R.I.P. Danroy Henry: Cops ID’ed And Friends & Family Speak Out About Tragic Pace University Student Fatal Shooting

- By Bossip Staff

This is extremely sad. Family and friends of Danroy “DJ” Henry, who was fatally shot by Mount Pleasant police officers this weekend are speaking on this tragic incident:

The friend who was in the car, sitting next to Pace University football player Danroy “DJ” Henry when they were both shot by police, said they did nothing to provoke the shooting that ended with his buddy’s death. “He didn’t and we didn’t deserve anything that happened that night,” Brandon Cox, 20, told The Journal News in an exclusive interview this afternoon. “We did nothing to provoke what happened. It was just an unjust situation that we happened to be in.”

Cox, a Stonehill College football player whose team beat Pace’s earlier in the day, was out that night catching up with his high school friend. He told his mom that he, Henry and another Pace player were waiting in the car for a friend outside Finnegan’s Grill when a police officer tapped on the window.

“D.J. started moving because he knew he was in the “no parking” zone,” Cox’s mother Donna Parks said in the telephone interview from her home in South Easton, Mass., where she has been looking after her injured son. “As he was moving out, all of a sudden, another police officer jumps from behind a cruiser with gun drawn. D.J. didn’t have time to stop, and hit [the officer]. Then they just started shooting.” The Pleasantville police officer who was believed to have fired the shot that killed Henry was identified today as Aaron Hess, 33, a former New York City cop on the local force since 2003.

Mount Pleasant police officer Ronald Beckley, a 30 year veteran, also fired his weapon at Henry’s fleeing car outside Finnegan’s Grill at the Town Center strip mall Sunday morning.

The officers were identified this morning during a Mount Pleasant police news conference, where authorities also identified the other two occupants of the car. They are Cox, who suffered a graze wound, and Desmond Hinds, 21, of Stamford, Conn., another Pace football player.

“We were just enjoying each other’s company, laughing and making jokes, talking about things we were going to do, how we were going to get the most out of life,” said Brandon Cox, who had known Henry for seven years. “Unfortunately, he’s not going to be there to experience all those things with me.”

Cox., whose arm was grazed by a bullet, is recovering at home and said, “I won’t be able to play football for a while, but I’m alright.” He’s retained a lawyer, who is preventing him from speaking in detail about the incident. Henry, a 20-year-old junior from Easton, Mass., was driving away from officers who confronted him outside the bar, police said. Cox, the front-seat passenger, and Henry went to the same high school.

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  • Sheila

    Why did he drive away. Sometimes the youth react in ways that I do not comprehend.

    • MissB

      I was thinking the same thing.


      May he Rest In Peace…..

    • suco

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    • Hello

      It clearly stated that he thought that they were just about to ask him to move and thus instant would be for him to move. I probably wouldve done the same. And anyway does it really matter because they had plenty of options such as let them drive away and then pull them over, shoot the tires out, etc. A cop is only suppose to use deadly force for a fleeing felon whose may endanger others, obviously this was not the case here or someone committing a crime that is a danger to others. I am a lawyer and that was excessive force and there is no excuse and seems a little racist. Get a clue…

    • OMG!!!!!!!!

      @hello Thank you…

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)


  • tanisha

    maybe he was just moving the car up. but these cops are so quick to react with their guns and not their heads. not every situation calls for shooting. between cops killing black men and black men killing each other, they wont be any left

    • me

      that is such a true statement… so sad rip

  • Sabrina The Teenage Bytch

    omg I have a friend that knows this guy. they both went to pace and played on the football team. Smfh, I’m at a lost for words.

  • MissB

    One thing my mother taught me and all my siblings,

    “When a cop pulls you over, make sure your polite and respectful, because these people are only LOOKING for a reason to hurt you in some way.”
    Its not right. Its unfair, but its true.

  • Layabee

    Mr cox’s dad was my history teacher and these Boys were all awesome young men who are from great families ! Dummy he wasn’t gunning the car. He tapped the cop! He didn’t run him down! Jeesh! He was moving outta the no park zone! RIP Danroy!!!!

