Knifed Up Swag: 15 Alleged Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

- By Bossip Staff

Now, there’s nothing wrong with tweaking your God given beauty, but when does a trend go too far? Updating your look no longer consists of a new outfit or rocking a new hairstyle; it requires “going under.”

So which celebs pockets have been “cut” into? Check out some of Hollywoods hottest stars like Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and Nicki Minaj go from natural to ooo wow, modern day barbie dolls.

Read more at Hip Hop Wired
This…right here…is their…knifed up swag….

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  • LuVn_liFe...

    Heck i thought ALL 15 surgeries we’re about K.Kartrashian

    • daisy jay

      that’s the same thing i was thinking

  • hopi

    question is, how does those fake butts feel to the touch?

  • Divine

    Hmmmm look at the hairline on the first pic of Kim K.
    Does she have on a lace front wig?

    • LuVn_liFe...

      Probably everything else about her is FAKE!”

  • LuVn_liFe...

    For ALL the Kim K cheerleaders NO her donk is real its real,NO it Isnt and that picture shows her Becky Pancakes!
    Beyounces is hard to call that could just Be The Miracle Bra

    • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

      @Luvn_life… girl you know you got that right.. anybody with any type of sense can the differnce in kim k’s azz and how she lies about it! COCO’s azz .. a fool can tell thats fake and you dont even have to look at her before and after picture to know she is a faker too!

    • LuVn_liFe...

      TYPO….its suppose to say Booty/Body

  • Divine

    Definitely a nose job. And if you click the hip hop wired link, you will see the DEFINITE below the chin surgeries.
    In the after photo, the size of her but is crazy! Why even go that far with it?
    She was much more proportioned and better looking in the before.



    • LuVn_liFe...


    • leah

      this is the funniest sh!t i’ve read in a while. had me rolling in my office, rofl!!!! 🙂

  • nuthinonme

    Lola Monroes as$ looks gross
    It looks like it’s sliding off her body
    She too small to have gotten her as$ that big

    You better ask somebody


    this list left off sooo much work that’s been done and some more people. Some of these broads’ faces are tighter now than 20 yrs ago. not to mention all the lipo/botox/facelifts

    • LuVn_liFe...

      Akillah do you write for a newspaper?

    • Divine

      Don’t forget the Lip implants and injections!
      Walking around looking like a duck!

      Only in Hollywood would people not look at them like their were Aliens! The rarely look great or beautiful to me!
      They always LOOK like they had surgery.


      @Luvn_Life: Nope but I could have the best selling tabloid around, with all the dirt I know. I just read a LOT. dont forget 20lbs of makeup, photoshop, and airbrush.


    i cant beleive men are STUPID enough to compare REAL women to this. smh

    • LuVn_liFe...

      @Akillah…thats funny
      I was reading the paper 2day and the article was written by an Akillah Richards and i was trying to figure out why did i know that

  • truth

    kim has had so much stuff done to both her body and face. can’t believe she still continues to tell people she hasnt had anything done. kim you are nothing but a trifling, fake liar.

  • Divine

    Heyyyy!?!? *pouting* Where are all the dudes? At least one dude or a stan would be in hear telling us how black women are haters and jealous of Kim K! LOL! I wanted to argue today! LOL!

    Could it be they realize what she’s really about after the Reggie Bush thing?

    Has the Kim K novelty worn off?

    Are they realizing she is all smoke and mirrors?

    • Divine

      excuse by type I meant “here”

  • Eddy

    Every time I see a pic of Kim K. she looks different.

  • Karla

    she looks more loke khloe before the surgery.. she should have stayed the way GOD made her… she is making herself look real old and ugly now

  • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

    @luvn_life… i know , thats why i cant stand a chic like Kim k.. she does not represent a real woman, she lies about her butt..then folks say well its her money she can do what she likes… hey we all know that, but why lie?? be a woman about it! Like they cant bring out before and after photos… these fake azz women kill me trying to be something their not! I call real beauty.. no botox, no fake t.i.t.s and no fake kips or azz, or weave either and that weave goes for black and white and any in between! If she lies about that ole fake booty.. she will lie about other things!!

  • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

    typo.. lips!!!

  • Somali Ninga

    I think KK bleaches.

  • Latte

    lmao she is ugly behind the makeup, maybe thats y her men keep running off…

  • Lilika

    I don’t see anything here, she just lost some weight and have different make-up! That is all!

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    Kim K doesnt even look the same.

    Didnt realize that SO MANY black celebs have had nose jobs, even Kelly Rowland! WOW!

    Keri Hilson has also had her nose CONTOURED recently. She looks really different

  • chickieboo

    kim did have butt injections because the before and after pictures are really different and i mean a huge difference the picture with her with the hat on shows that she barely had a behind and then the picture with her with the blue dress on shows omg

  • LaDiva

    Lmfao Lola Monroe should have gotten a full refund for that disfigured azz..
    A blind person could tell it’s fake to the bone..

  • Let's Face It

    kk looks like a different face was placed on top of her original face.

  • Britt

    I honestly think she had NO SURGERY, she just does her make up better now, and she looks a bit lighter…

  • E.C. from D.C.

    ALL OF THEM HAVE! Some of theirs look better than the others

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