The Hip-Hop Professional Talks About Making It In The Record Biz

- By Bossip Staff

Music industry alum, entrepreneur, philanthropist and now author – Shanti “Shoestring” Das has experienced a rich career in the music industry. The former executive at LaFace Records began prepping for her career in the music industry as a college student, and upon graduation went from listening to her favorite artists to touring with them. She’s had a hand in developing the careers of music icons, including Outkast, Toni Braxton, TLC and Prince, eventually becoming the Executive Vice President at Universal Motown. The First Lady of the board room has penned an advice book, “The Hip-Hop Professional,” to help aspiring music execs get to the top. TAP caught up with Ms. Das to talk about her career, her lessons and her future.

Read the interview at The Atlanta Post

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