When Pigs Fly: Shady A$$ One-Time Responsible For Killing Danroy Henry Are Now Claiming He Was Drunk

- By Bossip Staff

This sounds like some straight BS right here…especially since all of the previous reports were saying that Danroy was turning down drinks all night:

An autopsy shows that college football player Danroy Henry was driving drunk when he was shot to death this month by police outside a bar in suburban New York City, a law enforcement official familiar with the investigation told The Associated Press on Friday.

In response to the disclosure, Henry’s father said, “If it’s a part of the truth, so be it. But at the end of the day, the central question to us is, does that justify killing our son? … We still fundamentally believe it isn’t.” Henry’s blood-alcohol level was measured at 0.13, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the autopsy report hadn’t been released. The legal limit for driving in New York is 0.08. Henry, a Pace University student from Easton, Mass., was shot in his car early Sunday, Oct. 17, after police responded to a disturbance outside a bar in suburban Thornwood, N.Y. Police said he sped away and hit two officers after a policeman knocked on his car window. His family says witnesses contradict that account.

The Henrys’ attorney, Michel Sussman said police were releasing the information “to change the conversation away from what police did. Probably several million college students have levels of 0.13 on Saturday night and early Sunday morning,” Sussman said. “It had nothing to do with police approaching him.”

Earlier Friday, Mount Pleasant Police Chief Louis Alagno held a news conference to counter claims that Henry was left to die without swift medical help. He presented a timeline indicating that the student received treatment from officers within three to five minutes of the first report of a shooting.

Lawyers for some witnesses have alleged that Henry was neglected for up to 15 minutes after he was shot. Alagno said investigators are looking for a woman who gave Henry chest compressions before officers took over. Alagno said the first report of a disturbance in the bar was at 1:19 a.m. Sunday, and the first report of a shooting was at 1:25 a.m. Between 1:28 and 1:30 a.m., officers noted Henry’s “grave condition,” retrieved oxygen and a defibrillator, and took over CPR from the woman. By 1:35 a.m., Henry was loaded on a stretcher and wheeled to an ambulance, he said.

Bonnie Zelman, an attorney for another shooting victim that night, Pace student Daniel Parker, said, ” I don’t buy it.” She called Alagno’s account a cover-up. A union representing one of the officers who fired on the car, Pleasantville Officer Aaron Hess, said Hess “acted in accordance with his training and as required under the circumstances.”

The other officer who fired at the car has been identified as Mount Pleasant Officer Ronald Beckley. A preliminary autopsy confirmed “death by gunshot,” Alagno said. He did not say which officer’s bullet caused the death or how many times Henry was hit. He said the investigation will take months.

Drunk or not (which he probably was NOT) does not justify killing this kid. GTFOH!!! Shady a$s pigs. SMH.

R.I.P. Danroy.


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  • nana

    The family r not going to stop till they hold someone accountable or reach some settlement! And rightfully so! But Nobody wins here n a Young black man is gone! So sad! R.I.P young blood

  • MissPerfect

    hes a handsome young man .. what a shame R.I.P hope justice is served

  • CICI

    It’s really sad this young man lost his life and I am more than certain police will cover things up to protect themselves. But also what do people expect to happen when they run from the police and hit an officer with their vehicle while they are trying to flee the scene. Of course a life isn’t worth a stupid mistake but people have to start realizing that sometimes simple mistakes lead to far greater consequences and in this case death.

  • STAR

    As I’ve always stated here, the black male is the target in our society today because they mean to eliminate the black race in any way they can. Please warn your children and educate them as to what is really going on. Extermination of the black race is on their agenda. They are also targeting African countries as well as Haiti.

    • Tony

      @ STAR

      This is the problem right here. Idiots like you that steady want to blame everything on someone else or justify a wrong. I have made mistakes in life and it’s unfortunate that this kid mistake cost him his life but people need to start realizing when you do something illegal be ready for the consequence. I mean this dude hit two officers with his vehicle so did you think they were going to actually have a nice question and answer interview with him. I am really sorry this guy lost his life but seriously there isn’t a secret agenda to rid the black race. Yes racism and hatred is still alive but I really wish black people would stop thinking that they are the only race in the world that has to deal with this because you aren’t and you would be surprised what some of the Mexicans deal with. You should educate your kids not to run from the cops, not to drink and drive, and how to handle themselves in a situation if they are confronted by a cop even if they feel like they weren’t doing anything to wrong. If you really look at all these cases it ends in death because a black kid didn’t know how to handle his/her self when they were stopped by the cops and became irate which “of course” in any court room justifies the killing. If you people have that much pride then have fun!

  • Chyna

    Thats a cover up, he didnt really hit two officers… if he did where are they and what are their conditions? they wouldve needed medical attention if they got hit by something that weighed a ton so FOH… And that still does not justify taking someone’s life. If your not a “Black” male ofcourse you would think the cops were “doin their job”… But us “Minorities” know the real truth so dont comment on something you know nothing about… When was the last time you seen a white person accidently killed by police officers… NEVER! Black, Die and Dumb go hand and hand- B yung

    • mike

      Blah Blah Blah!! Poor black people and this that. Please save it. Plain in sample, if you’re not doing anything illegal, stupid, or a combination of the both then you won’t even be in this type of predicment. Don’t get me wrong it’s sad this guys lost his life but black people will defend a anyone who is black regardless. Get out your bubble! The world isn’t out to get you.

  • meowkitty

    I think the real story is somewhere in between the cops story and the other kids involved. I think that both sides made mistakes…this kid should never have driven off. However, I wonder if this had been a car full of white kids would the same thing have happened? Maybe so…but probably not. RIP Danroy. I hope the real truth comes out for the sake of your family and the sake of the community.

  • Mspeach

    You are right on chyna!!! So sad another eligible young black male gone because these pigs think we are animals!!! Rip young man I pray for your family a friend of mines close friend was killed by the police right in front of his mother and sister and he didn’t have a weapon or anything! Any excuse they use to kill us!!!

  • total shame


  • HeartBreak

    Mike and Tony are the same person.

    I guess he had to make more than 1 screen name to argue his point.

    I pray this kid and his family receive JUSTICE. May he rest in peace.

  • E.C. from D.C.

    Pigs will get away with another murder. smh

  • nanci

    they gonna tell lies and cover things up and at the end of the day, they gonna get off. why couldnt he be arrested if he was still driving when the police ask him to stop, why kill a bright young man like that.

  • nanci

    well if the police claim the guy hit them why not show the tape where they said he hit them, the police lied, they told him to move the dam car, then ask him to stop, that’s a set up.

  • tg

    This happens every 6 months. Cops kill another young black man FOR NOTHING at all but being black in America. When will black people wake up and take a stand to stop this from happening. We don’t need a march – we need the LAWS CHANGED on books. Where these cops HAVE TO BE HELD accountable for their actions of taking black men’s lives. If this situation was reverse and black men were killing white cops – I BET ACTION WOULD BE TAKEN, then. We have to stop sleeping on these MOFO’s. Anyone who knows about the laws, etc. should speak up.

  • Whoa

    i remember when katrina hit those new orleans boyz were shooting at the police and the cops werent showing up to work the next day. its very very easy to shoot at unarm men…if they start shooting back police will fall back and call in swat…

    my condolences to the henry family RIP DJ

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