SMH: R.Kelly Says Best Of Both Worlds Album Was Originally For 2Pac & Not Jay-Z

- By Bossip Staff

R&B superstar R Kellly has recently claimed that Jay-Z was not the original choice for the “Best of Both Worlds” collaboration album and that the late Tupac Shakur was….


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  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Almost 2011 & he still on this? LMAO!!!

    Kellz,let it go playa & keep doing what yo do..@ this point no one cares.

  • nana

    If all fails bring out old shyt! U go kells

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)


  • Yea OK

    R. Kelly is a musical genius…on the “SEX” music side of things…he really needs to get off his high horse….he gets on my damn nerves!

  • LOL

    Who care Kellz, 2PAC would have never agreed on nothing with you on that anyway. 2PAC probably would have done something like that with Aaron Hall not his replica.

    • E.C. from D.C.

      CO-SIGN @ LOL

  • best toronto dentist

    True or not, I just don’t see Pac ever agreeing to do a whole album with Kelz. Besides, with all the material being released after his deat, you can tell Pac was mad busy in the studio so he probably had no time for Kelz.

    • LOL


    • California Love

      I second that.

  • Carrie

    WOW!!! Now it makes more sense,Pac is the best!

  • kinge

    Let me get this straight, best of both worlds was drop in 2002, pac was killed in 1996 and you tell me that bobw was made for pac not jay, sorry R.Kelly I am not buying that one.

  • kinge

    Let me get this straight, Best of Both Worlds was dropped in 2002. Pac was killed in 1996. You mean to tell me that BOBW was not a project for jay-z from 1999-2002. R.Kelly I have a hard time believing that one.

    • Hoesit

      You make no damn sense. He’s saying that he was supposed to do a collab album with Pac not the same exact way his album with Jay-Z went. Besides he wrote the song “I Look To You” in the 90’s and it was recorded in the 2008-2009. So it’s not that hard to believe.

  • Hoesit

    You fail. R. Kelly will always be relevant regardless of his personal issues.

  • nana

    I agree with @Hoesit!

  • LOL

    Lol @ Hoesit, he riding hard.

  • Jenny

    @Its6Am, it’s disgusting to know that there are women out there who support this child molesting sicko and these are probably the same women who would look the other way if their boyfriend or husband was molesting one of their children. They’d say, yeah he might have some “personal issues” but he sure is good to me. And for the men defending him, they probably secretly lust after children themselves so R Kelly is their hero.

  • frenchy

    LMAOooo!!!!…My Bro ya good i thought that i was only 1 who have noticed that.

  • me

    ahhh kellz tyms up for ya i am ur #1 fan 4 ya but u were in biggie’s side not pac or maib u were pac’s fan and have some wishes to collaborate with him sorry not now

  • keema

    The Best of Both Worlds was bullshyt anyways so who cares?? lmao

  • jayluv

    Well Kelz, what a blessing, ’cause the album wouldn’t have sound right at all with Pac on there. So, stop making noise and be thankful. I could stand listening to all that dang crap that Kelly used to sing in the 1990’s, but once he matured and came to his senses in 2000…i was like yes…now hes one his grown man flow…loving it.

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER

    He would have sold more albums with PAC!

  • realmrwest

    @jayluv u sound like a clown dude

  • http://Yahoo Ic

    Pac simply the best!

  • Kano

    I’ll take “Who gives a shit” for $500, Alex.

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