Gmail Founder Paul Butcheit Lends Major Support To Prop 19

Gmail’s Founder Makes Kush-y $100K Donation

- By Bossip Staff

Who would’ve thought those geeky Silicon Valley types were such fans of burning it down?

Gmail’s founder Paul Butcheit just cut a $100k check to support the “Yes On Prop 19” campaign. Proposition 19, which is up for a vote in Cali on Tuesday would legalize Marijuana for adults over 21, but make it illegal to sell to minors, smoke around minors, or smoke in any public place.

The proposition has surprisingly gotten a lot of love from Web entrepreneurs: Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz put $70k down for the cause; Napster founder Sean Parker and Paypal’s Peter Thiel also contributed to the campaign.

But Butcheit says it has nothing to do with their own habits.

“The essential issue is that prohibition not only strips us of our personal liberty, but it also funnels billions of dollars to violent criminal organizations. Prop19 obviously won’t solve all our problems, but I believe that it could be the turning point that leads us towards a more safe and sane drug policy. On this issue, the politicians will follow where the voters lead.

Prop 19 is popular in many areas, but the support in Silicon Valley is more visible because people here tend to have a greater degree of independence, and are therefore more likely to publicly express their support for what has historically been a controversial issue.”

Investing $100k to protect other people’s right to touch the sky? Riiiiiight.




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