Poet Slams Nicki Minaj: “Barbie Stop Spitting These Toy Stories!”

- By Bossip Staff

Sociology and African-American studies major of the University of Wisconsin, Jasmine Mann, rips Young Money’s prized barbie b*tch Nicki Minaj a new one and says “come harder.”

“Do you ever feel the chord gripping around your neck? Choke, spit, don’t let this industry rape the Assata outta you….Do you know what this media is trying to do to you? Look in the mirror, they will porcelain Barbie doll the sh*t out of you, noose neck hang from Zion, they will Lauryn Hill you. The miseducation of a Barbie Doll coming soon…”

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  • LuVn_liFe...

    wow,she definitely went in.

  • ulizzy

    She went for the jugular..but hit on the head tho

  • lala

    That was deep….

  • maru-chan

    Slam poets and African-American studies majors stand up!

  • Kenneth Ackerman

    Got to love intellectuallity and among blacks that is definetly rare

    • REALLY?

      R u serious with your comment? “Got to love intellectuallity and among blacks that is definetly rare”
      Had YOU been an intellectual you would have known how to spell intellectuality and definitely. With that being said you need to SIT YOUR A@@ DOWN!

    • alexandra

      lol… moron

    • stlien

      uummm….what they said LOL!!!

  • Trisha

    Yes that person went in, but whats the point of going after Nicki Minaj? Unknown people attack known people to get noticed. Once your noticed, it’s only gonna last .2 seconds -__- 50 cent was one of the lucky ones

  • jj

    Didn’t get it….sorry I really don’t get the hate for this grown azz women makin her money I support black poets but its a lot of other real issues to talk about rather then a animated entertainer
    I feel like its just jumping on a bandwagon to diss her
    No original thought in doing that


      I have to cosign on that, because no matter what people think about her, Nikki will keep getting money.

  • VibrantThang

    Uhhhh Okay?! I mean…I love poetry..I love self expression…Everyone has a voice…and an opinion as well..But when combining all of the above it should be used without bashing someone or putting them down…It’s funny how if there is something someone else is doing that another person lacks the confidence to do or just simply doesn’t agree with it…it becomes grounds to want to bash that person….when really….to each is own…but there are so many people out there like that so then it doesn’t seem like it’s a problem…you know…the whole misery loves company motto! You can be creative w/o using someone else’s choice to SELF express as the muse…CREATIVITY COMES FROM WITHIN!

  • Yanaba

    I don’t think she was bashing Nicki at all. I think she was pointing out the fact that Nicki has allowed herself to become a modern day Sara Bartman. She was also making the point that other female MCs cleared the way for her so that she wouldn’t have to do this to herself. It’s also a message to we the consumers that this is what music execs feel they need to sell the public. What does Nicki Minaj and others that go the route of butt injections and stereotypical caricatures to make a couple dollars say about us a a society. I feel for Nicki because I think she has talent, it’s just that she is morphing into something that makes me very uncomfortable. Back in the day Black women were put on display at carnivals etc. for people to come and look at our hips, bums, and breast… we fought against this and here we are in 2010 doing it to ourselves…that was the point of the poem…in my opinion.

    • Ant-nice

      I totally agree.

    • WILLOW

      Nicely said

  • Lala

    You people obviously didn’t get the poem. And she’s already noticed if she’s goin on tour with other artists. I wish more people would bash her maybe she’d go away. But that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

  • Deedee_404

    Nicki Minaj was the title, but certainly not the main subject.The pitfall of females in hiphop and the destruction and reconstruction of natural beauty for fame was the issue. A scratch that some black women have let go of their pride in themselves and their own beauty for plastic parts and bright lights. That is her message. Onika is just a small piece in this work.

    • lala

      Well said, I think you’re the only intelligent person on this website besides myself lol. Don’t know why so many people are so caught up with this chick.

  • Uguess

    Stupid post-if she is to be one of our best female rappers of all time. I can’t tell ?

