FIGHT MUSIC: 12 Rounds of Freestyle Battles That Turned Violent

- By Bossip Staff

Most freestyle battles go off without a hitch. One rapper verbally dismantles the other to a concert of, “ooohs” and “aaahs” from the surrounding peanut gallery, one man is declared a winner and rap supremacy is settled between the two.

Then sometimes freestyle battles turn into just that, battles, literally.

Participants go from throwing darts to throwing rights, lefts, chairs, delivering an occasional power drive or the dreaded hard bottom stomp out and these anomalies bring a whole new meaning to the phrase beat box. brings you 12 action packed rounds of freestyle battles turned boxing matches.

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  • VirgoJewel

    Signs you win the rap battle:

    1. Your opponent wants to fight you.


  • Big Roy

    Well damn…

  • Big Roy

    cosign with VirgoJewel btw

  • Txhustla15

    Best one hands down is Charles Hamilton getting dropped – that essentially helped doom his major label career….

  • Esco

    why are the “commercials” longer then the damn clips?

  • Soul Touch

    that was mind numbing…especially the sisters ‘battling’. smh

    Number 8 is in Toronto I do believe…idiocy across borders.

  • Ava

    That wasn’t funny that dude was mentally disabled it was apparent. The dude who hit him is weak cause the cat taping it told him all his crayons weren’t in the box. This is why so many black men get killed.

    • AthenaBella

      If you click on #6, it was about an black dude and an asian dude.

      Black dude pushed Asian dude. Asian dude knew martial arts and did a “flying kick” and caught Black dude in the face.

  • d.

    If only they could bring this same intensity into mainstream hiphop/rap!

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