Who and What is The New Black Panther Party?

- By Bossip Staff

To understand the “who” of the “new” party, it is logical for one to become acquainted with the “who” of the “old.”  As commonly understood, the original Black Panther Party (BPP), was an organization of young African-Americans, mostly under the age of 25, that operated within the context of neo-Marxist principles to primarily “protect” African-American neighborhoods from rampant racist practices. These young “militants” were secular, persuasive and articulate communicators and were comprised almost entirely of citizens from the poor and working classes.

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  • bossip hate comes in waves

    Didnt know they were still around

  • Bdot

    I love being black too, but these ngz are on some ole racist sh__. So they get these nutz just like the clan does.

  • Drakestr

    Bdot, what are you saying they are racist?

  • The Cynic

    These new guys are truly a bunch of fools. The seriously need to change their name bc they are a disgrace to the old Panther Party.


    The only problem ,Educated Goon is that Bloods,Crips,GD’s,Vice Lords and all the rest of the black gangs rob and kill the same black women and children and each other-the same they’re supposed to protect.

  • ignoranceisbliss

    We don’t need a New Black Panther movement like we don’t need gangs terrorizing our neighborhoods.

    Those of this new Black Panther movement are black racist who out right spew hate towards other races. The original Black Panther party actually was fighting against racism not promoting it like these black fools are doing.

    During the late 60s and early 70s the Black Panthers were trying to uplift black people this party is just like a street gang who don’t know what the Bloods and Crips were all about when they first formed Bloods and Crips were trying to help the community the city of Los Angeles even had a partnership with them check up on your history if you don’t believe me.

    New Black Panthers need to sit down.

    • Jus Some Cat

      Preach. Thank God someone else knows what’s up. There will soon be a bunches of knuckleheads on here talking about how they’re down for the panthers.

  • Blacchyna

    This is just another gang like every other one out there that just wants to be noticed. Black panthers went out in the early 70’s with the pimps,and bell bottoms..

  • http://lecoil.tumblr.com/ Educated Goon

    Sorry, I’ve never heard of a black gang that intentionally goes out to kill black women & children.

  • chrissy

    i know right….

  • Human Racist

    bruh, quit while you are ahead because you post some of the most asinine garbage on here…

  • Keep it Real

    At a certain point these b.lack mili.tants, revo-lutionaries, nation-alists and the just plain slow re-tards and naives are going to have to start making the same demands on themselves and their groups leaders that they make on other people and groups. Those who control or have The Education, The Jobs and The Bus.ine.s.ses control the community ie have the power. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. These bl.ack pride movements have been going on for 100 years and reached their apex with the Nation of Is-lam in the 1960’s. While some of the words have truth and the pride in self and community, was and is needed, the end result is that les.s than 1% of the jobs, busines.ses and schools are created by or through these separa-tist movements. If these movements had an organized viable plan, they would control com.merce within the bl.ack community. At least within the last 50 years. How difficult is that to accomplish for an organized group? Many small organized groups have or are doing it. The Je.ws (who are white by the way), the Asians, the Arabs (nonb.lack), and now the Mexicans have or are controlling com.merce within the b.lack community. Bus.ines.ses, jobs and education; Until these b.lack separa-tist can azzert that they have a viable plan and can show it in place and WORKING citywide it’s a lot of talk and very little action. It’s much easier to tell someone what to do than it is to do it. They Ho.ot and Ho.lla and then get up everyday in a lot of cases and go to work for and with the “Cra-cka/Mu-ltant in-bred al-bin.o”. SMH

    • Keep it Real

      There are probably going to be about 50.k African Am.erican college graduates in 2010. Almost all of them, that will find a job, will work for a nonblack employer. That means the person dir.ectly responsible for their employment and the name on their pay check is a nonblack person. Sad but true. It takes 5 to 10 years of on the job training and additional continuing education for a college graduate to have an exper-tise in most fields of study. At the present time, the community is not capable of employing itself.

  • http://lecoil.tumblr.com/ Educated Goon

    If you idiots don’t think there are some psychopathic white boys in the middle of nowhere planning attacks on Black people (and other minorities) you are fools and there is no use trying to enlighten you.

  • MyReason

    I agree with your synopsis on black self hatred and politics today. But because of the new dynamics effecting our communities and the lack of the black political voice, this “new” party is going to have to change their tactics. Even the original party began to acclimate themselves in our new system via running for local office and using “white” media to push their agenda(Elaine Brown/Bobby Seal). We need a party with a real agenda. Huey Newton was a genius, but even that rhetoric is outdated. If this “new” party would focus on our own ills and real solutions then I’m with it.

  • I_saw_this_one_coming

    “History does repeat itself:
    the first time as drama;
    the second time as FARCE”.


  • mocha

    @Educated Goon. You are so right about the attacks.

  • white male

    can’t we all just get along?

  • I love love an Asian Man

    I am all about ‘Black Improvement … not a Black Movement’.

    • http://lecoil.tumblr.com/ Educated Goon

      Judging by your screename you are also for black genocide & black self-hatred.

  • Jayleise Anello


  • kerry

    It’s about time. I hope they come correct.

  • Kem Wer

    We need our own:

    1. Territory with natural resources.
    2. Economic system
    4. Governance system
    5. Military

    Anything else is falling way short of what we need to support and govern ourselves with fairness, equality, dignity and humanity. This present state and system does not work for us and never will.

  • E.C. from D.C.

    NBPP are a bad joke that needs to go away.

  • OMG

    I think they need to go back to the drawing board. In this day we do need a strong unified community that is focused on economic advancement-where we can employ each other & won’t have our community begging for jobs. Where we become a community that can produce not just consume. So if these people are not creating jobs, housing, better education then their fight is useless. It’s time for Black people to stop being concerned w/what white people think of us and start being more focused bettering ourselves. If AfricaAmerican’s had it’s own nation we would be the 12th richest nation in the world-but we don’t put our dollars in the right places.

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