McDonald’s Ordered To Pay Former Employee $17.5 K For Making Him A Chunky McMonkey

- By Bossip Staff

Wow… Managers at fatty fast food restaurants everywhere please take notice! A former Mickey D’s franchise manager in Brazil just won a lot of fu*king money in a lawsuit claiming the restaurant is to blame for him becoming a fat a*s.

A Brazilian court ruled this week that McDonald’s must pay a former franchise manager $17,500 because he gained 65 pounds (30 kilograms) while working there for a dozen years.

The 32-year-old man said he felt forced to sample the food each day to ensure quality standards remained high, because McDonald’s hired “mystery clients” to randomly visit restaurants and report on the food, service and cleanliness.

The man also said the company offered free lunches to employees, adding to his caloric intake while on the job. His identity was not released.

The ruling was signed Tuesday by Judge Joao Ghisleni Filho in Porto Alegre.

Ghisleni said McDonald’s could appeal the case, and the Brazilian headquarters of the chain said in an e-mailed statement Thursday it was weighing its legal options.

McDonald’s also noted that it offers healthier food choices.

“The chain offers a large variety of options and balanced menus to cater (to) the daily dietary needs of its employees,” the company said in the statement.

Now that’s what we call a Happy Meal!


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  • daisy jay

    are you serious. the thing is, NOBODY HELD YOU AT GUNPOINT AND DEMANDED YOU TO EAT THE D@MN FOOD! you’re gonna sue THEM for the bad choices you made? you could have easily ate something else. no excuses. he shouldn’t have gotten any money. just because you work at a fast food restaurant, doesn’t mean you have no choice but to eat what’s there. give me a break

    • daisy jay

      oh and about the food sampling. if it was that much of a problem, he could have quit and got another job. mcdonalds isn’t a rare career opportunity that you will never get back. like i said, no excuses

    • Lay Dee

      YOu mad cuz u aint gettin moey lmao

    • daisy jay

      HA! i don’t know what gave you that impression…but okay! i have nothing to be jealous of. money comes and goes

  • bull shhh

    what a joke

  • nana

    Am happy for him! Good for u AMIGo

  • Shananigans

    woww smh at him

  • Panther

    That’s why so many people in America are overweight now,not making wise choices and not accepting responsibility for those choices.

    • Sanity Kane

      True indeed, but in our defense this dude here was from Brazil! I’m just sayin…. 🙂

  • Hahahaha

    $17.5k is not a lot of money at all

    • Cole Brown

      … But it’s a hell of a lot for a frivolous lawsuit.




  • if anything be noble

    For real. $17K is nothing. Walmart clears $20,000 a minute, so every 50 minutes Walmart makes one million dollars in profit. McD’s has over 50 million customers a day. On average what does one customer spend? They probably make $17K in half a minute.

  • SMH

    Good. But for real 17K? McDonalds probably laughed at that and cut him a check quick fast.

  • Miko


  • mike

    the judge is in on it

    • Delight23

      😆 agreed. plus mcdonalds has ALWAYS had salads. not to mention you work there. shyt you can have it fixed without all the mayo, extra cheese and other fattening shyt.

  • Cole Brown

    And most people gain weight over twelve years anyway. It’s called getting older and having a slower metabolism. In this case anybody who eats McDonald’s on occasion and has gained weight since high school needs to sue Mickey D’s.

  • LovingMe

    This picture made me sick,these kids are too big their parents should be in jail this is neglect.Why?….

  • Fukk mcdonalds

    Hell yea sue them bastards! Ban genetically5 modified Food organisms! Mc Donalds food don’t break down or mold!

  • bklynista718

    look like the fat azz kid is sayin “gimme yours…NOWWWWW’…lmao

  • Hot Chocolate :)

    I wouldn’t pay him a penny. He could’ve brought his lunch to work. Once he started to gain weight that should havae been a red flag to himself. He appointed himself to be a taste tester/manager. They should sue him for that…lol

  • Niasia

    Ok they do have salads and such. I had the “honor” of working at McDonalds when I was young…the WORST ever! There is only so much of the food you can eat, I mean when you go home smelling like grease and such why would you want to eat their food for 12 years. Child bye…it’s called put the food down and walk or run around!

  • Hip Hop Concerts

    Is this guy serious? He gained 65 pounds in 12 years, I think that actually shows that McDonald’s is not that bad! I know people who gain that in one year eating at home. I guess I should go sue every place I’ve ever ate out at where I gained a pound. Lawsuits like these are destroying the justice system (well what’s left of it).

  • hoe lee crap...

    Dang yo…why that kid in the red arms look like the Stay Puff marshmallow man?? The meat around his arms look like the hams they used to fight for on the old Tom and Jerry cartoons…lol and why it look like he saying “u better get me another order of fries or else..”? KIDS stay of the Donolds!!!!

  • Amber (@acm105)

    WOW I bet a lot of people gonna sue them now SMH

  • lt

    this is some nonsense! just because they offer free food doesn’t mean you have to eat it all the time. that was his choice to eat that much. no one forced his hand to eat that much and become obese. i know mickie dee’s is going to appeal this mess.

  • Blacchyna

    I don’t understand why FAT people always blaming somebodyelse for being FAT.. I grew up around big people and I always seen them eating like it was there last meal, but they where proud to be FAT…They didn’t blame it on the fast food places, they didn’t call it a disease.. They where just greedy and always eating and proud of it..No one to blame but there self.

  • Mamacita

    McDonald’s should definitely appeal this. Adults need to take responsibility for their own actions. He could have sampled (taste)the food daily without eating it..

    Damn shame!

  • Psunny

    what the actual fuk? Hell i guess i can go there and force them to pay me 20k for making me gain a lb over the summer

  • E.C. from D.C.

    This is some f*cking BS and I don’t even like McDonald’s like that smh.

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