Melbourne, Australia Wants No Parts Of Akon In It

- By Bossip Staff

Pretending to chop down young girls or comparing your package to Wyclef’s on stage may not get you banned from a venue in Australia. Neither will throwing young boys off a stage.

But breaking up a fight just might?

Akon has been banned from performing at a show in Melbourne, Australia, due to the audiences’ raucous behavior in the past.

Akon and Ciara were announced as new editions to the Summerbeatz 2010 tour, which is taking place in Australia November 19th-25th and also features Soulja Boy, Flo Rida, Jay Sean and Stan Walker.

According to organizer Dwayne Cross, Akon has been banned from performing at the Rod Laver Arena on November 25th, after a wild incident at the Hisense Arena in 2009, when the singer jumped into the crowd to break up a fight.

While all the rappers are cleared for the other cities, Akon can only perform in Brisbane, Sydney and Perth.

“It’s with great regret that we announce that Akon will not be performing in Melbourneon the Summerbeatz 2010 Tour,” Cross said in a statement. “This is due to restrictions put on us by the Melbourne venue Rod Laver Arena.”

Sounds like hate, Rod Laver Arena. It’s okay though, Akon! Keep staying away from rappers and urban music like you’ve been doing and you might be able to stop scaring promoters.


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  • Jp

    Nice article

  • illuminati

    On another note he got a bunch of half breed Aborigine kids running around looking like spooks

    blue blue black with blue eyes

  • FashionYaa

    money must be good for him to still go cause if I was him I’d say deuces!

  • wisdom2

    Good may be he can spend timje with those FOUR (4) WIVES…..

    • wisdom2


  • heze

    why not hate that mf? check how he looks : D

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  • blackmale

    Who cares, it’s Australia. They are idiots. Akon is rich. He’s made so much money off of gaga, he don’t mind resting during that portion of the tour.

  • lmio

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  • LuxDeluxeCrew

    I am from New Zealand. Perhaps you northern hemisphere people may not know, but down here in the southern hemisphere, Australia is the most racist country. It is a known fact amongst all the island nations and here in Aotearoa. They have a shameful history with their indigenous people (aboriginies) and they aren’t too friendly to Lebanese, Indian and Chinese immigrants either. We always wonder why rappers even bother with Aussie. They should just come on down to New Zealand instead.

  • realityWRECKER

    [throws bannana peel @ akon]

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