You Won’t Believe What This Harmless Looking Doggie Did To A Little Girl Who Accidentally Stepped On Her Tail

- By Bossip Staff

The images included in this story are disturbing. A very young child had a horrible experience with her family pet recently and may need future reconstructive surgery.

A toddler needed 50 stitches to her face after a family pet turned on her in a horrific attack.

Lilly Llewellyn, 16 months, was savaged by Cairn terrier Smokey, described by breeders as ‘the best little pal in the world’, after she accidentally stepped on his tail.

The eight-year-old pet sank its teeth into Lilly’s face and tossed her around in the attack which nearly cost her an eye.

The terrier has been put down and yesterday the toddler from Beddau, South Wales, was recovering after a another painful operation to repair her scarred face.

Her father Lyn Llewellyn, 40, said: ‘The attack came from nowhere. We would never have expected it from Smokey.

‘We don’t know if the dog had a bad day or was unwell. It is very traumatic.
‘But once an animal has done that, you can’t take the chance again. It’s been awful.’

The dog sank its teeth into her face, missing Lilly’s eye by a quarter of an inch.

Lyn, a panel beater, added: ‘We didn’t know at the time if she had lost her eye. Obviously her face was swollen and one eye was closed.’

‘The doctors hope the scarring will fade because she is so young.’

‘But she will have to go to hospital for regular checks with the possibility of reconstructive surgery or laser treatment on her cheeks.’

Leanne Austin, 37, said her daughter is recovering well. ‘We hope the scars will fade,’ she added.
Smokey was owned by Lilly’s grandparents who were described as ‘distraught’ at the youngster’s injuries.

The parents praised paramedics for treating Lilly before she underwent her first bout of facial surgery.

Paramedic Steven Roberts, 50, said: ‘I could see the absolute terror in the dad’s eyes.Her face was very swollen, but she was very, very lucky.’

‘The fang had gone in just above the eye and the lower mark was into the cheek.

‘Another quarter of an inch and she could have lost her eye.’

The Cairn Terrier Club dubs the breed ‘the best little pal in the world’.

Sybil Berrecloth, a committee member of the club, admitted they were prone to snapping – and should not be left alone with a young child.

She said: ‘They are adorable little pets and I’ve had them all my life.

‘But one has to remember they are terriers and all terriers can be rather sharp. They can snap very quickly.

‘They aren’t the most patient of breeds. Usually they are wonderful with children, provided the child isn’t allowed to tease them.

‘The lesson is that you should never leave any young child alone with a dog.’

We never would have expected those kind of injuries from that kind of dog but it is definitely a cautionary tale for all parents who have pets in their households and neighborhoods. Hopefully

Lilly will continue to heal completely and not require further surgery. It could have been so much worse!


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    • NYC


    • nywoman23...killuminati

      lucky her eyes werent taken off. thats y i had a dog n i had to give it kids come 1st. i wouldnt be able to trust an animal around my little kid.whether big or little dog they both have teeth. i remember speaking to some1 and they said if a person does decide to have a dog around their kid its better to have a big one, because the little dogs attack kids more(supposedly) because they feel threaten.

    • Gaii Gurl Shaii

      People to busy tryna treat their pets like humans..

      Then surprised when they act like animals..

      WHY WOULD DO PPL ALLOW THERE KIDS UNSUPERVISED AROUND PETS.. Explain plz.. I dnt care if it was friendly to other ADULTs these are children.. Common sense people..


    Wow yeah i probably would beat the baby jesus out that dog first b4 i put his a$$ down

    • kerry

      You should beat the ^#$!@ out of yourself for leaving a kid with a dog. You fancy, huh?

    • Smittyboy

      Good point @Kerry.

  • I_saw_this_one_coming

    Why would the child’s dumba$$ parents think that an animal —- yes, that effin mutt is an ANIMAL — should be trusted around a TODDLER ?

    • chrisstiss

      Vicks school of obedience!!! You made my day. I needed a good laugh.

  • dimepeace

    I don’t think they should have put that dog down. They should have just given it away. The parents should of never left the dog alone with a toddler.

    • realdwn2erth

      I agree! But, you know how some people are? They think that, just because their pet has been in the family, since; forever! He/she can be trusted. “But, what they fail to realize; is the fact that, dogs are a lot like us humans; they have feelings; and at times; can be quite, emotional.” Who’s to say that the animal wasn’t envious & bitter, of the toddler’s existence?! And, when she stepped on his/her tail, just made the dog, even that, much more, angrier with the child? And, last but not the least; it probably, hurt like hell! When the child stepped on it’s tail, and it bit her out of reflex??? “Just saying”..

    • babydoll

      The only problem with not putting the dog down is when majority of all dogs get a taste of human blood they tend to bit again that why vets put down majority of all dog once they bit someone in a vicious manner after they run all sorts of test on the dog..

    • that damn sh#$ disturber

      i agree with you and kerry

  • Stop The Insanity!


  • understandingoverignorance

    That dog shouldn’t have been put down its a animal and what do you expect it to do but to react when it is hurt by a child or an adult. Dogs don’t have any understanding at all so they should have retrained the dog or put it up for adopting

  • Kim S

    Family don’t worry im bout to call up Vick on Smokey azz

    • I_saw_this_one_coming

      That inspires a new business opportunity:

      The Michael Vick “School Fido’s Unruly A$$” dog training school.

