What a Banger Looks Like

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is that banger Paula Patton at the Manhattan Magazine premiere issue party last night. Your coked up boy Robin Thicke is not doing his job if he is not chopping that down at a minimum of 3X a day.

More of the couple coming up next…

Images via Wireimage and WENN

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    nope lol


    She seems to have found the refrigerator lately.Not a bad thing.

  • whateva

    she is beautiful and a great actress.. i thought she was pregnant

  • Tealeaf

    She looks natural

  • Necy


  • talley-b

    lord jesus, she is fine….

  • kahmmillion

    She’s a banger!

  • dayg715

    she is indeed a banger. watch out halle!

  • kai

    I wish she stop crossing her damn legs like that…

  • http://www.copthat.com MR. HUNG LO

    tell that chick to come to harlem… i’ll lay it down like MAGIC!!

  • mars

    she is beautiful .

    i have seen some more hot and seuxal videoes about her on ”””www.bigbisexual.com ”””’yeah she looks so beautiful there are also some hot pics about her yeah that’s great .what’s more .i got a news from that site .she is dating with a young guy .he is so handsome

  • Sawyer

    Yea! She is quite the tasty little morsel, if you ask me!

  • Check It OUT

    Very pretty woman. Did she cut her hair? I like it longer it looks better that way.

  • polyestaplaya


    Whateva, pointed out something nobody remembers or just turning a blind eye to it. Wasn’t she suppose to be pregnant. What happen to her carrying a child?

  • Aunt Viv spreadin' love it's the Brooklyn way

    She’s really pretty. Leave Robin Thicke alone. They’ve been a couple since high school…

  • http://www.eliteresumeservice.net Liyah

    she looks great…. she got her job by going to http://www.eliteresumeservice.net

  • Sucker Free

    Baby I am the opening act, the headliner, the after party…

    Paula is gorgeous.

  • Marsha

    WOW! Yeah she really looks hot

  • Marsha

    I havent ran in a few weeks…….she most def is my inspiration…..banger for sure

  • ShavonDenise

    Something THAT fine you gotta hit it like yo’ MIND is bad!!! I’m sure Robin is doing his thing! Whoo, classic beauty.

  • Stion

    4 times a day

  • MadBrooke

    Banger? Oh well, what’s the use.

  • Cage

    I’d crush….

  • vinandi ( the future mrs T.I.P Harris!)

    @ rednwood

    cheers for the heads up!

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