Super Secret Super Stans Ask Judge To Change T.I.’s Sentence

- By Bossip Staff

Either these stans are taking the whole “fanatic” thing too far, or they’re giving the whole “King of the South” thing entirely too much weight.

New court documents have just been filed in an attempt to keep T.I. out of the slammer — and instead move him into a rehab program … problem is, T.I. has absolutely no idea who made the request.

A ticked off citizen filed documents in federal court in Atlanta, arguing that the courts are pissing away tax dollars by jailing T.I. for a recent drug possession arrest … so the person filed a motion to toss out the jail sentence.

The mystery person identifies him or herself as “Citizens of the State of Atlanta Georgia” — they even provided a signature …
Neither T.I.’s people nor the prosecution have any idea what the group is … besides being an organization of some kind that failed geography class.

T.I.’s lawyer, Steve Sadow, tells TMZ that despite the well-intentioned gesture — he has no plans to appeal the judge’s sentence.

PS — We spoke to the guy T.I. talked off the ledge the other day … he swears ths isn’t his doing.

LOL, TMZ is so wrong for that!

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  • SeXXXi 504 Lady

    1st! Wow who has this much time on their hand to appeal someone’s else conviction? Good gesture I guess smh

  • deez nuttz

    These crackas are sick to lock that man up for a drug habit?country is a contradiction! That bony

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  • TAh

    i call someone in his camp doing this

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Sorry but even tho I like TI as an artist,he needs to serve w/e time necessary & hopefully learn his lesson,sorry!

    This is NOT the 1st time he’s been caught in some shady ish.
    He has several felonies,served time in jail before but somehow feels “above the law” & keeps messing up.

    He seriously needs to stop taking his blessings for granted,be the best husband & most important father he needs to be!

    • Hello

      Shut up!!!

  • why

    Linsay goes to rehab time and time again.

  • jay

    Why hasn’t anyone said anything about Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton? These 2 cokeheads stay getting caught and NEVER go to jail. It’s CRAZY! T.I. deserves to do some time but not 11 months. He NEEDS REHAB!

  • divalious

    smh poor Ti, but tryin to keep him from goin to jail, is like keepin Paris from hittin paps. With her car not going to happen

  • lee

    Man what ? that fool just got off on a truck full of guns with silencers????;like 20 a guy in dertoit got 40 years for two gun with silencers… he needs to be in jail for that real parisan and Lindsy never had machine guns

  • http://TLBaby I gets down like that

    Yeah, I have to sort of agree with both @ Bunny and also @ lee, on this one. And although I loves me some T.I, I mean truly hearts this man, I don’t think one can compare Li-Low’s (Lindsey’s) case to his. I mean come on a previous guns and silencer conviction???

    I don’t know maybe now Tiny (even though I’m not fully blaming her) will think about this the next time their riding around once he gets back out. See that’s what a good women, a “ride or die” girl would do. Sometimes a female has got to take charge, and be like naw we can high we get back to the crib Daddy. Its that simple!!!

    But all in all, I think Tip is a stand up guy. I heard someplace that he agreed to do this sentence only if his wife wouldn’t do any time. Could be wrong about that, but if it’s true that’s the definition of a TRUE MAN. And God he looks incredibly delicious in that photo above too dosent he? Yummy

    • Hello

      Ok so he has convictions for previous charge of obtaining guns and silencers. I am not saying that was right but did anyone see the behind the music on him where he was on a death list and 3 out of 5 were found dead? Im sorry, I wouldve stock piled too. Anyways I do believe a jail sentence was warranted however whenever there are drug related crimes and the person is claiming they are addicted most sentences are reduced to rehab. With as many time as Lindsay been caught with drugs, at some point her second chances has to end too. As far as consorting with a convicted felony, most the people he know are convicted felons; I just think that part of people probation is stupid and need to be eliminated. I understand the concern but there need to be some sort of exception or something to that.

  • divalious

    thats true u cant compare Pairs/Lohnan case to TI. Because Pairs got caught with weed not once but twice within months apart, hits paps.with car her and her boyfriend.Linsey had the words fu on her nails, but yet everything they get a slap and keep moving its not about race its about doing time for what u did it called the law. They dont deserve the time Ti get, but they deserved something.

  • Joney

    He tested dirty case closed. You can’t do time for someone else if you’re pissing dirty. And what judge in his/her right mind would allow that? A TRUE MAN wouldn’t have allowed himself to get into this situation in the first place and would’ve encouraged wifey to be at home with the kids.

  • cotton124

    Drugs are addictive, said that from day one. cosign with story today.

  • E.C. from D.C.


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