Get A Load Of Ne-Yo’s Birthday Cake

- By Bossip Staff

Ne-Yo celebrated his birthday at Greenhouse in NYC this Thursday and he was joined by Tahiry, Chrisette Michele, Jessica White, Miguel, Free and a whole lotta other folks. Keep reading for more birthday party pictures and cake shots.

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  • VirgoJewel

    That’s just riDONKulous.

    • double standards

      LOL! She does look ridiculous!But where is the baby mama while miss thang SHE-YO is looking ENVIOUSLY at the booty she wishes she had? SHE-YO ewwww!

  • such and such

    @ virgo Jewel: lol the zebra fit?

    • VirgoJewel

      Yes. LOL

  • Hannibal


  • nana

    Happy birthday ma’am! Sorry sir

  • yinu


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  • Shananigans


  • http://bossip nay

    I use too think she was so cute untill one day I saw her butt. It looks a big fat sloppy mess and the way she talks she is just a ghetto hoodrat. Who would want to lay up with an a55 this big that is just gross

    • GHUK Flav

      You call a woman ghetto – because of her figure? Narrow mindedness. Sad.

  • Soulsista

    LoL Neyo you can hug up on all the women you want, impregnate a few more and you will STILL be suspect. Not that theres anything wrong with being gay.

  • SoSick

    Happy Birthday Ne-yo!
    Hope you enjoyed your birthday party. You know what would’ve been nice? If you didn’t cancel your damned concert and I could enjoy my birthday too! I guess when you’re a celebrity, the people who buy your albums and tickets to your shows don’t matter.

  • Bri

    Happy Birthday Ne-Yo! That cake looks ugly and cheap.

  • realdwn2erth

    That, is some; ugaleeeeee!!!! Dress, that, free has on.. It looks like; girdle straps, all over it..

  • Gia

    that dress on free is unflattering, it makes her looks fat..

  • misszee

    Ha ha @ ne-yos face in the 12th pic! that sure dont look like a “gotdamn” face 2 me! spicy anyone


    That’s sad when all you do in err pic is stick out your butt smh at how woman disgrace their own selves…

  • jennifer

    wow cheap ugly dress. go on a diet

  • tiny

    The baby mama wasn’t invited?

  • EB

    I though Ne-Yo was Gay??? I guess not … 😉

  • http://bossip luvvieboo

    Thought that booty was the cake,lol. Can’t be stressed if you’re blessed.

  • ? 0:) ?

    Let me break it down. Yes, Ne-yo is gay but who gives a fuk. Thats the ugliest birthday cake that Ive seen. You’d think with all of his money, they would get something that doesnt looke so homemade. And, not only does the dress look unflattering on her azz but when are bigg, bazooka butt women going to realize that cheap zebra patterns look horrible on a big azz. END OF STORY!!

  • micial

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  • Jada

    what is my girl Free wearing?????????

  • try me

    i think i just found my purpose white women rule…to kick ur a$$…repeatedly

  • Waaay Too Much!

    Who’s the big girl wearing the zebra pants?

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