Kanye West Puts Writer Kriss Lee From LA Times On Blast: “He Could Have At Least Gotten The Album Title Right!!!”

- By Bossip Staff

Last night, Kanye West put his mind on display for the world to see at the L.A. premiere of his self directed film “RUNAWAY”. Bossip was in the building for the private screening and film was everything but boring. We have to admit there were a couple of scenes when we felt like saying “WHAT THE HELL ???” but with the music from Kanye’s upcoming album narrating the film… it help connect those lost moments.

We’re not surprised to hear that someone decided not to embrace Kanye’s vision…which is normal and Yeezy himself was completely fine with it until the writer from the LA Times fawked up the title of his new album.

Kanye Tweets:

“I would’ve taking offense 2 the LA Times review of the movie but the extremely condescending writer accidentally complimented my suit! Thx I believe the writers name was Kriss Lee who so bent on giving a soulless description of my work that he decided to call the album…

….not even by the write name… ironically but I feel more strategically removing the word ‘Beautiful’ from the title! Wooooooooooooow! I assumed a respected media source like the Los Angeles Times would send a writer that would at least have the respect to call the album..

by it’s proper title. It’s called “MY BEAUTIFUL DARK TWISTED FANTASY” Kriss… Even if your goal was to perpetuate non-positive… … thought association. You see what happens when you write with a negative agenda. You have the entire Los Angeles Time’s coming off.. … like non credible news source that can’t even fact check a well publicized album title.

How can anyone believe anything you ever write again? I feel sorry for the LA Times more than anything for missing the opportunity…

The man that isn’t scared to say anything has deleted his tweets… interesting…

Publicist Move or Kanye Thought Twice About Giving the LA Times Some Shine???

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  • Jackie, who is in love with a middle age white man

    first beeitchs! PR Move, but the b2tch got the point.

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  • eman

    kanye take your medisan and shut up ok ok

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  • jj

    well if your a real journalist reviewing anything i would hope you get the name of the project your critiquing right

  • funny gal

    not even by the RIGHT name…
    it’s not “not even by the write name”….


    kanye just come out the closet now cuz

  • http://artsbeat.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/10/20/a-shameless-ploy-for-the-attention-of-kanye-west/ A Shameless Ploy for the Attention of Kanye West - NYTimes.com

    […] cumbersome) title of his coming album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” you may prompt a string of angry Twitter posts — posts which apparently have since been deleted from his account. Hey, at least it means […]

  • http://bossip ll

    Um no he ( Kaanye)actually wrote write/ not right. I saw it on twitter !

  • sunflower

    Kanye-so talented but this “supersaturation” is getting old quickly

  • uretha fallopian

    for someone that despises Kanye, your hell bent on writing the longest paragraph on here. you lost little girl… GETTEM KANYE!!! KEEP THAT FIRST AMENDMENT GOING. THERE IS A LOT OF US OUT HERE THAT DONT KNOW ANY BETTER!

  • uretha fallopian

    only in your puny eyes… this dude changed the rap game forever. he uses his freedom of speech whether he is in the right or wrong. most entertainers are scared to speak their truth. just get off his nutts. if you think he is a jerk, why you taking the time to write comments on him?? your lame…

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  • Matix B

    Love his music, hate his personality. He makes it seem like no one can ever say a bad thing about him, yet he talks the most shyt about other artists. He has an ego the size of Texas, plus I don’t find him any more avant garde or particularly talented than any other over saturated pop star. He needs to stop with the childish games and get off twitter.

  • hmm...

    The amended it…That’s all that matters. I see you YE!

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