To Whom Do These Dimple Dappled Thighs And Cottage Cheese Cakes Belong?

- By Bossip Staff

This super-successful singer was once ‘idolized’ for her cakes, can you guess whose lady lumps you’re looking at? This one should be easy… Take a look below for the answer and more performance shots.

Even at 41, Jennifer Lopez is still a banger. We can’t fault her for a little lumpiness here and there… J-Lo took the stage in Puerto Rico last night alongside her husband Skeletor Marc Anthony.


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  • TeLl iT liKe It Tis

    her legs look like soggy bread

    • Double Standards

      She looks awful! Her thighs are as bad as her real singing voice!

    • sadness

      @ Double Standards her singing voice sounds better than Ciaras real singing voice lol

    • sadness

      sounds better than ciaras singing voice lol

    • suco

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  • chanicani

    Why in the hell did I think it was Tina Knowles?

    • QueenyBean

      OMFG!!!! I thought that too!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!

    • Blacqberry

      LOL. That’s exactly who she looked like from behind.

    • BiteME

      lol i thought the same thing what kinda debut is this haahah

  • kmr2

    That’s a bad shot. A really really bad shot.

  • shut the fu*ck up

    they look like lumpy cookie dough

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Where did her azz go?

    • Luscious

      Its stuck in a drawer somewhere, probably right next to her push-up bras and her tanning lotion.

    • Dude

      to her ankles! HA!

  • D

    OMG I thought it was a 70 year old woman! WOW J-lo.

  • *she rocks*

    Oh… what a ruined day… just another reminder of why I dread getting old… oh, so depressed!

    • Truth

      lol I’m 41 also and that’s why I’m headed to the gym right now. Kickboxing and weights works wonders!

  • Optimus Prime-Real Estate

    Alot of Puerto Ricans bodies break down at a certain age (not all) but the MAJORITY of them do. Whens the last time you saw an older Puerto Rican woman with a fit body?

    • Smittyboy

      Damn i all most THREW THE HELL UP!!!!This is one sick, and disgusting, looking sight..YUCK,YUCK,YUCK!!!You folks can makeup all the excuses you want to but, she look like total GARBAGE.

    • Smittyboy

      DAMN i almost threw up looking at that ugly crap.Man she has one of the ugliest bodies on any woman.And all the time she had all these people fooled about her looks.That broad looks like she’s atleast 80 years old.

  • tiny

    I was also thinking it was someone older, Tina Turner or someone. Wow, Jenny, time for a touch up, but kids can keep you busy. YOU need those Beyonce pantyhose, it keeps everything in place.

  • samech

    Motherhood has nOT been good to her……..

  • Human Racist

    NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! you lie!!!!!

  • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

    A lil lumpy .. please that woman looks like cookie dough batter at coldstone… probably that fat transfer she had in her butt done went crazy!!

  • 1991 UK Gem of Africa

    I new it was her… she is getting old

  • meishalover

    Latin and white women don’t age so gracefully so this doesn’t comeas a surprise. Blacks and asians you can never tell how old we are! I LOVE BEING BLACK!

    • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

      me too, wouldnt have it any other way!!!

    • Truth Be told

      do not put all latinos in that category…you must mean the white-looking latinos because I am tan and I can tell you my mother is always mistaken to be my sister. same goes for the dark-skinned latinos and caramel-skinned latinos….#jussayin

    • Joel

      We’re no trashing the face it’s that saggy azz and thighs.

      Black women age well face wise…but a obesity is a problem for black women

    • HaloTruth

      YOU GET A HO SIT DOWN AWARD FOR THAT COMMENT. Of course, be proud of who are you are and all of that… all of us should feel that way. But when will you learn that you do not degrade another set of people just to uplift yourself. That my dear is called some Tom Foolery. Do better and stop promoting hate. You could have done well just by saying you’re proud of being black… enough said. But no, you want to go there and generalize a whole group of people based on what? Your stupidity? Please…

    • RedB0ne

      Puerto Ricans are of African decent; hence the terms Afro-Latino and Afro-Caribbean.

  • Whatever

    m’kay mama… next time wear some pantyhose!

  • Real Talk

    That’s the truth meishalover

    • RedB0ne

      Ignant. Weren’t we all just cracking on those skanks in the Kat Stacks Mini-skirt contest. All were Black contestants, All were soggy, gelataneous, dimply, wavy, and just down right busted. Child bearing does a number on a woman’s body, no matter what race you are.

  • I_saw_this_one_coming

    To hell with “Jenny from the block”; how about putting Jenny’s a$$ in a GYM.

    Dayyyyy-UM! you’re TOO YOUNG to have thighs like that.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    @ Luscious: LOL

    • Luscious

      Girl, I’m just sayin’…..

  • http://bossip nay

    Her legs look a horrible mess. Why did I know this was somebody I least expceted. She must have p’d somebody off and they said fck photoshop or somebody is about to be fired. I don’t care what nobody say I beleive some of those paparazzi pictured get touched up, I beleive some of these hos have photoshop on their phones and even the twit pict are touched lol


    those photos are not even real ya’ll need to cut-it-OUT!!!

    • I_saw_this_one_coming

      So you’re saying they used Betty White as a body (biddy) double?

  • lucifer

    oh lawd jesus

  • LaDiva

    @ Truth Be told
    Exactly… I’ve seen all types of races with run down looking ppl not aging good… but in my family we age gracefully…

    • Smittyboy

      @LaDiva yeah everybody brags on themselfs.Who said your family age well…..YOU?

    • FlaLuv

      actually your momma said it…lol…
      loosen up your jocks son… your ugliness is coming out…

    • Ladiva

      Now now behave smitty…
      Actually it’s a fact. Even the old folks in my family age gracefully..

  • Kenyatta

    I don’t think those are her legs. The front of her legs can’t possibly be that smooth and the back look like that. That was a bad chopping and shopping. On one pic, only one leg looks like that and the other is fine. This is a bad joke and a bad new imagery. Thats not cool. She isn’t my fav person, but I will say her body and fashion are usually on point, her talent is another thing; however, this isn’t her legs, regardless of what someone tries to put out there.

  • yvonne

    Oh no!

  • juliemango

    Say it ain’t so!!!

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