BronBron Has To Be Salty As Fawk: Cavs Beat Celtics One Day After His “Lil Miami Dream Team” Got Murked By Boston

- By Bossip Staff

Remember when LeBron and his precious Miami Heat lost to the Boston Celtics on Tuesday night? Well there’s been an interesting twist of events, and his former team Cleveland was victorious over the same Boston team that spanked the pants off BronBron, D-Wade and ’em last night:

For one night, losing LeBron didn’t hurt so bad. After nearly four months of emptiness, anger and worry, the Cleveland Cavaliers returned to the floor and realized they can still win. Maybe they’re going to be OK after all.

Playing their first game in seven years without LeBron James, the Cavaliers stunned the Boston Celtics 95-87 in their season opener Wednesday night, a win that gave heartbroken Cleveland fans reason to believe that life will be fine minus the two-time MVP. “This was for the city,” forward Antawn Jamison said. “It was for the fans to let them know the Cavs will survive and this is a place where you can still watch good basketball. And most of all, you can watch a team that wins.”

J.J. Hickson scored 21 points, Daniel Gibson added 16 — all in the second half — and the Cavaliers made several big, clutch plays in the closing minutes to hold off the Celtics, who defeated James and the Miami Heat on Tuesday night. Rajon Rondo scored 18, Paul Pierce 13, Ray Allen 12 and Kevin Garnett had 15 rebounds for Boston, which led by 11 points in the third quarter but shot only 6 of 16 and was outscored 27-14 in the fourth. “We took them a little bit too lightly,” said Shaquille O’Neal, who spent last season with Cleveland.

Gibson, who missed his first eight shots, made four free throws in the final 17.2 seconds for Cleveland, dealt a devastating blow in July when James announced he was leaving as a free agent. The loss rocked a city that hasn’t celebrated a pro sports championship since 1964 and triggered predictions the Cavaliers would slide back among the NBA’s bottom dwellers.

Not just yet.

“Guys in this locker room believe,” said Jamison, who joined the Cavs last season thinking he could win a title with James. “We’ve been listening to what people are predicting for us. We’re going to let our game do the talking. It’s probably going to take a month or so for people to realize, ‘Hey, this is a team that can win and compete for the playoffs.'”

Good for the Cavaliers! We know that LeBron “Didn’t Have Heart When It Mattered” James got them salty looks…Lawry’s.


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  • The Consigliere

    when did Boston “murk” Miami? The Heat Almost won the game…if anything this shows the Boston win over Miami was a fluke

    • WB

      1)They were down by 19 points before they made a comeback.
      2) They only scored 9 points in the first quarter SMGDH

      I think that’s what they meant by MURKED!!!!!!

  • James

    Go ahead a blame race LeBron

    • celticsallday

      Isn’t that the same team that beat the Heats with 3 superstars?;?

  • punkin

    I loves my CAVS born n raised in cleveland never been a LEBUM fan even when he was here, he never did any thing for the children of Cleveland when he was here. Always Akron he always been nothing to me even though he is a good player he a punk.

    • Tamara H


    • basketball I know

      What difference does it make where he donates his time and money. He has a bike-a-thon for children every year….

      As for the games. Miami has to have time to gel as a team!Boston is a very good team and hard to beat at home on opening night.

      However, Boston is an older team minus a few players that couldn’t keep up with the Cavs last night. Lets see where the Cavs, Boston and Miami are in April.

      Now I like players from all the teams just mentioned and would like for Lebron to get a ring…but there gonna have to go through Boston to get to the finals.

      Mark my words.

    • Txhustla15

      What are you rambling about – I dont even like dude and everybody knows about his charitable works in his community up there and around the country. How long has his annual King for Kids bikeathon been going on now – two words you should focus on are “annual” and “kids” – so looks like he does plenty for area up there. Sides if you actually knew your basketball he was one of the few players that made that bottom dwelling franchise even relevant in its history – other than that was Craig Ehlo before it goes downhill with scrubs from there….

    • Vee

      because he’s from Akron he don’t owe Cleveland nothing that’s not his home town

    • Nella

      I from the Cleveland area, and he hasn’t really done anything for the city of Cleveland. But then again, the city of cleveland was too stupid to take advantage of the national exposure lebron’s triflin tail brought ragedy cleveland.
      Btw – the state of ohio paid for the birth of lebron’s first kid. yeah, that’s right – welfare footed the bill for lebron, jr.’s birth.

    • gna

      I am so SICK of ppl always wanting a hand out if you take care of your own no one has to give back. LeBron don’t own anyone sit!

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER

    Who gives a shyt about either team…………


  • lmio

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  • fashionmoment

    Next they will win. We have to accept. This is the game…

  • 1 HATED ON

    This is why I refuse to let the LBnope didnt play with nobody excuse(s) in c-land ride…These grown men are paid professionals who will be replaced if their not up to par & NBA gm’s not just handing out phat paychecks jus cause…

    • basketball I know

      Actually he really didn’t have too many people to play with last year. Mike Brown didn’t play boobie like he should have and Sessions was not there. He easily can take Mo Mo’s spot. Yes, JJ was there but he wasn’t consistent!

  • Beautyiz

    Heat beat the sixers you aint post that!! You win some.. you lose some, but you live, you live to see another game!!

  • Txhustla15

    Yall definitely need a sports writer or are confused to how basketball works in general, Any given day anyone can win so the fact the cavs beat a old celtics team is no surprise. Especially if pierce didnt feel like jacking up errant fadeaway shots they would have likely won, sides everyone that knows basketball knows the celtics will be in the postseason and cleveland likely wont. And LeBron played with scrubs that couldnt get the job done in the playoffs…end of story…

    • vivashaun

      You sound crazy what do you expect when you have a one man show overshadowing his teammates talents.Lebron is a trader to his own hometown, and quitters dont win championships.Now that they really can showcase their talents

  • basketball I know

    I’m rambling about A) the person’s comment about him not being involved in charitable efforts. I just gave an example of some of his works and the bike -a-thon is what came to my mind first. B) I rambling about the two games that took place MIA V Boston and CLE V Boston. Trust I know and everybody else should know that the no body was checking for the Cavs before Lebron got there. Even when Mark Price was there trying to do work.

    Like I said I know the game of basketball. Focus on your hustle down there in TX and leave what I’m rambling about alone. K!!!! Real hustlers don’t need to advertise it boo!

    • Txhustla15

      @ basketball I know – A.)Umm we were in complete agreement with each other and were both responding to punkin – that is clearly evident based on the context of both of our statements including the points about Boston and the Cavs…Our comments mirror each other so reading comprehension helps

      B.) The way their comment section is designed and structured when you reply it follows in succession of the previous response so it may appear im replying to you instead of the original comment, this is common practice for most blog design or comment systems.

      So anything else ?

    • Nella

      basketball i know – well, that might be true (but i doubt it), charitable works of lebron – u don’t know. the bike-a-thon, is a charitable event for the city of akron, not the city of CLEVELAND. There is no relationship between the two locations. Therefore, Cleveland does not benefit. Comparing the two cities would be like comparing Los Angeles and Sacramento. Two totally different locations.

  • gnard

    Boston losig to Cleveland just confirms all professsional sports are FIXED. Don’t beat your money on that shit!

  • white male

    Boston doesn’t care about the regular season. They just want to get to the playoffs with their team of old butts healthy.

  • Rono

    A FLUKE???!!! Boston whipped em again!!! LMAO!!! Better luck next time!!

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