While RihRih Keeps Up The Smear Campaign … Breezy Is Telling Everybody How Great He Is

- By Bossip Staff

We showed you the UK edition of Marie Claire where Rihanna is still LAMENTING her old relationship with Chris Brown and their domestic abuse fallout, and it appears that while RihRih is still milking maximum sympathy from the situation, nearly two years in the past — Breezy’s trying his best to move the fawk on!

Chrissy poo has been on the Manhattan party scene all week, celebrating Ciara’s birthday and attending the GQ’s Gentlemen’s Ball, in other words, trying to get back to his normal life. And while his ex is still blabbing her sob stories in the press Breezy is taking the approach of “Looking At The Man In The Mirror”….

“Everything [is] good, I’m definitely — me personally and mentally — I’m a great guy now,” the singer told Access Hollywood on Wednesday night at GQ’s The Gentlemen’s Ball in New York City. “Definitely just a person who’s promoting positivity all the time, so that’s just me,” the 21-year-old said.

“New music coming real soon, I’m in the studio, back and fourth, continuously, just having fun,” he explained.

The new music Chris is referring to is his upcoming new album.

“The new album is called ‘F.A.M.E.’: Forgiving All My Enemies. Basically, just being able to witness my success, failure and success again,” he told Access. “Being able to see me going from my best times to my worst times and being able to over come it and growing [in]to a man, as I was doing it.”

That’s actually a pretty dope title considering the circumstances.

After watching Chris make some EPIC FAILS in past interviews, it’s good to see that he has got it together.

Do you think Rihanna keeps discussing Chris because she NEEDS to bring attention to the situation in order to help her career progress? Or is she making a mistake to keep talking about the past?

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  • http://esaw@rock.com REAL REAL TALK



    • E.C. from D.C.

      Abuse is never funny …. but lol.

  • http://esaw@rock.com REAL REAL TALK



    • Dasja

      Woww! Hilarious, lol

    • MzGemini

      Naw tha Bia needs to shut tha hell up and stick a D**K in her mouth! She trying to play like she is tha victim when she still f***ing up the relationship she is right now! She put her hands on him and he put his hands on her PERIOD! I am a female and I know I go upside my dude head when he pisses me off and if and when he gets tired of me hitting him and he hits me back then so be it! Oh but trust it may be tha last time he hit any1 so he better make it worth it! NOW RUN TELL DAT! Oh and he betta hide his kids, momma, grandma, aunts & uncles!! LMFAO REAL REAL TALK!!

    • didihurtyourfeelings

      Mzgemini how delightfully ignorant!!! smh that was a statement only the finest hoodrat could make!

  • Chatter

    I think she is trying to make her career progress more that situation has been over two years ago. Seems like she is a little salty if you ask me. Breezy is doing big things now. Why stay in the past? What’s done is done. Keep it movin Breezy!

    • NOLA Girl

      You are so right. I personally think she still wants that man.

    • Sunshine

      Maybe she is not salty, maybe she has not recovered. Maybe she needs therapy or something or maybe by telling her story it helps her to deal with what happened. People heal in their own way, and I just hope Chris has not forgotten his behavior. True he has to move on but make sure he speaks to younger guys and educate them on this issue. I think they both should take a year and go and talk to younger adults about what they both went through. He can’t act like it never happened otherwise it will happen again. He will just be a little less noisy about it.

    • H0t Ch0lacte723

      @ Sunshine
      its been almost 2 years since this happened, its time for her to move on. she is trying to play that feel sorry for me role so her albums would sell. if she really need help coping with that she should try therapy or Help others that have been in the same situation. if she was such a good person she would be a spokes person for domestic v, she hasent done not a damn thing for others and expects us to feel sorry for her?? sorry Rhi, your time is up.

    • Ari


  • http://esaw@rock.com REAL REAL TALK



  • Tiffany

    He was wrong and is working on himself. I would think she needs to do the same.

