RihRih Gets Rid Of Her Granny Get Up And Brings The Bubbies Out!

- By Bossip Staff

Rihanna went for a demure floral look at her Manhattan book signing this afternoon, but as the evening wore on, she shed her modest frock for what looks like a corset bra and daisey dukes. MEOW!

Rihanna donned this casual look on the set of her new video being filmed in Tribeca.

We thought RihRih had slimmed down too much but those thighs are lookin’ quite alright. Mmmm mmmm mmm.

Bauer Griffin

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  • Mrs. Rance

    This b*tch is the epitome of fierce!

    • Ally1908

      No hate, but r u fukin serious?!?

  • Oh Well...


  • nana

    Hate her but her body is on POINT! Dang gall! That’s y I dnt play wit ma gym time

  • rih rih hater

    Honestly I don’t like anything about rhianna,especially after she ruined chris browns carrer. Can’t stand her!

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    She was in Manhattan this afternoon? Dammit!lol.. I like this chick & I agree,that floral,matronoly getup is NOT the biz however,I see she loves that beige,corset-type top since I’ve seen her rocking it more than once.
    Loving the nails,makeup & the hair color was corrected as well,good.

  • purple love

    I love everything about her(almost)

  • kay 10

    she has a book?????? is anybody else like me right now with the question marks on they face??

  • M3@9@N

    I love my Rihanna.

  • Jasmine

    WTF? I guess…

  • ImThinking

    It’s nice that she holds her own umbrella when most celebs don’t.

  • meemee

    @ Kay 10.. Nope, you aren’t alone..

  • Ms..Chevy Ridin High

    LOL….its so obvious ppl spend too much time on the damn internet then in the real world if they even remotely find anything this girl is wearin flattering.

  • iamjane

    rihanna has a body like woo!! who hating?

  • Terri

    Ri looks great as usual. Matt is a lucky man!

    Yes, she has a book, but it’s a coffee table book. Been in the works for a while. I need to get it. The photos will be amazing I’m sure.

  • lmio

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  • juliemango

    Rih is back with the fashionable\sexi looks she is smokin hot!!!

  • UPPERechelon.

    yeah Kay Im with you on this one…wtf is the book about and how do I make sure its kept outta my local schools…

    • kay 10

      hahahahaha “how do you keep it out of schools too funny

  • CC

    Cosign Kay and Shae’s comments… LOL @ UPPERechelon and so true…

  • Adrian

    Rihannas the shit!!!!

  • Allie

    That is exactly what i’m saying yea she’s hot, great body, but omg WTF

  • KcstHatown

    Damn she look good

  • denise

    That’s my girl love. go bajan girl

  • Hotmochagirl

    One fault – why does she have to file her nails so pointy??

    • Ne Ne aka iB@S

      they are creepy huh lol

  • вeяячℓiσuѕ вeα

    Rihanna looks good i have those shorts lol

  • GN

    She’s a cutie pie. I wish both her and Chris Brown the best in all things. #teamboth

    Vote! November 2, 2010

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