Who Cares About Talent?

- By Bossip Staff

RihRih donned this Chewbacca costume for Halloween, oops wait, sorry that wasn’t a costume — actually the Bajan entertainer stepped out in this furry get up when leaving the X-Factor studios this weekend after her horrible performance. Check her out singing “Only Girl (In The World)” live and being interviewed.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Nevermind the fact that she stole Kanye’s whole dinner party performance concept, the cracking, pitchy, off key noise of her voice was enough to kill it for us. Nice bloomers though RihRih!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Not a bad interview though.

So which was worse — Rihanna’s London performance or her SNL appearance Saturday???

More shots of RihRih leaving the studio, arriving at her hotel and heading out of Whisky Mist nightclub below:

Including this lovely shot she twitpic’d from the club of her sucking face with a skeleton. SMH. Told ya she was an Illuminati sex slave!

Fame Pictures/Pacific Coast News

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  • seekdzss

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  • purple love

    How do u give someone u hate so much press?? If u don’t like her just 4get about her

    • sade

      AGREED! and i also see that you can’t have an opinion up here without someone saying some slick ish afterwards! clowns!

  • dnice

    i liked this performance!

  • R.D

    hmm.. not her best performance vocally ..

  • bobbi

    Whoever is writing these stories for Rihanna is a true hater. This was not a horrible performance. She sang well. At least she has the bravado to sing live. Face it, the girl is here to stay. You may not like her voice but millions of other people do and support her because of it. I said it before and I’ll keep saying it: Thank God she has crossed over because left up to her own hateful people, she would not be able to do what she does.

  • JayBay


    “I’m really superficial”

    “… Superstitious?

  • babygirl1

    lol Superficial? Yea u sure are lol

  • http://www.twothousandnow.com BlackFlair

    I don’t like Mary J Blige live either….At least Rihanna I can look at….She gonna be here for a minute..get over it..

  • Peppa

    This is so funny. I was at a Halloween party thios weekend,and this girl came dress as RhiRhi, and a lot of us started talking about the hate that black girls have for her. Well insecure black girls that is. I just do not get it. All the beautiful girls in tghe US, and I have never seen so much hate from black girls for one artist. meanwhile you got Nicki Minaj just completely ruining rap music, and these fools just love her.

  • Amber (@acm105)

    I like Rihanna even know she can’t sing. I still jam that Good Girl Gone Bad CD.
    Follow me @acm105

  • http://bossip terrance

    She has been looking so battered lately.


    Where is it this cold? Was she singing in the Arctic?

  • bitcheews

    I love how katy perry was just as bad if not worst then her on snl N I didn’t see any white sites calling her out hmmm wonder why that is

  • deelucious

    Somebody call PETA!

  • MOI

    Why is it mostly black entertainers I hear this about.
    So they are basically saying u can’t be black and famous with out supernatural help. Funny thing is that its black people I hear chatting this illuminating crap all the time.

  • chery

    @MOI your so right , black people love to put their own down its sad, i dont personally think rihanna is great vocally but im not going to spend my life making up ridiculous rumours

  • kay 10


  • Twinky

    it is FREEZING in NY right now, hence the fur. I love that jacket!

  • E.C. from D.C.

    F*CK YOU MEAN…. she’s not the best singer but she’s definitely talented.

    • ?

      Rihanna is semi talented at best. She seriously needs some stage presence. Beyonce is not the greatest vocalist either but she does much better and she is a VERY GOOD performer. GOOD STAGE PRESENCE.

    • E.C. from D.C.

      ANYWAYS @ even referring to Beyonce’ …. sticking to Rihanna she’s talented regardless….didn’t recall saying she was the most.

  • aries79


  • Pink Friday Nov 22ND

    GO RHI RHI !!!!!

  • SashaRealness

    Yall stay hatin….I don’t even have the energy to respond!!

  • me

    i agree

  • uhhh yeah ok

    I love her. but the coat looks like an ewok..

  • thesaneone

    she’s a pop singer. we all know she’s not the best vocally. riri is famous because she sound unique.

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