Fill In The Blank

- By Bossip Staff

Ciara and Kim Kardashian celebrated Ci Ci’s birthday last night at NYC hotspot Greenhouse. We thought this photo could use a lil explanation. Do you think Kim told Ciara “Open wide ___________” Fill In The Blank!

Kim and Ciara played up their “friendship” to the point of near lezzbun coupled up status last night — likely for the sake of the cameras. Guests including Chris Brown, Scott “American Psycho” Disick and Jonathan Cheban watched the show from the sidelines. We couldn’t resist adding a few more captions to some of the shots.


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  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Both ladies looked great 🙂
    However,it’s obvious Kim has become Ciara’s stylist hehe..After all,she used to be a stylist before her celeb status blew up right?

  • justhatlala

    They look great and it look like they had fun

  • Shananigans

    lmao @ scott “american psycho” disik

  • don

    it is obvious she is blowing out her candles.

    love to see people being positive and enjoying their life.




    damnnnn! i actually thought that all that hair was kimmy cakes to i look at pic #2. u can see oh gurl track on the side if u look real hard.u got to look real hard now! and i remember her telling george lopez one nite on the show it was all hers.this further lets a n-gga know kimmy cakes is fake and a liar.

    • alexandra

      yeah… there’s something goin on there…

  • Kadadah

    Kim’s make-up looks great…subtle yet chic!!!! Luv Ciara’s dress 2!!

  • sucky sucky

    “open wide and let 50 in”

  • double standards

    Happy B-Day CiCi! You are looking good girl. I swear Kimmy cakes wants to be black so bad she doesn’t know what to do with herself….LOL. Now enough of kim where is the pic of CiCi and Breezy the king and queen of the dance scene! 🙂

  • M3@9@N

    Ciara me kim and mya. I can only dream.

  • billy

    ▒▓██►►► W.W.W.BRANNEWTV.C.O.M ◄◄◄██▓▒

  • http://TLBaby I gets down like that

    Oh yeah, someone had mentioned that Kim was a stylist before blowing up (I think @ Bunny). That is true. I remember Ray-J saying in an interview that she was one of the best stylist he’d ever known. But both Ciara & Kimmy look great. And even though Ci-Ci lost some weight, she kept her donk. Looking good Ma.

  • Moanmyname( My heart is heavy)

    looks like we ciara need to be sent to “attention all hoes” thread…

  • Ms..Chevy Ridin High

    HOODRATS HOODRATS!!! LOL! Nuff said.

  • Sasha

    Kim’s cellulite below the dress!

  • sportstalk23

    Buy one get one free lol

  • Imari

    Are they really “friends” or just when the camera’s rolling??!!?

  • lil sexy

    hair makeup look good ciara career over though baby. make up ya mind boo.

  • Carl Hicklin

    I love nice girls

  • Quilombo

    opens gift and is surprised to find “talent” inside (oh SNAP!!!)

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