Bronx DWI Mom To Serve A Year For Every Year Her Young Victim Lived

- By Bossip Staff

An emotional Carmen Huertas was sentenced to a maximum of 12 years in prison for driving her daughter and friends around NYC after getting plastered at a family party.

Huertas’ recklessness lead to 11-year-old Leandra Rosado’s death.

Carmen Huertas tearfully apologized, and spectators audibly wept, as she was sentenced Friday.

“I did not intentionally set out to harm Leandra or any of the other girls,” she said through sobs. “If I could go back in time, I would.”

Leandra’s father, who had recommended that Huertas serve one year for each year his daughter was alive, was also present at her sentencing.

“What haunts me the most is I promised to protect my daughter. And I feel like I failed her,” Lenny Rosado told the court in an emphatic and emotional speech.

He was a single father, raising an only child. He said his loss has made him question his faith. He has no reason to rush home any more, no reason to look forward to holidays. His daughter will never grow up, go to college. She will never marry or have children of her own.

“I am not a monster,” Huertas, dabbing her eyes with a tissue, said at her sentencing. “I am a loving mother who made a terrible decision that caused the death of a wonderful child. I know that I must be punished.”

Supreme Court Justice Charles Solomon had said during her plea that he would not sentence Huertas to the maximum 5 to 15 years but said Friday said the sentence had to be a deterrent so othes wouldn’t make the same mistake.

SMH. All these lives destroyed when people tried to stop her from getting behind the wheel.


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  • SimplyComplex



    12 years was not enuff!

  • Only In N.Y

    This sounds like sum new York stuff.. This is still sad rip to the young gurl.. And Blessing to her father.. It’s hard and not easy to bury ur child… Words can not help or have any meanings..

  • MissPerfect

    wheres the electric chair when you need it !

  • nana

    I think 12 yrs is enuff! Yall talk like 12 yrs is 28days! R.I.P baby girl!

  • ignoranceisbliss

    12 years isn’t sh*it in American prison. I need sand nicca justice off with that bi*tch head….People get off too easy that is they continue to do stuff like that.

    Her little girls souls will never be at peace…Pray for her

  • didihurtyourfeelings

    lol ummm idk what the f u guys are talking about. imagine 12 yrs in a cage. being told what to do, when to do it! 12 yrs is more than enuff time for the world to forget about u. imagine that all u know are those 4 walls n nothing else.! some of you couldnt do 12 hours! I feel sorry about the little girl! i truly did. She is apologetic about the child’s death. And while ur feeling this lady should do life, think of the children she has that will grow up without there mother, which goes back to my point 12 yrs is more than enuff!

  • lily(bk's finest)

    She was sentenced to 4-12 years, not 12 years, which means the minimum she will serve is 4 years…Leandra’s father had hoped she would receive a year for each year Leandra was alive, but unfortunately that was not the case…

  • E.C. from D.C.

    NOT ENOUGH but I hope she’ll do EVERY SINGLE day of her sentence NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • FresHHeir

    Is not fit to be a mother. That child will be better off with whoever she’s placed with now

  • G.M.

    once again, we got another case of a woman killing somebody with stupidity…12 years for killing a 12 year old, if it was a man: 25 to life at a minimum if it was a black man: death penalty…just another case of women being stupid and getting light jailtime for it in the U.S.A. aka UNITED STATES OF AMAZONS…SMH

  • Charletta

    12 years is certainly not enough for being the cause of the little girls’ demise!!! Some laws are too damned lenient! R.I.P…..

  • Mrs. wifey

    That made me tear up. For the Father esp. who lost his daughter~ and as a parent, your worst nightmare, and for the daughter who is now going to lose her mother.

  • monica

    thank you!!! my point exactly she deserves to do more.

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