Diddy and Vibe Teach Loose Girls a Lesson

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Diddy and Vibe <a href=" have avoided paying for expensive boob shots:

A hedge-fund hottie who sued Vibe and Diddy after the mag published a topless picture of her at the music mogul’s Hamptons blowout has had her case tossed out. Maria Dominguez, a money manager for a hedge fund, filed the $3 million invasion-of-privacy suit when a shot of her with two other bare-breasted sirens ran in the November 2006 issue of Vibe next to the caption, “Mermaids gone wild.”

This should be a lesson to all of you nasty chicks out there who think you can just walk around, doing whatever you want with your body, and there won’t be any consequences. You know damn good and well you weren’t raised like that, so cut it the hell out. That is exactly what that little heffa gets.


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  • swoosh


  • Sawyer

    Damn maybe I need to run around with no shirt on…maybe then I too can make a come up?!


    CO-SIGN 100%!!!!!!!




  • Black British Girl

    Why the hell would a hedge fund manager be at a party topless…more fool you…KMT…well considering the economic downturn I suggest she not turn her nose up at her extracurricular activities at it maybe her only source of viable income!

  • WhatsYoursIsMine-Needs to Shake Things Up a Little

    This is as bad as the Girls Gone Wild women (the ones that were of age 18+) who try to sue after the fact. You knew what you were doing when you popped your top.

  • JillyBean819

    What a dumbass. That’s what she gets!

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re's Just Kidding (Nikki Underwood..my psychic twin, and Brook Lynn has approved my gravie)

    They only wanted the people there to see their boobs. Because the whole world doesn’t own a camera phone, and will respect you enough not to take a picture and clown you with their friends.

  • Aunt Viv

    No sympathy for this hedge fund woman. She should know better. Or maybe the way she behaves at parties is the way she’s behaving with other people’s money. No wonder the economy is in the toilet. SMH.

  • lala#1

    Maybe she only decided to sue AFTER she lost her job because clearly it did not occur to her that a) a professional classy lady would never to that b) someone may just actually take a picture of her breast and finally c) and actually post it for the world to see..

    She probably was so excited about being at a P.Diddy party, drinking & got carried away and before you know it,, tops off!!! She wakes up the next day embarrassed and unemployed!!!!!

  • Latindoll

    dang Maria yu gotta try again

  • Brie

    No, I don’t agree w/ that. Although I’m not one for acting all wild, I also think that it’s not right to have your sh*t posted in a public forum. It was a PRIVATE party Diddy through, not some spring break junk- so their privacy is well within the relms of reasonable expectation.

    If she appeals, Vibe and diddy will be paying out soon enough.

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Gott dam. Are all women gold diggers???

  • http://annoymous@yahoo.com anonymous

    good im glad that tramp didnt get a penny and that goes for all the tramps who think showing your body gets you points. are you that desperate you have to show saggy boobs or fake gel chested boobs for attention. bring back the woman who can walk like a lady and talk like a lady and smile softly like a lady, where o where is she at|?

  • always knew

    she got what she deserved, and all these “stars”, that keep at it, deserve what they get too..hedge fund manager, right, hedge fund managers don;t get down with the ‘help’…..


    I’m annoyed at her for trying to scam a big payday.If she’s playing the hedge fund game…WTF is she doing acting out the “video ho” scenario?

  • Tn_Finest24

    “Theatre of the Minds” Ludacris-November 11!!!!

  • cns

    I would never think that a party hosted by P.Diddy would be private.

  • yo

    getting at…

  • Creole Baby

    what a dummy

  • kenya

    in order for vibe to run a pic don’t they have her sign a release or something? just asking. and yes i am glad that frivolous case was thrown out. i’m for the ladies 100%, but when your wrong your just wrong. what kind of woman who has an ounce of self esteem shows her boobs at a party unless she’s trying to get attention. note to these chics who flash thier jugs…everyone doesn’t want to see your boobage.

  • always knew

    @dominican trash- when I find you I’m gonna murk your bean buritto, spanish rice, menospeakadaenglish climbing a tree, looking for bananas and revoking your fraudulent ass id. The next time you come up in here, i’m getting your ass fired. I already have your location… What do you want to do, you stank ass half-breed mutant lookin ass…welfare baby…go back to mexico!stank heffa..

  • HollaBack

    Since when is a CELEBRITY party private? Give me a break. Paparizza everywhere outside – folks trying to sneak inside. Anyone dumb enough to think that P Diddy is at a private party deserves to get captured on film. She’s lucky her azz didn’t show up on a YouTube video. Poor poor girl – didn’t realize her boob shots would show up in a national magazine. That’s one money manager that couldn’t BUY a clue. With thought processes like that no wonder she’s showing her goodies – she’s obviously not smart enough to make $$ in the real world.

    By the way Ms. Money Manager – I have some property in Florida I want to see you. The area may look like a swamp, but it’s not. It’s just some private land for sale real cheap.

  • happy to be alive

    she no longer has a job! I guess no matter how you look at it. We still taking care of her…. It’s called WELFARE!

  • Carla

    Maria is a dip stick, lol….

  • sonny carson

    women keep being hos please we need something to complain about like women saying all men are dogs.

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