Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Facebook-Addict Murks Infant, Smokes A Bogie, Goes Back To FarmVille

- By Bossip Staff

Seriously, people should have a permit to have a kid.

This dummy was so wrapped up in that retarded Farmville Game on Facebook that she couldn’t be bothered to figure out why her 3-month-old was crying. And when she finally stopped, it was to quiet the poor baby permanently.

Alexandra Tobias, a Florida mother accused of shaking her 3-month-old son to death after he interrupted her FarmVille game on Facebook, has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

The 22-year-old was charged in the January death of her baby, Dylan Lee Edmondson.

She entered her plea on Wednesday.

Tobias told investigators she became angry after the baby cried while she was playing the computer farm simulation game, and she shook him.

She also said she smoked a cigarette to compose herself and then shook the baby again, at which time he may have hit his head, the station reported.

State guidelines call for 25 to 50 years in prison, but a prosecutor said Tobias’ sentence could be shorter than that.

In other words, she might still be young enough to live a full life when she gets out. SMH.

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  • Amber (@acm105)

    This is crazy I don’t know if old girl know this but BABYS CRY THATS WHAT THEY SUPPOSED TO DO.If you don’t wanna take responsibility for a child DON’T HAVE ONE.

  • hoe lee crap...

    Put HER on a farm…then brand her dumbazz with a pack of ciggs. Then stich her closed and dump her in a river….Sounds like payback 2 me.

    • dory

      exactly less than 25 or 50 hell no she needs to get more than that. thats not right she did it on purpose and she knew what she was doing if she smoked a ciggarette and then when back to the inocent baby and shook him again.

  • G.M.

    last night on nancy grace, some wife stabbed her husband 200 times after giving him a roofie, tying him to the bed and buried him in the backyard, she said it was self defense, bu11sh1t, now we got this story after the story of the mom who killed her 5 kids…see, women are ruthless killers, don’t let they a55 fool ya pretending to be weak and innocent, and of course she won’t serve hard time, she has a vagina, studies have shown women get off easy for the most vile crimes that men would get the death penalty for

    • MyReason

      I saw that too..I hate Nancy Grace but I’m addicted to her show. These crimes are atrocious. I don’t condone the death penalty per se, but I do believe the punishment should fit the crime.

  • divalious

    i saw that on Nancy Grace too smdh, so sad. I have a five month old. I love been on facebook too, but i wait til she sleep to get on. Some ppl just dont have common sense. Lock her up in the hole or bury her in one.

    • G.M.

      they won’t put her in the hole or bury her in one, if they did, it wouldn’t be for long…she has a vagina so if u got one of those in the U.S.A aka UNITED STATES OF AMAZONS u can most likely get away with anything, the justice system is bias in favor of women, women are always seen as the victim…I just feel sorry for the kids that automatically have to suffer this type of fate becuz we as a society don’t hold women accountable or responsible for their actions like everyone else…this is why I don’t want kids, why bring em into such a fucc’d up world, and I’m not sexist I say these things based on facts, research about women killing kids and husbands, women are jus more likely to do it for the dumbest reasons, read about cases of moms killing their kids

  • divalious

    she proably forgot she didnt feed the baby, might y baby was crying. Too focus on the net.smh

  • VirgoJewel

    I don’t get why people are so addicted to Facebook. I made a profile and everything wondering what I was missing.

    I wasn’t missing anything. Its kinda lame. *shrug*

    May his little soul rest in peace. SMH

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    “Seriously, people should have a permit to have a kid.”

    that one line pretty much sums it up right there…

  • NYminute

    Whattup GM!

    I hope the retarded bytch you banging kill yo attention-deficit azz tonite!

    Happy Halloween AzzWipe!

    • G.M.

      well since she is retarded… im sure she’ll stab or shoot herself instead of me, so, I’m sure I’ll survive to make another post and thx for the Halloween wishes, same to u…LMAO

  • Sydney

    Nahh if someone kills a child(on purpose unless that child went APE and foaming at the mouth) then that person should get torture and be forced to look at those autopsy photos


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  • chocolate thai

    God bless that little baby’s soul…smh.. that
    Sorry sad sack of a woman gets locked under the jail..

  • nwilson

    @STPBTTM. For what?

  • natevines

    The only thing more disturbing than this is someone who believes “people should have a permit to have a kid.”

  • divalious

    @ VirgoJewel facebook is very addicted. Its a place u can go connect with old friends. Apparently u must dont have any smh lol.

  • joyrptr

    They should shake this b*tch till she dies….

  • M3@9@N

    Lmao @ asking y. Yea yo, y shud we call u weirdo.

  • E.C. from D.C.

    Throw her under the jail.

  • Mock Rock Star

    Burn her!!!

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  • jayluv

    That’s a boring game! She needed more than a lucy…meds maybe?

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