 9 y.o?

  • Empress C

    Congrats Willow…..Do Your Thing Girl!

  • LuLu

    This child has gone from cute to precocious and Will and Jada need to reel that sh*t in before she starts thinking she’s a grown woman.

  • kaka

    Mr Smith looks like he hasn’t been eating for days, he looks very tired too what’s up with that, congrats to the little girl

    • UM

      Someone I know got really skinny and tired-looking and it turned out that he had AIDS.

    • Whatev

      Yeah, he looks emaciated, but doesn’t he also look really, really gay?

    • kaka

      with all respect, i think he looks like he’s drug addicted

  • ...

    She looks so ghetto.

  • UM


  • Awesome-O-3000

    I’m a dude and I like the song actually. I wonder if they let her do it because they let Jayden act. Can’t have your kids thinking you show favortism

  • *she rocks*

    the pants on Willow and Jada… wow!

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