Survey Says…. Kanye West Is More Influential Than President Barack Obama

- By Bossip Staff

SMH. In spite of, or maybe because of, all the controversy surrounding him, Kanye West was recently voted more influential than President Barack Obama.

Over 500,000 people voted in the survey on, putting the cocky musician at fifth place – higher than Jay-Z (13), George Clooney (18), and even President Obama (21).

Number one on the list? American TV presenter Jon Stewart, who hosts The Daily Show (No, we’re not sure who that is either). Further down however was rapper Eminem (24), Ben Affleck (25), singer-turned-actor Justin Timberlake (33) and Leonardo DiCaprio (43).

We’re relieved Barack beat out Eminem, but seriously? Whatever happened to people looking for guidance from spiritual leaders — why aren’t Deepak Chopra and the Dalai Lama on this list? Do you think people put too much stock in Jay-Z, Kanye West and other celebrity men?

We shouldn’t be surprised by these results. If there is anything that shows the power of Kanye West’s influence it’s Amber Rose. The world essentially embraced a bald-headed bisexual ex-stripper with wide arms just because Kanye did. SMH.


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    “Who’s Gonna Love You on Youtube.
    New single coming out 11/16 details coming soon….


    Ft. “WHY R U”





    Not a good look since Kanye’s handler is Satan.

    To top it of Kanye’s music is ATROCIOUS. America is going to hell in handbasket.

    • Pilot Talk

      Really, most of America(most of the world) seems to think otherwise. Please tell me what you listen Do you even like hip-hop/rap because you’re obviously on meth to not recognize the quality and consistency of Kanye’s music.

  • kerry

    I agree. Obama is a puppet.

  • micial

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  • http://bossip Lauren

    And you wonder why the tea party say the things they do about black men. Kanye is more influential than the president. I rest my case black people.

    • kerry

      Just because someone is black and president doesn’t mean all black people have to support him. Debating whether or not Kanye or Obama is more influential is the LEAST of our troubles, Lauren.

  • Jason Drvms

    think about it for a minute. with all the obama hype, what has he really done? at the end of the day politics is all bs. and if u really wanna dig deeper (pause) what has any president really done but start wars, steal land and shuffle money to the elite? it sickens me because people always look for someone to save them and lead the way, how about saving urself and leading instead of following. yeah its true and sad, most people care more about celebs than the prez. its really always gonna be that way. i dont buy into that whole illuminati stuff when people talk about jay and kanye, its a trend and a gimmick. they know this so they milk it all the way to give an edge and dark image to the music. i dont know why people dont see that. it just entertainment

    • shane

      wow…for you to even ask the question “what has Obama really done” shows you’re clueless. do your research before making dumb comments…you and Kerry

  • kerry

    Mmmmhmmmm. I am sure Obama had the best intentions going in but once there, he realized he is just the face. His power is so limited, there isn’t much he is able to do. And like every other President, he is afraid to rock the boat too much. They basically do what they are told with a LITTLE influence here and there.

    • natant 0409

      That was one of the dumbest comments i have ever read, Kerry your not smart.

    • Thaddious

      No, that’s a very smart comment and anyone who understands politics would agree.

      The POTUS is the figurehead and face of the nation with significantly less influence than it held in the 1800s. Roosevelt was the last president with significant influence, and his opposition limited the power of future presidents.

      There’s a reason so many people fear the government having too much power.

      Know what you’re talking about before you disrespect a black goddess with the label of stupid, I’m gonna fight for them till the day I die-

  • Husseinn lied

    And you wonder why the tea party say the things they do about black men. Kanye is more influential than the president. I rest my case black people.

    by Lauren on Oct 27, 2010 at 10:58 am

    -BULLISH!!! All racists in tea party were planted by your local DNC branch!!!

  • Jason Drvms

    @kerry preach! u speak the truth

  • if anything be noble

    LOL @ the photoshop!!!!! Man, that “survey” doesn’t speak of Barack Obama’s ability —or his inability, for that matter. It speaks of the lame brained society we live in where celebs reign. How high would George Bush have gotten on that list? Last year’s winner was probably Justin Beiber or The Situation.

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER

    Shows you where the YOUTHS minds are………

    And this is my future??

  • Jenifer


  • Niasia

    Ok how y’all gone play John Stewart like that? How do you not know who he is…

  • JustMe2010

    And for all the readers commenting about how limited Obama’s power is. Yes!!! U are correct… This is one of the fundamental differences between a Democracy and a Dictatorship. So give yourself a “Gold star” & a “Smiley Face”.

  • SMH

    Wow…The end is near…and to the people bad mouthing the president…SMH…I guess you just want to bring back those Bush years…I don’t have any kids, but looking at these ignorant comments…I guess it’s for the best…Bring on the tea baggers and let’s go on back 100’s of years because SOME of yall black behinds could care less…..LORD JUST LET ME MAKE IT IN THAT UPPER ROOM…it’s too much hell going on down here……1

  • white male

    what idiots voted on this?

  • natant 0409

    People on here bad mouthing President Obama, are nothing more then house N***ers.

  • Chad

    you ppl gotta remember that this list is based on the votes of 500,000 ppl, not the world, and it’s obvious who the majority of the voters actually are

  • KreoleKing

    Stupid N1&&az!

  • Thaddious

    The results of a survey are primarily influenced by WHO is surveyed. I never participated in that survey. used to be my homepage, but it’s created by and for trashy white people, that’s why I left-

  • end time gloom news

    Obama has deported more undocumented people than Bush did his whole 8 years. get your facts straight.

  • true

    That survey must of been done by preschoolers smdh. Obama has done more in a yr then Bush did in his 8ys of term. People expect miracles done over night. Remember Bush phuked this country n now Obama is trying to clean up all the garbage Bush left behind. Its gonna take a whole nation to lift up this Country. The president is just is just one man n he is doing the best he can!!! Why vote for him n then bash him cuz he doesn’t get things done in a minute. I guess those are the ppl that are looking for a handout from the President. I love our President n will vote for him again in 2012!!!

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