Tyler Perry To Appear On Oprah, Talks Childhood Rape

- By Bossip Staff

Famed director Tyler Perry will appear on Oprah Wednesday to give what he calls his “most in depth interview ever.”

Perry will join Winfrey to discuss the abuse he endured growing up as a child, from rape by both male and female relatives to sexual abuse at the hands of a church member.

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  • baybaybay

    Wow I didn’t know he went through such a bad childhood, damn he had some evil people around him this is making me want to be more careful who I have around my son, I don’t trust anybody! Where were his parents? Was anybody protecting him?

    • Hannibal


  • nolabywayofchitown

    While he’s at it why doesn’t he just come out the closet? We all know he’s gay.

  • mrs

    I feel for tyler perry.when u are abused as a young child by a man or woman it can cause sexual confusion. I am too a victim of abuse by both sexes and it is a very confusing thing to have to deal with but today I am sure of my sexual orientation and with the help of my fiance, I am conquering the mental pain of being sexually abused at a young age.

    • Peace Be Still

      The same with me, they are demons preying on the innocent soul of kids. I could feel it all around me as a child, but did not understand. you are afraid to tell your family members they don’t beleive you nor want to do anything about it. they kept it hush hush because of the family shame. what do you do as a child real talk, how do you move on i still as a grow women am afraid, i still have nightmares people just don’t understand you just want to kill the person(s)but i rather sacrifice my soul and bare the pain any day then to have my kids experience that grief forever. i wish i had a choice in how i lost my virginity.

    • my two cents...

      ladies, there is a book you can read by t.d. jakes. it is called woman thou art loosed. you don’t have to be tormented by demons from the past. the is a healing and balm of Gilead that the Lord will apply to your wounds. you have the victory already, you just need to WALK in it!

      i pray you both and all that have suffered in this way, will seize their healing. and be a blessing to others that have experienced the same wounds and hurts.


    Hannibal EAT ME!!!

  • understandingoverignorance

    Wow he was touched by both men and women call that nicca sunshine because he must got some sunshine sh*t.

    What kind of animals was he living around that both men and women were abusing him???????

  • if anything be noble

    There’s an emptiness in his eyes.


    I believe that Tyler was molested, however I think he’s been running this in the ground to counter the buzz that he may be homosexual. When people don’t live in their truth they’ll never be happy.

    • candyshop

      And, so what if he is gay? It’s no one’s business who he gets down with and nothing is wrong with being gay. No harm, no foul.

  • nana

    Yall kill me! Okay so he’s not living the truth cuz he’s not putting his bizness out there?? Not everyone wants their sexual life out there like that WIERDOS! Nosy motherf*##

  • lilly

    Yes I feel that he wants to keep his sexually preference private. And he has every right to do so. I still think he is an incredible man to have overcome all the obstacles in his life and still be successful and help others.

  • oh puhleeze

    THANK YOU, Nana! Why does the guy have to be GAY just because he was molested? Just because he doesn’t have2-3 baby mamas and 6 brats running around?!
    Mannn, yall are some COLD ^&$%. Hope nothing bad ever happens to you & yours. Maybe then you’ll understand trauma and sympathy for others.

    • Vette

      Thank you!! Enough said!

  • mona

    He is not gay because he was molested. He is gay because he is gay. Both men and women molested, so if being molested could turn him gay it could turn him straight too? Just saying

    On the other hand, Tyler got more sugar in his tank than ghetto red kool aid! Stop faking like yall can’t see he is a homosexual. Do I care, not really. But I do think he hides behind the molestation that unfortunately happened to him as a way of avoiding the issue. Oprah will ask anybody anything, but she NEVER asks Tyler straight up “are you gay”? And she is not above that line of questioning, Oprah goes for the jugular when she feel like it.

  • sunflower

    We need to start publicly stoning molesters. I’m not perfect but ill be there with rock in hand. Molestation can alter a kids sexual preference. With all of these accusations I’m starting to understand the behavior of our young. Too many adults doing things they shouldn’t have done. We need to make great efforts to shame and get victims some justice.

  • *ScOrPiOliCiOuS*

    Gay or not,who cares about who this man is “doing” but one thing that’s for certain is he’s rich and could care less about how LAMES feel about him!! Lmao Get your money Tyler and let ur haters continue to motivate you! #thatisall

  • Hannibal


    • Liv

      Lol so true but it’s about tyler

    • Nubian92

      😀 I agree! But I still respect Tyler’s work ethic though…n John Singelton’s! But Spike is the best in my eyes!

    • candyshop

      they’re style is different, that’s all. I love them both. I don’t see how one trumps the other and I doubt that they care.

  • suco

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  • if anything be noble

    I don’t think it’s empowering, at all, to relive abuse in every detail. I believe you can say what you’ve come out of and what you are now (emphasis on what you are now) but to go back there and take your memory and your emotions back to that sorrowful place over and over again is a mental trap, imo. Stay focused on where you are now and where you are going in spite of where you were.

  • candyshop

    Only he who feels it knows it. No need to play guessing games. Onwards.

  • candyshop

    Right on, Regina!

  • ShadowQueen

    I don’t think anybody’s comment meant that TP had to be gay because of what happened to him. Often times the victims of abuse, who have never confronted what was done to them- continually relive their trauma through their relationships.

    They often choose abusers who are similar to their abuser in character, physical appearance, or mannerisms.

  • luckyss

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  • Mds

    yawn, blah, blah, blah. pls. move on. we dont care

  • pixie

    I honestly think it’s very courageous of Tyler Perry to speak of his experiences. In all honesty, ppl don’t speak of these things until they are adults and can truly come to terms with what happened. Being molested doesn’t make you gay in my opinion. And from what I’ve seen and heard, it actually makes the one that was abused uncomfortable with sexual encounters, with a male or female. I honestly hope that people can shed their ignorance and open their eyes one day.

  • YallJustDontGetIt!!!!!!!!!

    I thought he was gay!

  • .............

    It takes a strong man/woman to talk about such issues, and I’m glad he talks about it. It can help others even children to tell….TELL…DON’T LET ANYONE HURT YOU AND KEEP QUIETE. TELL and shame on SOME of you ragedy muga fuggas who think that abuse is something to joke about

  • othello

    im a black man living in Nigeria west africa and im upto date with foreign affairs.
    Truth is there is no present without a past.This has probably been an issue hes been tackling with all his life, so comming out this way will help him put it behind him,talking bout moving on.
    haters stop hating.
    Tyler is off the hook y’all

    • Vette

      Thank you!!!

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