7 African-American Architects Who’ve Built Successful Careers in a Challenging Industry

- By Bossip Staff

According to the directory of African-American Architects, there are less than 2,000 licensed architects in the United States. That number, however, doesn’t diminish the contributions of these professionals on local and national scales. Their work has been underwritten by the accomplishments of pioneering African American architects who came before them. Some of them include Albert Cassell, Norma Sklarek, Paul Williams, Robert Taylor, Max Bond and others. In celebrating this fascinating industry and the African-Americans who thrive in it, we’ve compiled a list of 7 successful architects who are making major contributions to the American landscape.

Check out our dynamic set of Black Architects at The Atlanta Post

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    They need to make you the official moderator like they do at AllHipHop.com

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    Getting a design practice up & running is as tough as it gets.Props to those who do it.
    Beautiful buildings / environments inspire me.

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    good to see….calling for more posts like this

  • baybaybay

    This is very positive to see blacks are intelligent, entrepreneurs and able to be successful in business. We need to show more of this we are not all dysfunctional.

  • BayAreaChick

    I work for a large firm in San Francisco and in a company of about 250, there are only two minorities. It is a very gender/race biased profession and I have seen it first hand.

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  • AguaBoogie

    These are the black men and women we need to be celebrating and praising as role models not some mush-mouth rappers who can’t even enunciate their words or stay out of jail for longer than six months before they’re locked up again.

    • Illuminate Truth …"I Don't Luv U Enuff 2 Hate U"

      You are SO right AquaBoogie. We glorify the wrong people.

      Here’s another extaordinary Black person that people don’t know about yet you use his patented creation EVERY day and specifically right now.

      DR. MARK DEAN – architech of the modern day personal computer.

    • Illuminate Truth …"I Don't Luv U Enuff 2 Hate U"

      Ask most people who is responsible for the PC and the answer you would get is Bill Gates.

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