When Tranny Ho Robbin’ Goes Wrong… Teen Gets The Shimmy Shimmy Ya Shimmy Yo Sh*t Kicked Out Of Him

- By Bossip Staff

SMH… Meet Rufus Bowman (above right), he’s the Cincinnati teen that went looking for love (and money) in all the wrong places this summer. See Rufus met up with tranny ho transgender prostitute Joshua Bumpus (above left, yes that’s really his name SMH) on July 13th and after soliciting some action, tried pulling the ol’ armed-robbery-of-a prostitute trick. It didn’t work.

According to Assistant Hamilton County Prosecutor Ryan Nelson’s claims good ol’ Rufus approached Joshua Bumpus in the 200 block of West McMicken Avenue in Over-the-Rhine (wherever that is, somewhere in Ohio).

“Mr. Bumpus is a transvestite prostitute,” Nelson said. “He goes 6-(foot)-3, 280 (pounds) and was wearing a pink halter top and pumps.”

“(Bowman) approached Mr. Bumpus and, according to Mr. Bumpus, was trying to retain his services,” Nelson said.

Here’s where it went hairy. After going into an alley to “transact business” Bowman pulled out a gun, triggering a fight between the two errr – men. At 5-foot-7, 230-pounds Bowman, who was at a clear physical disadvantage, fired his gun. After the bullet entered and exited Bumpus’ arm before lodging near his ribs, he kept on fighting and beat the tranny-robbin’ isht out of Rufus Bowman.

“He got the gun away from (Bowman), he grabbed (Bowman) by the hair and beat him down. He beat the (daylights) out of him,” Nelson said.

That’s about when several of Bumpus’ friends, also dressed as women, flagged down Cincinnati Police Officer Dave Kennedy. Other Bumpus friends helped Bumpus beat Bowman.

“The cops showed up during the beat down,” Nelson said. “The cops said it was one of their more memorable arrests of their lives.”

Despite his age, Bowman was tried in adult court this week. In addition to felony assault charges, Bowman was also charged with carrying a gun while under a criminal disability because of a previous drug conviction. He accepted a plea deal Tuesday and was sentenced to a a three year prison term.

“(Bowman) picked the wrong prostitute to rob,” Nelson said..

SMH… What a dumba*s!


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