  • Miko

    I AGREE!

  • Creole Queen

    nicki cant spit but she is mad pretty


    Yes, that is exactly what she is implying!!!! And even though I disagree that Nikki is a puppet, I would like to see her drop deeper rhymes 🙂

  • candyshop

    Nikki Minaj need to do a full album without mix tapes to prove she’s not a fraud. point blank.

    • ghosthunterface

      your’re dumb!!! Pink Friday

  • VibrantThang

    It’s must be a MIRROR SHORTAGE…All these Perfect People…Having not one flaw! I love it….Perfectly IMPERFECT!

  • VibrantThang

    If it’s a problem that Nicki “morphed” herself to be in the industry…and it’s a problem with how she raps…Then it should definitely be a problem with Lady GaGa wearing a dress made out of USDA Certified Meat when there are FAMILIES STARVING! Not just in poor countries but all over the world in GENERAL!

  • Gabulous

    That was nice, unfortunatel it will fall of deaf ears as Nicki has chosen her path and is doing so while reaping wonderful material benefits, she will learn on her own time but for now she’s on top living the life, she will not give that up for all the pride in the world.

  • Trisha

    So I guess you have a problem with all celebs b/c they all get plastic surgery or change their image. Everybody in the entertainment world gets their teeth re-done (Nicki only got her teeth whitned, they look the same as they were when she was high school), everybody from Beyonce to Nicole Kidman wears wigs and weaves, you don’t have to get breast implants to make your boobs look big (look what it does for Paris Hilton. Girl goes from an A cup to a D with a good push up bra.) So the only thing you can talk about his Nicki’s butt. So for you to pinpoint all the “fake” things on Nicki Minaj as a reason why you have a problem with her means you must have a problem with the entertainment world as a whole. People need to stop focusing on her body and looks, and focus on her music. I mean people is so press for Lil Kim to come out & take Nicki M’s shine but Kim is fake from HEAD to TOE literally

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER

    Wake up!

    This warms my heart to see their are some youths still out there with a koncious mind. Jasmine Mann has power, thats why any blk man would be drawn to her. IF she practices what she speaks…….She holds the formula for many young woman to kontrol the PERCEPTIONS of men, and help kultivate them into dignified young men. POWER in MODESTY & VIRTUE. The upmost respect komes from a man when a woman respects herself FIRST! try it out……..the only hill we all must KONQUER is obataining KOWLEDGE, WISDOM, AND UNDERSTANDING OF SELF & GOD. Once those things are obtained you will see the komplete NON-EXISTENECE of the uncivilized world that goes on in our kommunity today…………and hopefully will be exstinct, Giving our YOUTH…….OUR FUTURE, THE POWER, PATIENCE, AND LOVE TO rule this new world koming in.

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER

    oh, all that ignorant talk about hating on her………look in the mirror, as blakk people have the most SELF-HATE IN THE HUMAN FAMILY. Look at our kondition. So wit that being said……quit entertaing the WORD & ACTION OF “HATING”.

    tHAT SHYT IS PLAYED, just like this so-kalled music she puts out!

  • Fallen Angel

    People don’t buy reality, they buy fantasy.

  • E.C. from D.C.

    There was no hating in that poem she went in. The only ones getting mad are the stupid hoodrats who just don’t get it.

    • ghosthunterface

      Not hating! If she target one target all the female rappers
      who came before her, nicki just doing what was already done but better. The chick is hating on nicki ,if she wasnt she wouldn’t mentioned her.

  • Jenni

    Oh my god, are you serious? Where are you getting your information from? Nicky is does not have low self esteem. She is very confident. You can see her confidence unless you lack the ability to see people. Stop judging when you’re full of flaws yourself. Who cares if she likes everything Barbie? I like my cereal soggy, does that mean I’m weird. To a person who is intolerant of ones individuality that may sound weird. Learn to embrace people’s individuality. Open up your mind. Damn!!!

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