Eagles Still Reneging On Mike Vick Starter Job, But Can’t Stop His Shine

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Kevin Kolb got his starter position with the Eagles back the same way he lost it: due to an injury. And now, three weeks in, coach Andy Reid isn’t sure he’s putting Michael Vick back in that number one spot anytime soon.

Ever since replacing Vick after his rib injury in Week 4, Kolb has been doing his best to prove he should hold on to that starter position, leading the Eagles to victory three weeks in a row. But the job is no longer up for grabs… or is it?

Eagles coach Andy Reid did not commit to Michael Vick as his starting quarterback during Sunday night’s post-game press conference.

Reid said only, ‘Yeah, he’s a starting quarterback now.” The Eagles’ team-released transcript claimed Reid said, “Yeah, he’s the starting quarterback.” The job appears to be up for grabs again, with Kevin Kolb beating down the door to move back on top. Kolb would go a long way toward supplanting Vick by beating the Titans in Week 7.

Some reports are even suggesting that there might be tension between Reid and Vick, over something Coach Reid claims never even happened.

The quarterback controversy began before Kevin Kolb threw for 326 yards, three touchdowns and a 133.6 passer rating that made Andy Reid give the stats sheet a second look Sunday.

It started when Michael Vick and his cracked ribs, damaged cartilage and electro-stim healing tools arrived late to work, according to sources.

The Eagles kept Vick inside rather than allow him to snort the testosterone in their 31-17 romp over the Atlanta Falcons.

The explanation was almost as ambiguous as the one Reid made just weeks ago when he ripped the starting job from Kolb and gave it to Vick. Just picturing Vick dressed up and ready to play yet lurking in the locker room waiting for the call from the coaches seemed so far-fetched you wondered who came up with the story. The cops certainly wouldn’t buy it. But that’s the way Big Red said it went down.

“I gave him a little different reporting time when he and I visited yesterday,” Reid said of Vick. “If I needed him for an emergency snap in goal line or in short yardage, that’s why I put him up as the third quarterback. If both quarterbacks would have gone down then I would have used him. I just kept him in the locker room and kept him away from going out on the field or really doing anything. That’s why he was up. He’s making huge strides so we’ll just see how everything works out.”

“I told him to be here at 12:15 and he showed up at 12:15,” Reid said. “That was it. Don’t worry about it. Enjoy the win.”

Now that Vick is healthy enough to play again, he’s still been named the back up quarterback for the Eagles’ match-up with the Titans this weekend.

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