Jesus Take The Wheel: Two “Evil” Teenage Girls Blindfolded, Tied To A Tree, And Publicly Executed By Somali Militants

- By Bossip Staff

This is crazy!

A Somali militant group publicly executed two teenage girls Wednesday after accusing them of being spies for the Somali government, according to the group, eyewitnesses and a relative of one of the girls. “Those two girls were evil and they were spies for the enemy (the Somali government), but the mujahedeen caught them and after investigation, they admitted their crime, so they have been executed,” said Sheikh Yusuf Ali Ugas, commander of Al-Shabaab in Beledweyne, a town in central Somalia.

The teens were blindfolded with their hands behind their backs against a tree, and shot, according to a local journalist. A resident of Beledweyne told CNN that Al-Shabaab called on the town’s residents to come out and watch the execution. “Hundreds of people came out to watch the execution,” he said. “It was very bad … the girls looked shocked and were crying but [no one] could help.”

A relative of one of the teens denied they were spies. “My cousin, Ayan Mohamed Jama, was just 16 years old and she was absolutely innocent,” said the relative, who did not want their name used out of fear of retribution from Al-Shabaab. “And Al-Shabaab caught her and the other girl between El-gal and Beledweyne and simply accused them of what they were not.”

The other girl, said the relative, was 15. Al-Shabaab refused their families’ request to see the teens while they were in detention, “and they executed them at a public gathering, so this is inhumane and cruelty.” The El-gal area has been the scene of heavy fighting recently between Somali government forces and Al-Shabaab.

“Ayan didn’t have any contact with the government and even in her life, she never had a mobile [phone] so we can’t understand how she could be accused of being a spy,” the relative said. Last year, Al-Shabaab stoned a teenage girl to death in Kismayo, a town in southern Somalia. Al-Shabaab is waging a war against Somalia’s government in an effort to impose a stricter form of Islamic law, or sharia.

Somalia has not had a stable government since 1991, and fighting between the rebels and government troops has escalated the humanitarian crisis in the famine-ravaged country.

It’s obvious that along with the unstable government, these muhfuggas are mentally unstable too…SMH!


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  • rene

    So So So So So Soo Very Sad , My heart really hurts from all this —–

  • nana

    Now these r the people they should send to find Saddam! Smfh… Oh well goodluck tourist wit ur trip to Somalia

    • It Is What It Is!

      Yoiu mean osama bin laden, not Saddam. saddam is dead.

    • Jrs2300

      Actually… a group in Yemen is gathering together to fight the al Queda and Taliban in their area… it’s a group of militant misfits and it might go all bad like when the U.S. trained and trusted Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussien and Osama Bin Laden… But it’s worth a try..

  • Monica

    this is so sad. Whats most sad is this isnt new and it isnt uncommon in this part of the world.

  • M3@9@N

    Lmao Saddam is dead aint he? Lol. Anyway me and my granny was just talkin yesterday bout how crazy dem folks are ova theh. THEY CRAZY!!!

  • lmio

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  • ignoranceisbliss

    I will repeat the same statement

    Sand Niccas are the most dangerous of all Nicca!!!!

    Be afraid

  • Kem Wer

    My heart goes out to the innocent people of Somalia.

  • white male

    Mohamed take the wheel.

    • Bethany "ACID FACE" Storro

      Lmbo & Smh!!! Just say no to religion!

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER

    Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) said the muslims 3 generations after him, will no longer be of him……….hence this behaviour.

  • I love love an Asian Man

    This nation needs a healer!!!

  • Soul Touch

    SMH…I have no words…

  • nana

    Lmaoo Osama Bin laden! Wateva u got ma point

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    so in other words they forced the girls into confessing. probably after gang raping them, which is why they wouldn’t let their families see them. this world we live in should’ve been blown up a long time ago!

  • Psunny

    damn most of those somalis are crazy, the ones in my high school were always starting stuff with the blacks, they were afraid of the mexicans for some reason..

  • The Cynic

    Somalia is a failed state. I have no idea why the government even tries there. They should just quit and let the country fall into anarchy.

  • Rigch

    Nothing sad about it. yall running yall mouth like you wanna help when half of yall won’t go to Chicago LA NY ATL and speak to the brothers and sisters who are involved in Gangs. You know why cause its comfortable in your living room. you’ll send 5 dollars to haiti but won’t help ya own people who are starving in front of ya face. With that being said take your monkey azz to Somalia and say something bet you won’t!!!!!!! Cowards

    • Jrs2300

      Jrs2300 10/28/10, 05:58:PM

      The funniest part EVERYONE is that a Organized and Official Group catches someone they feel are doing a crime and they execute them… and they are savages… But some nobody off the street Pops and Kills some lil kid or innocent girl and they aren’t savages… that’s just Lil Bookie.. he didn’t do that… he would never hurt anybody…

  • florida

    more proof that islam is evil satanic religion. they already kill babies over there. america should just drop a bomb on them and drop one on afghanistan. matter o fact,,,drop a bomb anywhere those satanic muslims are doin’ dirt. it’s like they have no purpose in life but to kill women and children. bunch o’ fagz anyway.

    • joyrptr

      Starting to feel the same way. These “people” are evil. Too bad the Muslims who are not extremist won’t work harder to eradicate this scum. At least point the b*stards out so they can be dealt with without harming the innocent!

  • Somali Ninga

    F–k animals! We Somalis follow secular/sufi Islam not this Barbaric 7th century $h1t al-sh1tbab follows. Before the war, women were given equal rights and were dress modernly. You never saw Somali women wearing veils. Stonings and other executtions were foreigner to Somali society.

  • Jrs2300

    The funniest part EVERYONE is that a Organized and Official Group catches someone they feel are doing a crime and they execute them… and they are savages… But some nobody off the street Pops and Kills some lil kid or innocent girl and they aren’t savages… that’s just Lil Bookie.. he didn’t do that… he would never hurt anybody…

  • Jrs2300

    ANOTHER THING !! Somalia has 9 million People… thats around the same amount as the STATE Of Georgia.. So imagine everyone if Georgia was going through the Poor and horrible International treatment Somalia is going through… How would it be there… Our Unemployed is living 10 times better than the average working Somalian.. Somalians would kill to be the U.S. unemployed Homeless man… so get a grip

  • white male

    yah we tried to give them food and medical supplies and they shoot our helicopter down, and somali ninja on this website bragging about how somalia defeated the evil USA

  • drenk

    shouldve just water boarded them like we do here in the states

  • We"Blacks"AreTheREALHebrewIsraelites


    Murderers and animals. Men have been terrorizing women since time began, but the meek shall inherit the Earth. Oh yes…believe that..

    Murdering womenchildren to the cheers of spectators. Just awful. My hearts go out to their families.


    Militant Islam speaks for the rest of this GUTTER RELIGION…again.

  • maru-chan

    Them ni99as go hard!

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