SMH: Haiti Fighting Massive Cholera Outbreak, 135 Dead So Far

- By Bossip Staff

For over a million people still homeless nine months after the January 12 earthquake in Haiti, a brand new nightmare is just beginning.

What many health-care experts and humanitarians have been warning and worrying about since dozens of makeshift tent cities started popping up in and outside of Port-au-Prince is starting to manifest. Haiti is in the midst of an outbreak of a disease that hasn’t been seen on the island in years.

At least 135 people have died in a suspected cholera outbreak, and aid groups are rushing in medicine and other supplies Friday to combat Haiti’s deadliest health problem since its devastating earthquake.

The outbreak in the rural Artibonite region, which hosts thousands of quake refugees, appeared to confirm relief groups’ fears about sanitation for homeless survivors living in tarp cities and other squalid settlements.

“We have been afraid of this since the earthquake,” said Robin Mahfood, president of Food for the Poor, which was preparing to fly in donations of antibiotics, dehydration salts and other supplies.

Many of the sick have converged on St. Nicholas hospital in the seaside city of St. Marc, where hundreds of dehydrated patients lay on blankets in a parking lot with IVs in their arms as they waited for treatment.

Catherine Huck, deputy country director for the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, said the Caribbean nation’s health ministry had recorded 135 deaths and more than 1,000 infected people.

“What we know is that people have diarrhea, and they are vomiting, and (they) can go quickly if they are not seen in time,” Huck said. She said doctors were still awaiting lab results to pinpoint the disease.

Cholera is a waterborne bacterial infection spread through contaminated water, which causes diarrhea and vomiting. The symptoms are so severe they can lead to dehydration and death within hours.

No cholera outbreaks had been reported in Haiti for decades before the earthquake, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Haitian officials, including President Rene Preval, have been pointing to the lack of severe disease outbreaks as a hard-to-see success of the quake response.

With more than a million people left homeless by the disaster, however, experts have warned that disease could strike in the makeshift camps with nowhere to put human waste and limited access to clean water.

One of the biggest problems with this outbreak is the fact that diseases like cholera, which haven’t appeared in widespread numbers in the US, Canada and Europe in over a century, is that many younger doctors don’t have much real life experience dealing with them. Which makes diagnosing and treating symptoms just that much harder.

Pray for the people of Haiti.

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  • blah

    No surprise this would happen since nobody’s helping them.

    • WTF?

      Why cant they help themselves??? When a tragedy strikes Asia they help themselves,Europeans help themselves,South Americans help themselves,Americans and Canadians help themselves,most Middle Eastern countries help themselves.
      SMH @ black people.Its 2010.

    • LIly

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  • leah

    First! I’m convinced that this country is cursed, its one disaster after another!!! What the hell is going on over there? someone needs to investigate

    • MissPerfect

      I agree!! . Haiti is never gonna get catch a break it seems as if everything bad is happening to that country even before the earthquake they were dirty poor with nothing

  • Ck1

    Cholera outbreaks is going on in other countries as well. I read about it the other day, its just one big mess after another. I WILL PRAY!

  • nana

    Where is Sean penn, wyclef and pras when u need them?

  • A Mess wants to know where is her comment?

    Since that earthquake didn’t kill all them people, now cholera was sent to finish the job. smh.

  • Hannibal


    • SMH @ Hannibal Eight TImes

      *supervised means surprised*

  • Sabrina The Teenage Bytch

    after the millions of dollars donated to Haiti people are still living in tents? where the f_ck did all of the money go?

    smfh this is disgusting, the elite stole all of that f_cking money.

    Black people better wake up, there are greater things at work here. The black population is being exterminated. Things are only going to get worse

    • Willie Lump Lump


  • ehh

    wow, and people making 2 million dollar bras and baking 1 million dollar cakes.

    • REALER TALK (Disposed of that Fake Nickel)


  • sexi-islander heartless sheep.what ever did the ppl of haiti have done to you that you keep wishing harms for them huh? i can’t believe how soul-less some of you can be at times. i pray that god has mercy on your soul, you little skunk.

  • Whoa

    i would love to know why these ppl cant catch a gat dam break.
    haitians pray all the time and guess what no1 is listening obviously.

  • http://Google WTF?

    Haiti is known for its filth and squalor, thats why dominicans keep them off their side of the island, so why should this surprise anyone? They had a high aids epidemic before the quake hit, its sad but still ppl should be more sanitary with their living conditions. Filth will kill eventually no matter.

    • @WTFiswrongwithU

      I wish people like you could really do your research before stating your opinions. Since you seem to know it all and have all of the solutions, please explain to me how they can become more sanitary with dead bodies and trash all around! The U.S, Canada, and France have crippled Haiti. The UN is sitting on millions of dollars that they don’t want to give to the island to help clean up this mess. So to you STFU!!!! and sit cho A** DOWWWWN

    • leah

      ^ Dayum went all the way in!!!

    • leah

      ^ DAYUM u went all the way in!!!

    • joyrptr

      @WTFiswrongwithU said, “The UN is sitting on millions of dollars that they don’t want to give to the island to help clean up this mess.” And just who in the h*ll are these millions of dollars supposed to be handed over to to clean up this mess? Just walk the street and start handing it out? Then what? Everyone take their bucks to Walmart and buy some bottled water and mops? Hand it over to the “Haitian Government”? Whose pocket will it fill and for what? Pile it on the beach and yell, “COME AND GET IT?” WTFiswrongwithU!?

      JUS SAYIN…..

  • WhySoSerious....ah!

    LOL@ the “Crip walk” comment!!!!
    You do have an excellent point though.

  • Mila

    Haiti should give themselves back to France…

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