Happy 30th Birthday Monica! Rain Can’t Ruin Her Star Studded Celebration

- By Bossip Staff

Monica, fiance Shannon Brown and a host of celebrity friends celebrated her 30th birthday at Philippe Chow on Melrose in Los Angeles last night despite the downpour of rain. Bossip spies tell us Shannon never left Monica’s side, and her engagement sparkler lit up the room. Check out lots more photos and details below:

The decor was pink and white with candies in opulent vases and hot pink M&M with Monica’s face on the candy and there was pink taffy and various other candies for guests to sample. Monica’s cake was decorated with a huge pink Hermes bag, and she also received a Hermes bag as her birthday gift .

The birthday celebration was also a fundraiser for breast cancer. $5,000.00 was given in Monica’s name to be donated to the Susan B Gorman Foundation.

Guests in attendance included lots of Shannon’s Lakers teammates and their wives and girlfriends including Lamar and Khloe Kardashian-Odom, Derek Fisher and his wife, Brian and Nikki Shaw and it looks like Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan have worked through their domestic fracas because they were also there together.

Other guests included Ludacris, Angela and Vanessa Simmons, Kathy Griffin, Eric Benet, Frank Gatson, Ngo , Tamala Jones, Kita Williams, Persia White , Golden Brooks, Trina and Steph Jones.

The night wasn’t without a few snafus. In addition to the bad weather, at one point during the party some idiot hit a switch and the rain came pouring into the party as the retractable roof pulled back getting a number of the guests wet.

Of course with Jermaine Dupri on the wheels of steel, he kept the jam packed party going all night.

Sounds like it was a blast, Happy 30th Monica!

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  • crissy

    I am extra happy for Monica-looks like she picked a winner this time!

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    • ThatsWhatThatIS

      Is this a funegral or a birthday party?? Who wears granny black to their birthday party? Is she preggers already!! They seem to be moving really fast and we all know Monica’s azz is fertile!

    • Gorgeous Mixed Island Gyal

      Monica JUST had a child by another man. Plus she looks too old for him. He needs a younger girl like ME!!! I dont see this union lasting.

  • http://what I am not my hair

    Wow, I gotta say this is the best I’ve ever seen Monica look. Well she’s looked great, but her she is really glowing. She deserves some happiness though. I know its hard to give up them thugs (Rocko, LOL) but I think she & this Shannon fella will last for a while.

    • Dont Think I Won't Hitch Yah--Cause I'm Famous, I believe in KARMA

      @Iam Not…I thought the same thing when I saw her.

      She looks as if she has “Love all over her” even her skin is changing. LOL, LOL

  • Human Racist

    Is it me or does Trina look extra crackish?

    They mustve had the heat on cuz ol’ dude is sweatin’ like Obama on election day.

  • micial

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  • daahlingnikki

    it does seem amazing that she’s been in the business for so long…yes she was 12 when don’t take it personal came out…she looked amazing and she looks so happy…so happy for her…

  • VirgoJewel

    Ya know?!? LOL

    I couldv’e sworn Monica was like 14 or 15 then too.

    Either way- her and Shannon make a really cute couple.

  • Ms..Im in my Chevvy B***h

    Aww Monica I am so happy for you(for dissin that googly moogly roscoe the dog lookin..ok lol lemme stop)… ne who SCORPIOS STAND UP.

    Ps. I think NIKKI SHAW is absolutely gorgeous. she is rockin that hair cut.

  • Karen

    Monica looks beautiful. I am so happy for her and Shannon. I was hoping she would marry him anyway.

    • sadie

      me too! they look so happy together.

  • Just Toya

    That was all the hype about her back then. She was so young with a big voice. She is 30 because when she came out she was a year older than me and I’ll be 29.

  • chrissy

    They really look good together….go monica….

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    @daahlingnikki & virgojewel: thanks for the info even tho I’m still kinda shocked lol

  • olmkge

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  • Greeneyedbandit

    *Happy belated birthday Monica*much love to you&Shannon!

  • rhoda

    I’m so happy for the couple. Good look mo.

  • Jay

    Sigh and this is why they fail, majority of the Laker team is at the party, Kobe is at home working out in the gym to try and solidify his spot in history as second best player in game. Congrats Monica, tie Shannon’s tie for him please.

  • tb (The Rent Too Damn High!!!)

    Proud of you Mo!!! I can tell that you are happy because you are finally gaining weight. They say a good relationship will do that to you.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Where was K.C?

    • positivity131

      i was wondering the same thing! her party is next week end. so maybe she’s getting ready for that

  • Mrs. Rance

    Awww, happy birthday to Mo. Looks like fun was had by all.

  • exclusive

    Im sooooo damn happy for Monica she is truly a beautiful woman and seems very humble and deserving of all her blessings.

  • Caramel Cat™

    Actually Monica is almost a year older than me, if my memory serves me correct, her first song ‘Don’t take it Personal’ came out in late ’94 early ’95 and she was like 15 at the time…so the math makes sense… 🙂

  • ladyv

    she looks fab! he is such a cutie but i def thought that was chris brown when i looked at it real quick lol.

  • http://what I am not my hair

    @ Don’t Think I won’t Hitch Yah: cute/unique S/N by the way. Girl I’m so glad you could read through all my typos in that post, LOL. But yeah she does look happy/content. I miss being in love like that

  • aries79

    Thats why she was called Ms.Thang 
    because she was always grown..lol

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