      “Top Dog” having trouble adjusting to toddlers, other pets, granny’s old arthritic a$$?

      The Michael Vick School will have that mutt as submissive as a Kardashian b!tch is to a 10″ black d!ck, in no time.

      Yes, contact the Michael Vick School. Our motto is “obedience or you’re the next item on a chinese menu”.

  • what????

    and people think that only pit bulls do that type of damage

    • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

      I know, and some folks are always quick to say.. oh he doesnt bite, or he never bit anyone before…Dont these ignorant folks have sense to know its always a first time… this dog doesnt know me so please keep your dog out of my face and running up on me!

    • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

      Accident my azz… i have seen a kid step on and pull a dogs tail and the dog turned around and just snapped at the kid… did you see this kids face.. accident my foot.. this dog was truly disturbed and should have been put down.. cute face and all!

  • KAT aka 4reakz

    I got my bottom lip almost bitten off by one of those smaller dogs my cousin had one when I was six. I just have a scar under my lip. I was just rubbing him and I guess I rubbed him to much because he jumped and bit at my face! Everyone was in the kitchen with me, he was just mean! I hated that dog when I stayed the night I always had him locked him up.

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  • oh hell naw

    my ex had a small dog also mean as hell. I got tired of that dog barking and trying to bite me so one day I beat the shi— out that dog he left me alone after that.

    • big mone

      Someone needs to beat the sh*^ out of you! Ignorant a$&!

    • shyt I dont hate

      I agree with you, Dogs were animals before ther wer domesticated, if a dog trys to bight you , that dog needs to be put in its place.

    • e

      Big mone never been snapped at. Beat a Dog’s AZZ when he jumps at you, teach him how to stay alive! try that at someone else house or park, then he will get put down. Bite a baby, automatic put down.

  • REALER TALK than that Fake Nickel "REAL TALK"




  • Candid Canuck

    poor ting. hope its a speedy recovery…

    but imma have to file this in the: ” delusional YT folks with dangerous pets” file

  • We"Blacks"AreTheREALHebrewIsraelites

    I feel bad for the little baby and the dog. That is why experts tell you that small dogs are not good with small children. A small child does not know the animals limits and cannot fathom it, while the small dog reacts instinctively to the new (unintentional)aggressor in the environment. Sad situation all around. I hope the child heals well.

  • Truth

    Excuse me, you people are Nuts!! The dog shouldn’t be put down? It’s a damn animal that went bizzerk after an infant who weighs next to nothing stepped on its tail. Dogs know when they do wrong and that dog was not a puppy. I’m sure the parents taught it not to bark at or bite much less attack….smh. the fact of the matter is dogs belong outdoors. They are mammals not ‘ part of the family’s. Poor baby

  • borderlineamazing

    Stupid humans, especially white people. Do you know how crazy it’s look if gorillas had pet humans? Um leave those animals alone. Cats, dogs, fish, etc don’t need to live with us. And yet we serve chickens and cows on our plates too. Smh. Humans are by far the most messed up. Dog had to be put down when they she be in trouble for leaving a baby around a dog! An animal is an animal. It’s wrong to us but IT’S AN ANIMAL! They have no conscience and perception of right or wrong, toddler or adult.

  • daisy jay

    @we “blacks”
    exactly my point. it’s something about the tail that can make a sweet little chihuahua almost turn into an angry rotweiler. the dog isn’t at fault. it’s not like only THAT dog has a problem. it happens to any dog. my dog was a pit bull (don’t believe the hype, she was NEVER violent). i pray they don’t put the dog down. losing a perfectly sane dog would be good for nobody. i have this weakness for animals and i work with them sometimes so that’s why i’m defending it so much.
    i’m not one of those pissy baby PETA freaks either xD

  • why not

    These parents are idiots and should be charged with negligence. small dogs are NOT family pets. THEY ARE NOT GOOD WITH CHILDREN! Do your research before you buy a dog when you have an infant at home!

  • B.B.

    I’m happy that dog got put down.I don’t think they purposefully left the baby around the dog. but hell Im sorry but Im glad the dog got put down. Sorry!

  • babydoll

    It just goes to show that pits and rocs aren’t the only dogs that bit..Thats y i don’t c y alot of citys are banning these dog..if you ban these two might as well ban all of them because all dogs have mouths and you never know whats on their mind at any given moment…In my personal opinion small dogs are way meaner than most big dogs just saying

  • micial

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  • 504_MsGV

    I wonder if this had been a black baby would the title be called “hood life” or “Mike, come get your dogs” to the next story.

  • Mock Rock Star

    Put the dog down. I have a retriever mix and I make sure that he stays near me when I have to put my son in his swing. Babies and dogs can’t talk so they need extra supervision. One day my dog snipped at my son’s feet while he was in his swing and I tried to break his back with that belt. He hasn’t tried that again, but I keep my eye on him and if push ever came to shove he would have to go.

    • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

      smart choice!!!

    • daisy jay

      uhm if you knew anything about animals, you would know that the dog isn’t crazy or anything. she stepped on it’s TAIL. go back and read what i previously said. you beat the dog with a BELT!? i’ve seen my dad beat my dog with a thick stick until the thing broke. you’re f*cking sick for doing that to your dog. be glad you’re not in jail for animal abuse

  • msjazz

    the whole family looks retarted

  • Al

    Parents’ fault!

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