High Fashion Face-off: Beyonce Vs. Alessandra Ambrosio in Vogue Nippon Beauty…BeyBey And Hubby Hov At Nets Game

- By Bossip Staff

Here are the two covers for the December 2010 issue of Vogue Nippon Beauty featuring both Beyonce and model Alessandra Ambrosio.

Although they’re damn near identical….

Which cover are you feelin’ the most????

Meanwhile…BeyBey and Hubby Hov were spotted sitting courtside last night at the New Jersey Nets vs. Detroit Pistons game with lil nephew Juelzie:

SMH at Jigga’s face…they look like they’re having a blast.

Peep more images below:

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  • chocboo

    The blue lipstick is a bit much…Bey’s cover looks better…and I’m not even really a fan.

    • sexy84

      I agree, im not a fan either but i like Bey better

  • -

    Beyonce looks like a drag queen in that picture! I like Alessandra Ambrosio’s better!

    • Deedee_404

      I am LOVING the blue lipstick. Be daring. That IS the point of high fashion. Her makeup is smart and the closed eyes give incredible contrast with a smokey eye to the bright lipstick. I remember when Vogue US used to have fabulous covers like this

    • TellMeSumting

      This picture is PHOTOSHOPPED! The images are EXACT EXCEPT FOR THE FACE. Look more closely – the curls are the same, the hands are the same… even the hair sticking out on on the bottom left – EXACT. They both okay, but I like the one with the blue lips and her looking down better. To me it’s more high fashion.

    • Shoni

      Yep its photoshopped… dang.. oh well.. on to the next one

  • cotton124


  • -

    good for u, Brandon.

  • Cutesmurf

    C’mon people….Alexandra rocked it, it actually looks couture….stop being bias! Bey’s look amatuer! If you appreciate fashion, you would agree!

    • Haute Coutoure Circa 1984

      I agree Alessandra looks high fashion and carries this cover well, beyonce looks weird.

    • meishalover

      I can totally agree with you the blue lipstick and the eyes just look more couture and like a real model. They should hop off bey’s bojangles

    • Hottestchickinthegame

      I agree. The look and pose came very natually for Ambrosio and as usual, Beyonce’s pose looked very forced. She always looks like she is posing to hard and trying to hard to me.

    • SLova

      I agree as well… looks like Beys face was photo-shopped in

    • alexandra

      Loving Alessandra’s pic!!!!

    • LilMama Msputonquiteashow C4


  • Kwazi

    the photos are identical.. look at the nail polish.. misplaced hair strands and earings… they just airbrushed alessandra’s face and inserted beyonce’s… it happens a lot in fashion…. not a faux pas from an industry standpoint it is a bit unethical to fool the average woman with many image issues into thinking this is her. However Kimora used to do this all the time (using models bodies and inserting her head) we know all of those Baby Phat ads she wasn’t that thin.

    • n_satiable

      You’re exactly right….

    • Good Catch

      Wow. You are RIGHT! In fact, that looks like the face off Beyonce Sasha Fierce album lol.

    • me

      I noticed the same thing. those are not Bey’s hands. People are arguing over which is better when in fact it’s the same damn picture but the face has been transplanted. lmao

    • I'll Never Tell

      I noticed that also. But for some reason I think they used Bey’s head on the models body cause Bey’s face doesn’t seem to look natural with the body’s pose. Just my opinion.

    • Shame

      You can also tell that’s what they did, because honestly, Beyonce is just not that thin – not when she isn’t preparing for a role or album release.

      But for what it’s worth, I like Bey’s better, because I like her stare and eye makeup and I do not like the other chick’s blue lipstick.

      Regarding the game photos, Bey, you can’t pull off ‘natural’ well by wearing little make-up yet rocking all that yaki!

    • moi

      i agree with kwazi sort as beys photo looks like they stole it from the sasha fierce album advertisement. i was all wondering why does she have on the same make -up as when she was promoting her album

  • Aunt Viv

    I think they’re both killin’ it, but Bey carries the dress and the big hair a bit better.

    • cheater

      its the same hair and dress, because its the models body…

  • slimpickens

    Beyonce as usual looks gorgeous.

  • brooklyn

    the less photoshopped on in other words the one that doesnt have bey in it


    nah the other chick looks better, it looks more exotic.

    Beyonce look like a back in the day urban chick. The other chick looks like modern day fashion

  • Chulo

    Queen Bey of course

  • Truth be told

    Im sorry i have seen couture and Alessandra is not doing it well…it’s not Victoria Secret …Beyonce looks great…have to go with her

  • drea

    It looks like they just changed faces, those are not Beyonce’s hands……we all know her hands look a little loose….LOL!


    why would they use bey’s body on both and just photoshop alessandra’s face on her body?
    every woman in america receives victoria secret in the mail and knows that chil’ is the size of a rail. 😦

    • MacFiller

      its actually the other way around. They photoshopped Beyonce’s face on Alessandra’s body. Even if it was Bey’s body she’s not that thin…

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    LOOOVE them both BUT Alessandra wins this because she looked like the true model that she is..Her level of fierceness is untouchable.

  • andrea

    It’s clear that they photoshop beyonce face on alessandra’s body..So alessandra wins hands down.

  • Creole Queen

    the other chick looks ok i like the outfit’s in these photos nice colors im tired of beyonce

  • XO

    Both horrible and cheap!

  • UM


  • meme

    Its photoshop…. that is beyonces face from all the I AM prom on that others girls picture. pay atention please.

    • meme

      promo* Attention*


    Bey is so beautiful

  • Kako

    Plus…It’s more eye catching.

  • Lisa

    Bey must you were heels at a basketball game?

  • kt

    The pics seem fake,since when does Ambrosio have the same hips as Beyonce.Bey killed it,but I still like Ambrosio.I love all fine women.

  • kt

    You can see that JayZ loves that woman to pieces.I like the way they don’t let the media run their private lives.

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