13 Scary Signs That Your Toddler Is A Pimp

- By Bossip Staff

All them creepy fangs, Frankensteins, and Eddie Long look-alikes roaming the streets might scare you half to death this Halloween season. But, before you start getting high and mighty about other people’s ghoulishness and foolishness, we thought we might point out the scariness in your very own backyard. Hmmm-mmmmMMmmm. Here are 13 REALLY scary signs that yo’ lil toddler-male might be a pimp shawty!

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  • coldt7

    He ain’t no pimp,he just a little straight up fool!!!!

  • nana

    Lil man looks like a mini Lil Wayne in training! Lmaooo

  • divalious

    Lmao okay seriously y they do that to that baby. No such thing as a baby pimp.smdh

  • yz

    MadameNoire is stupid. Mad i wasted time looking at this mess

  • joyrptr

    I’ve seen the kid being interviewed before and he was funny and cute, but the rest of that story was LAME….

  • mosiane

    This is not funny. How can a toddler be a pimp or know anything about “pimping”. Stupid…………..

  • jdmann

    He wants to get paid for breast feeding. 1 yr old and girls his age call him daddy. Wears DOGG Sportswear diapers. These are signs you got a pimp on your hands.

    DOGG Sportswear

  • S.a.s.s.y 24

    this article is just dumb

  • ignoranceisbliss

    That is one awesomely ugly child with a smile like that they used to say if you know your child is a pimp.

    His teeth could fit in the mouth of Shaq

  • daisy jay

    the little kid sitting on the steps with the teddy bear killed me

  • E.C. from D.C.

    This is quite possibly THE DUMBEST list they’ve created.

  • white male

    If your kid is a pimp then he might need some professional counseling.

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER

    Why 13? when all there really is is 2

    #1- Father
    #2- Mother

  • Mom-of-twins

    This article was stupid. I have a better one.. Your toddler is a pimp if… The cashiers at the local markets get them surprise gifts and treats cause they are cute. (thats whats really happens to with my twins and i expect nothing from anybody!) Who wrote this article, FOR REAL….

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