  • rene

    That’s right Chris, Focus, Focus and don’t look back , move ahead. Have you heard this song, I’m not looking back I’m moving ahead, I’m here to declare to you my past is over in You all things are made new,Surrender my life to Christ ,I’m moving moving Forward.Forward ,Forward…Let ya know who keep grabing their WHOHA.

  • Peppa



  • Dr Black

    I do read his tweets, and they are all full of immaturity. Did you catch how he is talking about some girl, how he she is the exact opposito, or whatever slang he uses. If he moved on, why is he comparing her to Rhihana. And what about in Septemeber when his tag line was soemthing like, No worries this time around cus this one is a 10. He is very immature.

    • givemetwominutes

      YOur screen name is a farce…what kind of Dr are you?

      I don’t get why Chris Brown isnt allowed to express his feeling whether is angry,resentment, sadness or whatever…He was part of that relationship too.

      I don’t believe in a woman is always right…No one knows the entire story…all you seen was the final result. The biggest issue I’m having is the picture Rihanna paints, like she was in an existing relationship the entire time..and I just don’t believe that..nothing prior to this fight displayed that, all the past picture of them she looked happy, vibrant and content…Now she always look miserable..sorry but it seems forced and fake..she is not happy with Matt or herself. If you have to keep saying “I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m excited all the time to people its not real.

      If Rihanna is truly happy she wouldnt have to keep announcing it to everyone!!! I like her she’s a beautiful girl, her career is soaring..she good but I also think she has unresolved feeling about CB…this is what I see.

    • leah

      Ok Peppa/Dr.Black we get it, u dont like chris. Can u stfu now?

    • leah

      oh I forgot to include Alicia as well since you 3 are the same person

    • Tee

      DR Black , Ihope you is very young .Chris is only 21 , how mature do you expect him to be . If you is not a young person you is just a stright up stupid MF**ker for expect him to be so damn mature.

    • jazzie91


  • YUP

    She has a right to feel the way she does. Her feeling are real. However I don’t think it is right for her to make them publicly known. Her moment to do that was when it happened because it was all in the media and maybe 20 years in a unsung cut. It’s over now she done found another piece to ride and all the above it’s time for her no move on and leave this man alone.


    I think she’s rode that train until the wheels fell off and now she should start respectively declining to talk about the incident. She’s in a whole other relationship now…

    • rene

      That’s so true, Maybe she should write a book about her life, it sounds like it could be full of drama.

  • lilstunna

    ERM peppa and Alicia all u eva do is h8 on breezy get a life

  • givemetwominutes

    I’ll never understand why people that clearly do not like Chris Brown choose to follow him on Twitter…

    I’m both his a Rihanna fan..I follow his and I dont see where he was being bitter recently; perhaps right after the incident but RECENTLY …crickets.

  • Yvonne

    Rihanna fans need to face it! Chris has moved on with his life! I follow chris on twitter and he never talks about rihanna…. Ever! Some ppl overanalyze his tweets and try to make it out like there about her. I’m not talking about his first twitter account he canceled from last year either. I’m talking bout his new one he started this year.

    • saywhat

      Yes Good for Chris Brown and even the judge is seeing all the good in his changes. Now is Rhianna still trying to milk off a 2 year situation, yes, and not letting it go because deep down she hasn’t been truthful and it’s eating her alive. Maybe if she had been more truthful in the begining about the unforseen situation of her and Chris, she’ll be over that and move on to being a better person herself and able to really tell others how to remove themselves from a bad relationship. She can’t until she admits she too is abusive and she’s learning how to control her abusive ways.

    • RMEs

      I think Rhi and Chris are young and frankly dumb and full of cum–like we all were at that age. It’s hard to know yourself at 20/21. Rhi is being told by her handlers to milk the sitch and Chris is being told by his to avoid talking about it at all costs. Neither one of them are calling any shots. The truth about the sitch is probably somewhere in the middle. Chris knows if he gets caught doing anything remotely close to hitting another female his career is kaput/over/gone. I believe we’ll see a story about Rhi being physical wit Matty Matt before we hear about Chris going sideways. JMO.

