Fierce Black Dolls You Can Buy Your Little One

- By Bossip Staff

Some viewers shook their heads and spit their sparkling water all over their couches when that crazy CNN special with Anderson Cooper came on the telly tube. Cooper revealed that quite a few cute, innocent kids aren’t taught to appreciate all skin types. Awww. Ze poor darling bebes! Many of them reacted to black dolls as if “black doll” was an oxymoron.

Perhaps their parents or their aunties or their loved ones (yes…that would be you on the Internets right now) haven’t shown them enough cool black dolls? If so, have no fear, darling pies. We’ve picked out some dolls that you can buy right now, or just ogle until you feel really, really, warm and fuzzy inside!

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  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    too cute! almost wish i had a little one to shop for…

  • Educated Goon

    These dolls are just as bad as regular barbies.. The majority of black girls do not have soft curly hair like that… Unless thats a lacefront on the doll

    • VirgoJewel

      NATURAL Black hair runs the gamut of being very course, kinky, kinky-curly, just curly and even d*mn near straight.

    • SMH @ fools

      You’re ignorant as usual. Black women who have never put a perm in their hair and deep condition it and oil it have a natural curl pattern and shiny hair. This is a type of natural hair pattern. Fool. Many black women perm their hair so they wouldnt know what type of hair they had, and oiling it like all African american women are suppose to or it it will fall out, makes it looks shiny and all Afros are soft if you wash them and don’t have hygiene problems! I cant stand men/women who don’t wash their Afros EVER.

    • Educated Goon

      @ smh at fools

      Maybe you need to learn about black hair and the hair types. The majority of black women have type 4B hair (Rough,Tightly Coiled, very dry). The Doll in the photo hair resembles a woman with hair type 2b or 3A (Soft, loose curly, and shiny) . It doesn’t matter how healthy & natural your hair is.. if you have 4B hair you will NEVER have hair that resembles that doll. That is the reason I say this doll is not a good doll. If they made a doll with locks then I would praise it.

    • daisy jay

      i’m gonna have to side with Educated Goon. no, not all black girls/women have kinky or “nappy” hair, but a great amount of them do. it’s just a fact. don’t get me wrong, i think the doll is a brilliant idea, BUT…how many little girls will be able to identify with the doll? maybe SOME like he said, but not too many. that’s like making a white doll with a black woman’s body. how many little white girls will identify with the doll? pretty much none

    • SMH @ fools

      You need to stfu and educate your self even more. After black women un-braid their hair or un-twist it it has curls. Oh please stop. Even though women/girls are natural that doesn’t mean they cant rock different hair styles! “their hair is never going to be like that” So I guess african amricans hair is just a peice of cotton on top of out heads we can do nothing with! You don’t need a lace front or a perm, because there is something called hair styles fool

    • SMH @ fools

      @Daisy jay- many African american girls cant identify with the doll because they air subjected to abuse by perms. Black women have different natural beautiful hair styles and I have seen many but black people don’t know because they are brainwashed and perm a babies as in a small child hair. Huge afro or curly afro it is a type of natural hair.

  • Rhysinstar

    The doll is pretty.

    Educated Goon: If the majority of black girls have nappy hair and the majority of people in the U.S. are over weight, should there be a fat doll with nappy hair? Anyway, little girls like to comb hair…I’m sure they would rather comb soft bouncy curls than matted naps.

    • Educated Goon

      Your analogy made no sense. We are not talking about overweight people in America. We are talking about a Black doll marketed to young black girls. All I’m saying is, young black girls should be introduced to beauty that represent them. A black doll with soft bouncy curly hair may represent *SOME* black girls… but not most. A doll with an afro is not a bad idea….

    • SMH @ fools

      Goon. How do you know what some have and some dont? When Most black women perm their hair any way? Their are hair styles even as a natural! I’m not condemning older women who perm their hair Im talking african american bout girls out their who love to style their natural hair. STFU!

  • daisy jay

    this is where i start to feel sorry for parents all over the globe. no matter what you say or teach them, the media always has more influence on them. sometimes the parenting results end up good, other times…not so great. but sigh, ya gotta try the best you can. as far as i’m concerned, my ma did a good job

  • samech

    Love it!!!!!!

  • Shananigans

    the doll is soo cute

  • SMH @ fools

    I agree with your point soo much!

  • chocolate thai

    I am a dark skinned African-American girl, nd I have never had a nap on my head..ever. My daughter is a little chocolate girl with soft curly hair as well. I have a mixed large family with Dominicans, Mexicans, Puerto ricans, Jamaicans, and a host of Caucasian folk. It doesn’t matter what kind of hair the damn doll has its cute!! Sheesh.. my daughter has a dora (Mexican), kai-lan (Chinese), nd hell she even has those ugly little monsters from tht yo gabba gabba tht are all different colors. My daughter won’t be biased to race or color. All u bitter ppl who cry and wine about the doll havin curly soft hair stfu nd be happy your kid has a doll with color bcuz your mom and grandma didn’t have tht..

  • E.C. from D.C.

    Could be better…. I love the Calista & African Princess dolls tho.

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