Wendell Williams And Hubby Kevin Coupled Up In NYC

- By Bossip Staff

Wendy Williams covered up her linebacker shoulders with a lovely cream colored coat as she enjoyed the crisp air in NYC while walking with her hubby Kevin Hunter.

We were gonna call this one ‘Some Morning Fug’ but Wendell isn’t lookin’ so bad lately. We guess that’s what they mean when they say the plastic surgery has to settle!

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  • rainbow

    I love Wendy

  • Prettylightskingirl

    She is not a pretty woman! She looks very mannish. I guess money really can’t buy good looks, if it could I am sure she would have put in on the black card.3 things all the money in the world will never buy…READY?
    1. Good Looks
    2. True love
    3. A space in heaven

    Everything else can be purchased with cash, plastic, or credit.

    • Blacqberry


      I disagree on #1 Good Looks.

      Look at Ashlee Simpson. She looks better now that she had her nose done.

  • Syreeta

    WENDELL!!!!! ahahahahahahahahahaahoooooo!

  • D. Lat

    I’m just happy to see that she hired a new stylist, becuz she was a train wreck before her talk show launched.

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  • micial

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  • Tamika1412

    Love Her!

  • Greeneyedbandit

    This is the first time i seen Wendy’s husband! Wow! Alright Wendy! πŸ™‚

    • CAN AM

      I agree. They look nice together.

  • nana

    Wendy is making getting money now! U go wendy!!


    What people need to realize is when a man is trying to impersonate a woman, he normally over does it. This is what Wendy does, she overacts feminine. That’s the dead giveaway. Remember Wendy stated that she has a thyroid problem, well I believe that problem could have come from her shaving down her Adam’s Apple. I believe she’s dual gendered.

    • UM

      You’re right about overacting feminine. Just like SERENA WILLIAMS.

  • Dee

    Fake azz wendy williams, this b8tch is such a hypocrit. For a person that has such a checkered past ( a la drugs and ruining people’s lives by outing everybody black male entertainer without any substantial proof) it irks me when she gets on her show and act like she is the voice of reason. She also goes in hard on some young celebs while kissing the azz of others. Tell me how in the hell u gonna big up ho’s like paris hilton and the Hodashians who are not real celebs but have f8cked the right people to stay relevant and in Paris ‘s cas eshe comes form money no talent. But this fool always about she loves , loves them but always ready to tear down naomi campbell. Mu favorite guest on her show that held their own and put her azz in check was omarosa, wayne brady and rosie perez. they reminder her from whence she came whn she started wither her fak sh*t.


    I guess Wendy said the he11 with Charlemagne tha God. Lol, she forgot all about his azz.

  • sweetness

    No matter what the topic is, especially when it’s a nice topic, we still tend to hate. No matter how broad her shoulders are or how she may look to anyone, Wendy is doing the d*** thang. F*** what a hata gotta say. Real talk.


    You are so right! She’s good for tearing down Nubian ppl, but she kiss YT’s. Go on youtube and check out when Whitney Houston checked that azz.

  • cubiczee

    I try not to miss any of her shows at all. I love her shows, I am tall like her and in my case I have a grip of children. Yet, being tall as a female people will automatically give you a second look. It is very irritating. I admire Wendy because she will wear the beautiful tall shoes, no way I will, I am so tall that I just admire people like Wendy, and Kim Kardashin who can wear those beautiful shoes. Really, I feel like IMMA FALL in in tall shoes. Oh well being very tall as a female, is really like being a celebrity..WHY.. people always know who you are and wonder what you do and what you eat and what are you wearing all that. When people say Wendy is a man, it is like- Tall people get hated on and jokes about and well, I imagine there are a lot of tall females who know what I mean. Think about it in Africa there is a race of Watusi’s. Actually I got called Watusi so many times, I now collect Watusi statues and my home decor is African. Oh well Wendy and her hubby look cute together. He kinda HUNKY

  • Hannibal





    wendy gurl…BRUNETTE IS YOU!
    absolutely stunning. πŸ™‚

  • It's Me

    She is a BIG UGLY girl..

  • XO

    Those implants are horrible. Oh husband carries a cheap Snapple and wearing sneakers, while she’s dressed up.

  • Hannibal


  • MissPerfect

    People need to get lifes..she might not be that pretty and she might look like a tranny but that dont hurt her she makes fun of herself .. she’s no different then a comedian she airs out peoples dirty laundry black,white and spanish so people need to get over it .. HOW yu DOinG!

  • smh

    love her !!!!! how u doin!!!


    I don’t think her main goal for hooking up with this thug was to get a husband. I believe her primary objective was to latch onto a permanent bodyguard.

    Better. Due to that mouth, a lot of p.i.s.s.e.d off people were gunning for dat a*s.

    She’s such an evil, mean-spirited beast of a woman.

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