  • Dr Black

    Yvonne, I will adress you because you SEEM to be giving your honest opinion, and not hating. But did you not see the tag on Chris Brown’s twitter in September. Whe he was saying something like he may have cheated in the past, but this girl does not have to worry, because she is a 10. What does that say. That is not over analyzing, that is subliminally saying that he cheated on Rhi Rhi because she was not a 10. Which he is right, she is a 20

    • wendy

      not hating at all, but how can she bee a 20 when she has no azz or tits? All she has is legs….

    • Mel

      Guurl!!!a tweet from september ?really??get a life.

  • thinking

    Well beside d fact they keep asking about it, she needs to shut up at best. However, in my opinion – she talks about it cuz that is as close to him she cud refer to cb, u all know if that judge didn’t ban dem two for 5 yrs they wud have gotten back together! And d biggest question is after all their ish happen, did they mutually decide to walk away? Hell nawh – when u r forced apart from someone, feelings jus don’t take a hike!

    • Lovesick

      Yup! I think she still wants him baaaaad.

  • Sookie

    You’re sooooo right. If a white boy did the same thing. It would be allrighty!
    He would be making more bank(ex-Charlie Sheen)

  • uguess

    Never read his tweets but he played his self.
    He is reminded everyday of his past bad deeds. He is not on a level he could have been. As for Rih Rih why you got to be so serious abouf every man you with. That dude- aint gonna wife her. That cows milk is free.

  • Peppa

    @lilstunna, first off your names says a lot about you. Skeeza clean up on aisle three, and don’t forget to take the bag to the dumpster outside of the rap concert And I hate on all women beaters. So you darn right I hate on him. Just like you are bitter because it would take thousands of dollars of plastic surgery work to turn that moose face of yours into anything that your woman beater would look at.

  • rihannaisabitc*h

    that evil island sl*t is milkin this mess shamelesly! she wouldnt talk earlier on, now people are sayin she is a mess, her style is a mess, and she using him to promote herself!

    why dont you just shut up witch, you are making yourself look more and more like a witch everyday.WITH YOUR LYING EVIL SELF

  • rihannaisabitc*h

    he probably attacked her because the demon in her was showin itself.she is such a using lying b*tch

  • BE TRUE !!!!!!!

    Chris just keep it real. Do you.

  • TGIF


  • November30

    I am so over these two! It’s so obvious that they still have feelings for eachother, that’s why they keep up the bull. Shoot, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are still seeing eachother behind the scenes. I wish they would give the public a break and spare us the bull!

  • Key

    The thing with me & that whole situation..Honestly and truthfully, from experience..I don’t think Rihanna cares to really talk about it as much as she does, but what can she do, if people are constantly asking her about it?? I think that she has truly moved on just as much as Chris has, but while interviewers continue to ask her about it during almost every interview she’s done since then..and people stopped asking Chris a long time ago.. What is she to do?? But anyways, I think that both of them have moved on considerably and hopefully there will come a day where both of them will be able to do an interview, and NOBODY will ask them about it..

    • Tee

      She can say Irather not speak on that topic can we move on to the next topic please ? That’s what people do when they don’t want to talk about something.

  • roquie

    I wouldn’t ever condone domestic violence. But if I know anything, its that island broads get crazy… she probably went all calypso on his a** and he hit her. He was wrong for that but what would YOU do if you had hurricane katrina coming at you while you were driving???

    • hey..you asked!!

      I was not going to grace this story with a response, until I read this!!!!

      @roquie>>> this comment is hilarious!!!!! I was literally laughing out loud at work!! THANK YOU!!
      And I agree with you 100%…now goodbye, I’m going back to being invisable

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