Some Morning Cakes: The Double Whooty Edition

- By Bossip Staff

We showed you the Amazin’ Amie cover of Show Magazine’s Black Lingerie Issue the other day, but when we saw some shots from Coco’s Show spread we had to bring Amie back for a little big whooty battle.

The ladies seem to like assuming similar positions

Which one would you hit?

Continue for lots more comparison shots…

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  • BustHerUp

    Well I say got#%^*!!
    Both of em would get it in a major way!

    • GIFT

      that would be a heavenly xperience. Them w/some blunts and nothing but time would b a helluva day lol!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nana

    I like Coco! She’s a skank and she’s proud of it! U go gal

  • TREY


  • Jason Drvms

    not slim enough.



  • bx2dadeath

    Trailer Park models.
    Not glamorous enough to be fashion models nor talented enough to be actresses.

    • Bossip Is Ran By The KKK


  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    lmao!!! I insist tho,the airbrushing done on these shots is ridiculous! Makes these women look like cartoons.

  • juliemango

    Both look amazin prefer coco tho!!!

  • nana

    Good for u Tony!

  • Shinningstar

    They both look great but Coco looks better!

  • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

    LMBAO… thats right hit both of those fake skanks in the mouth.. WOOTYs.. LOL!!Big ole fake bootys aint gonna never make me jealous with my real big ole booty.. real over fake any damn day! nothing in the world fake can make me jealous1 TRUST!!

  • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

    Hi @ LaDiva… whats up lady> thats right you tell them.. that ish is a mess and one picture her fake booty is hanging over… all fake and what not and airbrushed too! How you been lady? They got me going herer and they ae having a halloween party tomorrow and we need to wear a costume for free lunch.. so here i come with my black zorro mask on! LOL!!

  • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

    LOL! good one!!

  • Matix B

    some dudes will stick their dyck in anything SMH get some taste.

  • 7lady


    I sure as hell don’t think he’s all that. I love my pure black men. And it’s ok if you love non black women more. It hurts…i can’t lie. But you have that right.

  • LaDiva

    Hey Rose…
    It’s like these birds tryna outdo each other over who gets to be skankier…Lol It’s soo obvious it’s not real. And yes I co-sign with u on having a real booty.. I aint gotta worry bout no azz shots leaking out my azz.. lol
    Hey for free lunch, I would dress up too… Lmao

  • LaDiva

    These chicks look trashier than a Glad bag… Lol

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    i like coco. she seems sweet and fun to hang with and looks good too!

  • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

    @LaDiva… you crazy girl, trashier than a glad bag… thats a good one!! hey i aint too much for costumes , but i got a black zorro looking mask so im good to go.. and they better not say anything because i want my pasta lunch too.. and i hear they got pizza , alfredo pasta and greek salad and garlic bread and of course Halloween cookies and Halloween candy and the works.. im ready to eat….yummy!!

  • Ejay

    They both would get it but Amie has the edge. I love how nice azzes come in all shades and colors! And airbrushed or not, in real life their azzes a still Big and Shapely enough for 90% of Men!

    • Ejay


  • Chocolateaser

    Must admit, though I’ve seen some unphotoshopped pics recently of Coco (and she looked like she should have been covered up), these altered pics are alot more flattering. Naw, not really. I’m a little busy right now, can somebody else take out the trash?

  • LaDiva

    A zorro mask??? Hmmm I don’t even want to speculate why you have a zorro mask lmfao.. Last time I dressed up for halloween was a few yrs back; i was a goth fairy but them f-ing wings kept falling off…lol but i looked dope; did my make up and all… Now back to your lunch, that sounds so damn good…I’m giving the death stare to my employers right now for not doing some ish like that for us over here….lol

  • LaDiva

    And they most definitely would be called trash too..

  • Joanna

    Amie got this! She’s next up.

  • smh

    tht 3% is all tha black/white couples?or jus tha married 1z?

    “wouldn’t you be dating/co existing/marrying you in higher numbers instead of the standard 3% than you end up with??? SMDH!!”

    u made it seem like 3% is all black/white COUPLES?if so..whr did u find tht fact??is thr sum sort of site all black/white couples register on so they can keep track of them??

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