Kelly Does Milan

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is Kelly Rowland at some Milan Fashion Week events recently looking like a true banger. Fake tits or not, she is looking quite breathtaking in these shots, good for her.

More pics of Kelly and Solange in Milan when you…

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  • Anton Slizzardhands

    Kelly Kelz I see you wut UP!!!

  • dayg715

    wow, the loser actually looks good for once. so does Solange.


    Kelly looks nice…’s just something about this girl….

  • BBC - Afiya - freedom short...jail time imminent ;(

    I’m on the fence with Kelly’s outfit…from what I can tell Solo looks nice.

  • uptowngirl

    Is it just me or does something about her look a little off? Can’t put my finger on it but I use to think she was really pretty now not so much.

  • Nita

    Kelly’s fake titties have hardened. She shoul dhave never gotten them.

  • John


  • Warrior Queen

    those shoes are “say’n sum thang”

  • ShavonDenise

    Kelly is killin’ them!!! She is one of the flyest chicks in the game. Solo looks okay but seems like she takes herself a little too serious in some of those photos. I mean lighten up, I thought she was the laid back one in the family. Seems like shes trying too hard.

  • Mrs. Philly

    Rossy, did you see what she had B 4??

    No it wasn’t…lol!

  • Lacombe Redbone

    Awwwwe..they look cute! I love Kelly! She was always the one that kept a fresh hair style and was on top of her game. Kudos girl!

  • Lacombe Redbone

    …I second that Ms.Philly!

  • Cage

    Kelly looks ok…. Since she doesnt mind going under the knife i think a forehead job is in order next…. Yeah then she’ll be bangin……


    I think Kelly looks FABULOUS!!!!! GO head mama!!! The forehead is only a slight distraction..


  • Official TimeHater (Be a bonfire when others are just a flame)

    I like this look, sans the hair, she has a long face & forehead- she needs full hair to balance it out. I would kick it in those shoes.

  • Brook Lynn Chocolate gyrl. (Ok I'm over Loui V)

    Kelly is killin it. She always looks so well put together. Kudos to her stylist

  • Kelly gets the shaft, po thang! She's trying now but is it too late, get new managment hun! Pronto,this loyalty thing is not a good look for YOU

    Somebody needs to do on young berg on matt on a grander scale cause he is just not right, a typical self hating black man that fawns over close to white women(tina) and if it comes out that kelly is any type of blood relation, will the stans get a clue then. Probably not, theyll say beyonce didn’t know anything about it. on the one had she tells you that she is involved in EVERY aspect of everything, then as soon as something hits the fan,,,oh she didn’t know. this is beyond ridiculous but i am glad she is still holding it together,,,i predict though when she hits her 30’s to mids 30’s that is when it all is going to start coming together as that happens with childhood trauma it often only comes out in adulthood (so I read) and she has definitly been done wrong, brandy tried to tell her, but she can’t see it now, has she even done letterman after that Nelly hit? damn, to be a doormat, f that, but im sure her contract language is such that if she speaks a word about them she can be sued,,,note to kelly you can challenge that on the grounds of unconstitutionality, they can’t make you give up your constitutional rights to freedom of speech, expression and to tell how what happened to YOU, hopefully those people in london will help her grow a backbone and do what is overdue, stand up…and her dumb brainwashd self said she got a boob job becuse of a HOD top that she liked, and that made CNN, why to promote HOD,,kelly wake up did they even let you get a writing credit, po thang.

  • Brook Lynn Chocolate gyrl. (Ok I'm over Loui V)


    Her Fake boobies will unharden with age. She just kinda got them so they are still riped, thus making the ‘tennis ball” effect look. In about 3 years or so, they will form into a more pear shape, thus looking more natrual, like Mariah’s.

    But I feel you, I hate when they be all hard a faux looking in the beginning.

  • kenya

    finally, kelli is looking good. the dress is right on the money, and the belt and shoes are a great color on her. the only thing i don’t like is that her hair looks too severe pulled back like that, but other than that she gets a thumbs up, worthy of milan and it’s about time she got it together..see solange you don’t have to wear a black poodle to stand out!

  • WhatsYoursIsMine-Needs to Shake Things Up a Little

    She looks great.

    And I agree with Brook Lynn Chocolate-

    Those boobs need to settle a bit. Or she needs to gain about 5-10 pounds to put some fat on top of them. I have an ex-coworker that had a double masectomy, she got hers done, but they looked better after a year, and she gained 10 pounds, so they were PERFECT (From what I saw of them in clothes). She said her husband never complained from day one, she said only women know the intricacies, he was just happy to see new boobs.

  • kenya

    o and kell’s sister (solo) looks good too.

  • Nina Knows

    She might have had a chance to be a banger IF it wasnt for those ugly, small, hard looking implants. and if you gonna do it, at least go with a C cup……. oh well, NEXT.

    The outfit was banging… but everything else…. not so much.

  • mars

    she si so beautiful and sexual . i have seen some more hot and sexual videoes about her on ””””””she looks so sexual .i love her very much


    they both are bangin

  • Brook Lynn Choclate Gyrl (I see you Jocking BRooke Lynn, You Jocking Brooke Lynn!!)

    @What’s Your is Mine

    Yeah, for some reason when you gain a little weight, it covers the implants better. I had got mine in 99 and I was like 118 back then just coming outta H.S, Now I am more like 155 and trust me, they look a whole lot better.

    People kill me when they ask do you have sensation in them? I’m like Duh., I feel everything a normal woman feels.LOL. But somewomen loose sensation when they get a Botch surgery, meaning, when they gotta get them reconstructed.

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