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Kanye To Premiere Five ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted’ Fantasy Covers (GO)

Ochocinco — Taunting Atlanta Falcons with T-Shirts (GO)

B*tches from Glee do GQ in their Panties of the Day (GO)

Forbes Ranks Virginia State Best For Business (GO)

Girl Strips At Wacka Flocka Show In L.A. And A Brawl Breaks Out! (GO)

EXCLUSIVE: J-WOWW Forced To Shut Down Clothing Line (GO)

The Google Instant Blacklist: Not Quite Black Enough for Black People (GO)

Someone Is Sponsoring A Lebron James Poetry Contest (GO)

T.I. Loses Axe Endorsement Deal (GO)

Health And Wellness: 6 Good Reasons Why Black Women’s Bodies Are Sacred (GO)

Samantha Ronson is Stealing Our White Women (GO)

Queen Latifah Produces New Series For VH1 (GO)

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  • double standards

    Kanye West WTF is this? The cover scares the hell out of me! I swear it looks like he has truly crossed over to the darkside! ILLUMINATI much? I hate Gay-Z’s negative influence.

  • joyrptr

    Oh, dayum. I thought that was a portrait of Dennis Rodman and his latest Becky…..

  • LovingMe

    IS this real?this is very disturbing!I guess that’s what goes on in his sick twisted mind

  • SoulSista

    The cover fits the title. I’m sure the other covers will be interesting as well. I will have to get online to find out bcuz i dont buy any albums.

  • wifey06

    ego- self who will buy his ego music

    lost his whole connection to fans!!!

  • It's Me

    I see why he wanted to commit suicide!! Negro is twisted upstairs….

  • escape

    Okay. that girl J WOWW is dumb. She launched a business and shut it down because it became successful? Do she not know tht times are hard?

  • Mizz teddy

    *sigh, you kn0w… Its times like this when i REALY miss ye’s teddybear 😦

  • spikepine

    Kanye West needs Jesus Christ.

  • chaka1

    What a fake intellectual.

    The actual artist is the one coming up with all this. Kanye just looks at them and shrugs.

    Just put out some songs already and keep it moving…

  • Enabler

    nothin’ but an attention whoor.

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