  • Hannibal


    • Quick

      It’s a sad story but something is just don’t add up with this story. I can’t see the Police Opening up just because he moved the car. oh and Hannible you are one of Bishop Eddie Long’s “Long Fellow’s

    • Hannibal


    • shut the fu*ck up

      now that was funny

  • dladystarr

    CONDOLENCES to his family on this tragedy. i hope and pray that the officers involved will be brought to justice whether it is the court or thejudgement of God.
    I have to believe that what goes around comes around. it just takes time. rip

    • God's Angel

      I pray for justice, but it seems as though police who use bad judgement and kill someone always manage to get away with it. What does it take for one of them to go to jail?

      This country has sent the message that it is okay for cops to kill men of color. Nothing will happen if they do.

  • Tamika1412

    I’m moved to tears. What a tragic situation. This young man had so much going for him. I’m thinking when the officer tapped on the window he probably though he was telling him to move out of the no parking zone. And that’s why he proceeded to move. These police officers really need better training on how to handle situations, such as this. Killing people is not the way……

  • Jus sayin'

    @MissB, @Ladystarr: AGREE 100%.

    They shoot first & ask questions later. Why r we not more OUTRAGED about this? Yet we have 200 comments on booty shots here??!!! WTF?

  • gradschool

    R.I.P, cops are just thugs in a uniform

  • jentan1974

    He never should have moved the car, not even an inch. However, the cops didn’t have to shoot inside the car either. Why not shoot the tires?

    What a tragic loss. A smart young man with everything to live for…taken…. May God be with the family during this awful, awful time.

  • FlaLuv

    No words for this. Another young life cut way too soon.

  • carebear

    Ya’ll should’ve seen the comments on AOL yesterday. Everyone was blaming this man and calling him a thug. This college student was being called a gangsta and a thug because he is black. IT IS A CRIME TO BE A YOUNG BLACK MALE IN THIS COUNTRY.

  • jentan1974

    People not caring about something like this is why society is going to hell in a handbasket. SMH

  • Queen

    Awwww and he was a Gorgeous handsome young man! So sad!
    R.I.P. DJ!

  • eye

    too many of young black men are the targets of cops. You move an inch and they spray you with bullets. It is so unjust. It needs to be addressed by the Attorney General.

  • Datzher

    He taught that the cop told him to move cuz he was in a red zone and he just back out of the car and slightly hit a cop he didnt even see him…copz are trigga happy…if they taught he was tryna get away why cant they just shoot at his tirez..so he cant drive away…they alwayz have excusez cuz they copz…i see this stuff all over the place!

  • if anything be noble

    Ok po po you might want to all get together and come up with a newer, better story because this one doesn’t make any sense. #policeinvestigationnumber23965231156

    • Hello

      up with your police investigator number; all yall punk muthafu**kers do i hide behind the blue shield. You would protect them.

  • shut the fu*ck up

    the cops are trying to kill our young black men cause all their white skanks are trying to have babies by them so this way they can stop their white numbers from dwindeling

    • jentan1974


  • jackie giambra

    rip my prayers go out to his family.

  • Angel

    This is so sad. It R.I.P. My prayers go out to the family and friends.


    cops r the biggest gang in the world. whats their tag up? “the boys n blue”

  • have mercy

    Coulda, woulda, shoulda? Well all the this story, scenerio all too well. Anyone black born within the last 400 years knows the story. The PO-LICE whether its in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, etc.. have not changed their attitudes especially towwards black men. Unfortunately, we all should know the routine when it comes to dealing with cops. It still doesnt take away the trigger happy ones but it should be embedded in every black childs head what to do when cops come at you. Im just very sad!

    • jentan1974

      What should a black child do when a cop approaches? Be quiet, respectful and answer any questions just like white, hispanic, asian, etc kids?

  • Mrs. Rance

    What a senseless tragedy. People really need to teach their black sons how to deal with police. Is it fair? No, but it is the world we live in. How many young black men have to die before we learn that we can’t drive off when a cop approaches the vehicle? Wait for his verbal instructions. Don’t give them ANY reason to even take their gun out the holster. This young man died for nothing. Geez.

    • Txhustla15

      Very True but this is the infamous NY/NYC police we are dealing with here -so im interested if we will ever find the truth, cause according to their lame version the cop was apparently ‘thrown’ unto the hood of the car from a side view mirror – thats defying physics in itself….

    • Nessa

      Mrs. Rance you are so right!!! Years ago my husband had a little black book that did just that taught young black men how to act in different situations with police. My nephew is one of Danroy’s teammates/friend. What happened to DJ is my greatest fear… These children are good boys!!! I warn my 18yr old about police before he leaves the house can you believe it?

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